How to answer: What is your biggest weakness?

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We are here today with another interview tutorial.

In this tutorial we answer the question: What is your biggest weakness?

I discussed the purpose of this question.

How to tackle it.

What are the things to avoid when answering this question.

Please play the video for the full tutorial.

Enjoy and learn!

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Flight Attendant Resume Tips


My top 5 tips for making your resume stand out on your application.

  1. Personalize – Mention the Company Name, Hiring manager or CEO on your cover letter and on the resume itself.
  2. Use action words when describing previous work experience responsibilities- Using action words makes your resume well put and on the active tense. Meaning it does not sound boring.
  3. Match your skill set – No matter how well written your resume is if it does not match the job description it will all go to waste. So make sure that for the flight attendant position mention qualities and experiences that pertains to: Teamwork, People Skills, Communication Skills, Customer Service, Hospitality and Flexibility to name a few.
  4. Use transferable skills- even if you don’t have flight attendant work experience many skill can be transferred to the job position like for example, fluency in another language.
  5. Use Examples – It is easy to say that you are a responsible leader. But write down examples where you have demonstrated such skills will give your resume credibility.

You may download my sample resume below


Watch the video above for a full explanation of the tips.

Goodluck on your application and as always,

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Miss Kaykrizz

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eBook Edition is now available!

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I heard all your requests for an easier way to access my book, especially for people who are outside the Philippines. It took me some time to get to it but finally here it is!

I am really not a techie person but finally I am able to get this set up for all of you fighting dreamers!

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Don’t Apply as Cabin Crew without reading this first☝

Years ago I asked my self the same question over and over again, “What am I doing wrong in my application?” I have been pursuing this dream of becoming a flight attendant and I am getting really tired of not getting any results.


A few weeks before I will obsess about what I am going to wear, buy new sets of make up products and shoes, getting my answers ready but still to no avail I did not get the job. I wanted to give up.


Until I had an epiphany, perhaps Im preparing for the interview in the wrong way. Im focusing on the totally wrong side of the preparation. I searched for forums and learned from the experiences of others.


There are core differences and technical differences between average and above-average applicants. I read somewhere that “If you want to stand out, don’t be afraid to do something different.”

One of the things I learned early on to become an above-average flight attendant candidate is you must have a plan.


Most people think that being a flight attendant is all about good looks, posture and answering every question right. Some realize they know little about this mysterious subject of cabin crew open days, so they invest in a tourism degree or even a flight attendant school they hope knows more than they do.


My plan hasn’t really changed, yet in many ways, it has changed dramatically. Through many of the mistakes, the learning experiences, the wins and the losses, I have grown up and gained knowledge and wisdom along the way. My plan is constantly under revision but what I ultimately want for my life has not changed. I want to realize my dream to be an international flight attendant.✈

When you’re thinking about your plan for your flight attendant career, here are five pieces of advice:

  1. Take your time.
  2. Ask yourself, “What do I want for my life?”
  3. Until you determine your goals, don’t ask or solicit input from anyone else – most will only be negative.
  4. Find a mentor – someone who’s done it before.
  5. If you’re going to do it, do it. Don’t just talk about it.

All you have to do is know what you want, have a plan, and stick to it. In other words, all it takes is a little discipline.


If you’re interested in learning how to pass your flight attendant interview with flying colors like the pros, My personal mentor from Flight Attendant Central and  author of “How to be a Flight Attendant” and “101 Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers”, Kara Grand.

She specialized on airlines hiring in the middle east and how to pass the 3-Day Interview Process. She has just released a comprehensive online course dedicated to mentor you on every step of the Cabin Crew Interview Process, Cabin Crew Interview Mastery



Give it a look. It opened my eyes on the things I am doing wrong in my application, Information I wished I knew before I failed too many times! It could have saved me so much years in trying.



Thank you for reading. As always, if you find value in these emails please share them with your friends.

