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Cabin Crew Resume, CV and Cover Letter tips (Basics you need to know + 5 advanced hacks for 2022)

cabin crew resume tips
Are you struggling on how to create your Cabin Crew Resume, cover letter or CV  for you cabin crew application? Let alone understand what they are and why we need to create them and most of all how to stand out in the sea of resumes that recruiters gets in an open day? In This video we will discuss what these are and how you can use them to your advantage and become the stand out applicant.
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The Cabin Crew Resume, CV and Cover Letter

Every airline company may ask for 3 types of documents when hiring and these are the:
1. Cover letter
2. CV 
3. Resume
First of all lets talk about the Basics: what is the differences between a cover letter, CV or Resume?
A cover letter is like a little FB AD that is designed to give a highlight of where you found the hiring advertisement, and why you are the perfect candidate for the position. just enough info for the person to click through that ad. That is what you must think about when creating a Cover letter.
Don't make it a novel, it should be a first look about you get them curious to have them looking at your CV.
The CV is where the action is at.
  • What is a CV - Curriculum Vitae
    • this is where you get into the nitty gritty details of all your experience, education, achievements and any other details about you that is relevant to your application.
    • Keyword 'relevant details' so if it has nothing to do with the Cabin crew position leave it out even under the hobbies and interests section make sure it still connects. Because if not it is just "Fluff" and this will make your document a bit boring and irrelevant.
    • Job descriptions, job duties and contributions for each roles you have previously held as a student or ex employee MUST be detailed here. This is where you can write a mini novel about you.
    • But keep it 2-3 pages long, otherwise it is taxing for the recruiter.
What is a Resume? French word for summary
This is the bulleted version of your CV in a 1 page format.
What Cabin Crew Resumes do is: it is the reference for the face to face interviews, a place to see your contact information and have a general feel of who you are as a candidate in 1-paged paper.
In summary the cover letter is the "APPETISER" have them salivate a little bit, the CV is the "MEAT" or 'main course" a detailed document selling you and why you are perfect for the job and the Resume is the "MENU CARD" that shows everything that you have to offer IN A 1 page DOCUMENT. Highlighting a summary of your skills and experiences.
Now that we know the basics about the Cabin Crew Resume, these 3 documents and their differences, How to do we stand out on paper among the literal thousands of applicants applying with you?
I have a few ideas:

5 advanced hacks for your cabin crew resume

  1. Use the airline's colors on your Cabin Crew Resume.
If you are using a colored version. Use the airline's color in your resume for the little designs and highlights that you may use. This is not just good to look at but also shows a lot thoughtfulness and research on your part. this makes your document literally stand-out among the sea of black and gray. just make sure that the design is still a professional and formal finish.
2. Use a Canva Template
You may use a Canva Template to design your resume instead of a word document application, in these day and age so much technological advancement is available for free and be sure to take advantage of it.
By the way over at my latest course: the #FAAToolbox I have canva design templates for resumes, cover letters and CV in 2 versions for fresh graduates and experienced applicants if you want a Done-for-you , editable, and customizable templates in canva design or even in a .docx. You may want to check out my latest offer at all you have to do is personalize it to help your flight attendant application look polished, easy to understand for the recruiter and professional. You can even change out the colored designs to the airline's colors that you are applying for if you want to apply the tip #1 on this stage.
3. Align your Texts.
Make sure your alignment is clean and neat. This can be done by using the ruler tool at a microsoft word document app or a canva account where they have this automatic feature for alignment of the texts. Some people's pet peeve is when the letters dont align and they get turned off right away. I know this is so basic but so many people gets this wrong.
Engagement: I want to know, can you comment below if you prefer to make your resumes with a word document app or with a canva account?
4. Keep your document clean and crisp.
When going to the recruitment event keep your documents clean, crisp and neat by putting it in a folder but while giving it to the recruiter remove it from the folders.
When going for an open day especially it may involve hours and hours of waiting im talking about 2 to 5 hours the least some take the whole day so take steps in keeping yourself fresh while waiting for your turn.

5. use 'Keywords' on your Cabin Crew resume .
Use 'Keywords' on your resume to instantly have that "connection' between the cabin crew role and you. If you have words like: "Teamplayer" "Assertive" "Led" "Exceeded expectations" "Enthusiastic" "improved" "increased" "Excellent Service" "Awarded" "Flexible" "Cultured" your resume will light up like a christmas tree for the recruiter's eyes, because on their end they will see an applicant who really "gets" what the cabin crew role is for and believe me this will make your resume stand out.
On our next blog,  I will deep dive more about the Cabin Crew Resume keywords that will light up your resume so make sure you subscribe to catch that one on Monday.
If you want to watch a video version of this vlog go ahead and watch it here:
cabin crew resume tips
If you are looking for tips and ideas on how to pass the cabin crew interviews, I would recommend for you to watch / listen / read to the "10 things I would do differently if I were applying for the Cabin Crew Position today" if you want to have a bigger picture on how the recruitment have changed and have not changed and my strategy for the current times that we are in. 
post pandemic cabin crew interview tips
Thank you and I will fly with you soon!
Miss Kaykrizz

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