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10 Post Pandemic CABIN CREW Interview Tips for 2022

Post Pandemic CABIN CREW Interview Tips 2022
Are you wondering how the cabin crew recruitment have changed during this crazy pandemic and how you can you succeed at applying at this current times?
In this video we will talk about the 10 things I will do differently if I were applying to be a Cabin Crew today knowing what I know now or as the tile says, The 10 Post Pandemic CABIN CREW Interview Tips for 2022
Hi! Im Ruth, and I help Aspirants to simplify the complicated cabin crew interviews.
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Here are the 10 Post Pandemic CABIN CREW Interview Tips  for 2022

  1. Know the non-negotiables of each airline.Each airline is different they have non negotiable requirements like the height and age limits.
  2. Follow FB pages of companies and agencies (IPAMS). Here you can check the requirements, non-negotiables and the schedule of Open Days. The earlier you know the more preparation time you will have!
  3. Up my online application game :( Fix Background, quiet room, working headset and microphone, good webcam if possible, just to give me that upper hand or edge.)
  4. Know the total scope of what I need to prepare for: in my book, "Ready for take off" I discussed the 8 areas of preparation that nobody ever talks about. that you need to succeed and this has been proven by me myself and the students I have coached. These are the :
    1. pre-flight check
    2. prepare for take off
    3. bare minimums
    4. physical prep
    5. mental prep
    6. emotional
    7. spiritual
    8. action taking
  5. Create a great Resume /cover letter and CV. using canva template or a .docs file.
To be honest, when I was still applying, I was all over the place I did not even know what are the difference between the 3 documents.
This is something that I go in detail on my latest program called the
#FAAToolbox in which I have a Done-for-you editable templates to guide you on where you can have the right words written in your resume to make it look professional, cohesive but surprisingly simple meaning easy to digest for the recruiter who spends hours and hours looking at these applications. literally you just have to download it via a .docx file or a canva template and put in your own details etc.  It comes with an index (a list of ideas on what you can reference which skills you need to highlight for your application.)
6. Get my grooming and photos right.
storytime on my qatar application: My photos have stalled my application by months in Qatar airways which ultimately stopped my application due to a cut off in the compny, in the end I did not fly for Qatar Airways.
specific grooming standards and photo guide is also included in my #FAA toolbox course along with other guides that can help your journey be less bumpy like mine.
7. Prepare physically:
Common misconception is this is about the skin teeth, make up etc. but it is not. It is more in posture & body language.
#1 mistake is i would obsess over this physical appearance it took 80% of my time what I should have done is the reverse instead.
8. Prepare mentally:
There would be lots and lots of tests:
1.    English and math test ( included as a bonus in #Faatoolbox)
in air asia, english test was a 200 item test you have to do in the 2nd step
2.    Airline Research checklist
3.    Airline specific questions , you need to research the airline before             applying to them and airline related questions that may come up               (#FAATOOLBOX have an airline research checklist to help you make         this process easier and a 10 sample airline questions and how to             answer them. The guides are almost systematic that you don't forget
4. How to answer the interview questions, how to handle situational or           behavioral and group setting interviews (Guides also available at 
     #FAAToolbox course)
9: Prepare for pandemic related questions/ situations:
-am i vaccinated?
-they may prefer ex cabin crew / someone already trained in safety
-questions about being willing to do quarantine/risk myself in traveling to other countries
-pandemic related questions may come up like:What have you learned during the pandemic?
How did you stay productive during the pandemic?
How did the pandemic affected the airline industry and how can your role as a cabin crew help the company?
My June content will be dedicated to all pandemic related interview questions, so make sure you follow me on socials to be notified once those tutorials on how to answer pandemic related questions is out.
10. Clean up my social media accounts
-either private all my accounts or erase any negativity , political affiliations or petty fights on my timeline even if posted years ago.
unfortunately recruiters and companies have this as part of their background check before you can get in the company and looks for red flags there.
I really want to know; can you comment below if you prefer: to keep your social media private or public?
If you are serious about pursuing this life changing career I highly recommend for you to make use of the #FAAToolbox : created to have Everything you need for a SUCCESSFUL Cabin Crew Interview in a box.
This Toolbox contains over 20 interview guides and editable templates for resumes, CVs and cover letters, sample documents that is Done-for-you all you have to do is personalize it to help your flight attendant application become the obvious and stand-out choice.
In addition to that, it also contains powerful tools to help you prepare for the day, get your photos right, perfect your grooming, answer the interview questions with finesse and win them over.
This toolbox was curated over several years of me trying to get my dream job and this is something i wished existed during my time before I started applying, it would have made my journey much more smoother and maybe i did not have to wait 8 years to fly international. You may check out the free chapter of the course here: https://misskaykrizz.thinkific.com
Next Monday on this blog:
The Basics you need to know + 5 advanced hacks for Cabin crew Resume, CV and Cover Letter tips.
You can watch a YouTube vlog version of The 10 Post Pandemic CABIN CREW Interview Tips  for 2022 here.

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