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Miss Kaykrizz



Trial and error when applying for the Flight Attendant job can be a long and painful process. Not knowing where you went wrong and what can you do better I felt helpless and desperate. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of having a mentor guide you and coach you. Kara Grand’s Online course can do exactly that and more! Learn more about her online course here.


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Online Flight Attendant School by Miss Kaykrizz

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I have been working for so long to design a way to impart what I know to my viewers in the most affordable and convenient way possible.

Let me Introduce you guys to the Ready For Take Off Masterclass!

This is an Online Course that you can take at the convenience of your own home and at the time of your choosing. For each module you have a week to get to it and answer the weekly challenge that I will be presenting to you. Every Wednesday, we will review and discuss in a online classroom setting.

The whole course is based on the Ready For Take Off Book. Where its goal is to prepare the student holistically for the ever complicated and overwhelming Flight Attendant Interview Process

If you can give me at least 2 Hours per week for the next 8 weeks I will be able to guide you through the Step by Step process that has helped me get my dream job as a flight attendant.

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An afternoon of ‘Goodness’ with Welch’s

Hello guys! As all of you know I recently gave birth to my baby boy River (vlogs here)  and have stopped flying as a flight attendant (I quit my job video here).

However that does not mean I stopped blogging and taking care of my health. So today I would like to share with you an amazing event that I have been lucky enough to be a part of. This event celebrates a healthy lifestyle for families through quality products that are amazing for us and our families. I have always been a juice drinker and I was ecstatic to attend this particular event for Welch’s.
Welch's Share What is Good


The event was held at the beautiful Garden Area at the Ayala 30th mall. I love it because of all the natural light and the closeness to nature feel of the event.

We were given a sample of the newest product of Welch’s. (Picture above) I love the taste! I tastes like gummy bears minus the sugar 😝

When I was still flying as a flight attendant, it was imperative that I drink 8 glasses of water to keep my skin healthy and most of the time I honestly can’t drink that much water. A hack that I use is to stock up on juices to make sure that I still get my fluids in. The tricky part is to make sure that my juice is 100% natural and not the sugary one because those kinds can lead to gaining too much weight, damaging your teeth and so on and so forth. So my number 1 requirement for juice shopping was it has to be a “No Added Sugar” kind of juice. I know it was a bit pricier than the ordinary juices but I stick to it because my health and skin is important for my job.

I just love how Welch’s provide a variety of flavors for us to choose from. The classic Welch’s 100% Grape Juice made from Concord Grapes tastes so good that one can think it is red wine. The apple cranberry flavor on the other hand satisfies my sour loving tastebuds. The Sparkling white grape juice on the other hand was the one I was drinking last Christmas when I was still pregnant with baby River. (Pregnancy doesnt mean mama can’t join the party! 🍾hahaha)

During the event we had guest speakers who are doctors and nutritionists who talked about the benefits of drinking concord grape juice that was the main ingredient of the Welch’s Juices. Number 1 reason that stood out for me during the talk is the anti-oxidant properties that you find in Concord Grapes. Anti-oxidant simply means anti-aging. For women like myself who wants to keep themselves healthy and looking good despite my age leaving the calendar already 😱, creams and beauty products can only go so far. What’s really effective is the quality of the food that you eat. Im pro this movement called eat your medicine, it makes so much more sense!

The Center for Culinary Arts, Manila demonstrated the different ways we can incorporate actual grape fruits and the Welch’s Juice to easy to make snacks and shakes.

welch's share whats goodThese sugar-free muffins balances out the flavorful juices of Welch’s.

welch's share whats good

These baguette with grape salsa and cream cheese are to die for and so easy to make! I probably ate 5 – 10 pieces of these during the event 😂

Photo with Ms. Erica (from Welch’s) and Mommy Omni from Omni&Bryce Family Vlogs on YouTube and precious baby Zed! 

Cuteness overload from baby Zed. 😍

welch's share whats good

The photo booth station was beautifully decorated with grape vines and fruits. It actually feels like a wedding is gonna happen here anytime soon.

