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Flying have slowed down, But...

Flying slowed down, but...
Its been a while, how have you been?
I know I have not been active on the YouTube channel and the world of flying went crashing down with the pandemic.
But I have been busy!
Youtube SEO Online Course
I started a freelancing career since business is down and we are all affected by the pandemic.
I do video editing and YouTube SEO for clients on top of being a mommy influencer and a home maker.
A lot of people ask me how can I do it (freelancing) on my own time, charge higher rates and pretty much survive the ongoing pandemic while staying at home and take care of my 2 kids ( yes I have multiplied since last time we spoke ;>  ) That I will share with you in a moment.
We also moved to an entirely different city. WE now live in the highlands of the Philippines and the weather have been awesome. Its mostly 20 degree Celsius or lower. This is the place that we have decided to plant roots and build our home too.  
So that is the tea of what I have been up to lately. Honestly, I have been trying to distract myself from the pandemic and its devastating effects on the flying industry. It is really downright depressing and I have been quiet because I did not want to say something negative and bring other people down with me. I have been trying to rack my brains instead of ways to stay positive and be of value to you.
So this is what I came up with:
Why not work from home, stay healthy and safe while we wait out the ongoing crisis. I do understand that not all have the skills to offer the market so I created this course to teach you what I know.
Basically teach you how to fish, if you are interested. I have tried it first for myself, I was able to land a client and make money from the skill so it is proven effective guys!
If you are interested to upgrade your skills or even just start freelancing, This can be a great way to start.
With a bonus of knowing all my secrets in the YouTube world 😉
Youtube SEO Online Course
Check out my YouTube SEO online course on this link and the mechanics below to get it for FREE!
(1 month free trial instead of 1 week from website alone!)

How does it work?
My online class is hosted on Skill Share.

What is Skill Share?
-Basically a netflix for online courses

Does Skill Share cost money?
- After the initial free trial period (1 month free trial).

This is a monthly / yearly subscription where you get access to all of its online courses on different topics. Starts at $13/month.

How to get YT SEO Course for free?
- By using my link here: You get a 1-month FREE trial instead of the normal 7-day free trial from the website.

-If you take advantage of the trial you can avail of my online course for FREE. :) Plus all the other online courses on the platform.

Your Welcome!

Step 1
Get your free 1 month trial from skill share here.

Step 2
Go to my Youtube SEO for freelancers and vloggers course from the platform

Step 3
Enjoy the class FREE of charge for the 1st month! ( you can cancel at any time)
In conclusion, Flying have slowed down but we are still alive and breathing that is the most important thing. One day we will be back to our carefree days and when that happens I hope that we all are still here. So hold on a little bit longer. Keep the faith and start improving on your skills. Get that coin and stay happy. Don't give up on life. Don't give up on your dreams...
Even if it means that you have to do what keeps you alive at this time...
Miss Kaykrizz 

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