Watch the vlog here:

Overall, it was an amazing event and a product that I actually believe in and apply to my life personally. That is why Im so grateful to be a part of it and I happily share about them here on the blog. Let me know on the comments if you are also a juice lover yourself. (the kind that can finish 1 litre per day of juice. 😅) What do you guys do to incorporate healthy eating habits in your life?

#Sharewhatsgood #Discoverwhatsreal



Why you should not apply as a Flight Attendant?

having second thoughts? If you’re thinking about working as a flight attendant, I list down things that can be encountered if you apply as a flight attendant. This is gonna be all the Details that you might want to know before you move out of the country and become a flight attendant.


Why you should not apply as a Flight Attendant?


Why you should not apply as a Flight Attendant?



Homesickness is real. There are some people who are home sick to the point they are having suicidal thoughts and what not and some people do not finish their contract because of the loneliness that you would feel if you move to a different country. You have to be Physically, mentally and emotionally ready to move out of your comfort zone because it is really Different. Everything it’s gonna be hard if it’s your first time to to adjust you need to be flexible you have to make new for new friends new connections.


Culture shock is real!

Do not apply as a flight attendant if you are not open to new cultures for example you are a Christian your whole life and you saw some Arab or Muslim do their things and you don’t like the way they are doing things. You need to accept that other people have other ways of doing things and you know this is how they do it in their culture. You have to respect that and you have to open to that or don’t judge them.


You need to study a lot as a flight attendant.

Third thing that I want to talk about on this blog is that do not apply as a flight attendant if you do not like studying. Because it may come as a shock to most of you But flight attendant study a lot especially before a flight and most specially when you just first got your job there is a training, and if you fail the training you’re “Out” from your job. You study about the airplane the emergency procedures every single scenario that might happen when you are on air and there’s nobody there, people rely on you because you’re the one in charge so you have to train. You have to be able to to memorize every single procedure.


Jet-lag is real guys!

That item number four let’s say you have made it to the training, congratulations you are now flying! But something will hit you in the face and you wont even see it coming. Jet lag is real. There will be times that you won’t know what date time and there will be times that your body clock is really messed up and it’s really hard to fix it because one day you will travel to Europe and the next flight destination is Asia. Also you need to take care of your body because after long flight and you can’t sleep as much. Unless you are ready for this jet lag thingy, Flying would be great!

There is no I in the word TEAM

Don’t apply as a flight attendant if you don’t want to work with people. so what do I mean by this? You are flying with the team, and their are your seniors and colleagues. Sometimes those colleagues of yours are hard to work with or they are too toxic to work with. Sometimes you just have to let it be and do your best. If you don’t want to work in a team I suggest you refrain from applying as a flight attendant.


Flight attendant = Customer Service

Customer Service is the bread and butter of being a flight attendant. Do not apply as a flight attendant if you don’t think that customer service is the industry for you. It basically means taking care of passengers, you have to keep them happy. In short you need to serve them. Passengers will always have something to complain or request. So if you don’t think that you can act professionally or if you can’t enjoy serving other people,  then this is not for you.


I might sound that I don’t want you to be a flight attendant but I am just warning you guys about this job so you have expectations. This is just the basic things that you will experience throughout working as a flight attendant. So that’s it for the blog guys, I hope you guys learned a thing or two. So if you read this and still want to be a flight attendant, I salute you guys!

If you guys want to watch the Vlog version of this, just click right HERE!

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Ready for Take off-9

See you guys on the next one! fly with you soon! bye!


Perks of a Flight Attendant | FAST Series #4

Hey guys, it’s MissKayKrizz, And today we are gonna talk about the perks of being a flight attendant. So guys, if you are interested, Just read on!

Perks of a Flight Attendant


Perks of being a Flight Attendant!


First Perk: Free tickets but not so totally free tickets.

P.S for PAL express


The first perk that that I want to talk about is Having free unlimited tickets to all the destinations of PAL express. That means we can get a free charge or FOC tickets. We just need to apply the destination and do the process needed to get this FOC tickets and pay for the Airport fees which is 200 pesos and pay for the taxes which is around 70 to 100 pesos. With that, you get 10 tickets for free for yourself. So the thing here in the Philippines, the perks extends to your family so that you could also give this free of charge ticket to your  family as long as you register them in the H.R when you started flying with the company.

The thing with this perk that it’s not totally guaranteed that you have seat. You have to be on standby. So you have this free ticket and then if you want to go on a flight, if there are free seats, that’s the time you could use that free ticket of course. They will prioritize the paying customer and aside from paying customer they also prioritize by seniority what if other flight attendants are also waiting to get on that specific flight the free flight that you wanna go on. Most of the time they will go by seniority, first come first serve or who tells the captain first.

Industrial Discount

for Local Philippine airlines

Another perk that I really like in being a flight attendant here in the Philippines is that you can make use of the industrial discount. I use it all the time when I was in Cebu. A good example of this is that in Water front hotel they accept industrial discounts or those people who work in aviation. They give this discount to people who works in hotel, tourism and etc etc. All I have to do is give my ID and they have this package in water front I’m not sure if it still open that was like 6 years ago. They have this package almost like a thousand for somebody to use that package. You could either choose you your spouse and your children or you and your parents not available for your brothers and sisters perhaps on other companies they do it but for my previous one they don’t.

For International Airlines

Another perk, it’s an ID90 ticket that means you get 90 percent discount on the ticket price. For example let’s say a round trip ticket to the united states about 60 thousand pesos you can get it at around 6 thousand pesos plus taxes of course. You only have to pay the discounted price and the taxes. The ticket price is so low that’s one of the best perks of working international because you get international tickets as well because you get the destinations of the company you work.

International Airlines uses of their connections. They have a group like skytrax group or something like that. If your airline is part of that, all the destination of that group you could fly to it. For me as an international flight attendant even though the airline doesn’t fly to Amsterdam, I was able to get 90% discount ticket to Amsterdam using KLM airline because they are in cooperation with my airline. Of course it’s still a standby ticket and subject to availability and subject to first come first serve basis still that’s not really a problem.

The next perk that I want to talk about you get 40 days leave in a year. Imagine 40 days leave in a year.There is gonna be a system that all of you have a fair chance to get the desired date. As an international flight attendant the whole 40 days leave are paid. So if your basic salary is high then that’s good, You will have enough money to enjoy your leave.


I want to talk about the perks that I didn’t experience as a local flight attendant but are available for international flight attendant mainly because you are an OFW contracted out of the country. So I have free housing, I don’t have to pay rent anymore my house is given to me, it’s really beautiful and it’s fully furnished and it has a lot of appliances, bed everything. I also don’t have to pay for the utilities. They pay for my water, electricity and my internet. Though the internet is not that good you have an option to apply for another ISP. The electricity it has a limit for free electricity if you exceed that limit then you have to pay for excess. Since you are an international flight attendant you don’t always stay in your house you are always outside the country.

Also the perk that I really like is we have free transportation. They have a scheduled time to pick you up, you just have to be on time and you don’t have to pay for your transportation. It’s so nice so you just have to follow their rules and you get to enjoy the free bus system.



So that’s it guys! basically that’s the perks that you would enjoy in being a flight attendant and this wraps up our flight attendant salary series. I hope that you guys enjoy this series And I hope you guys learned something from this article.

If you guys want to watch the Vlog version of this, just click right HERE!

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Ready for Take off-9


See you guys on the next one! fly with you soon! bye!


Flight Attendant Salary Talk Series # 3

Hey guys welcome to this third episode of this series, The Flight attendant salary talk series. Today we are going to talk about the International Flight attendant salary. Which are mostly based on the Middle East. Please refer to the first episode of this series because that is where I explain how the flight attendants get paid and that way you will  understand why the range in salary and why is it different per month.


This is just for informational purposes only and I do not guarantee that all the information in here is true or correct. It is all based on hearsay, friends. Please do not quote me on this, things may change or may not change.

pinaglihian si Daniel Marsh!Party!! (7)Episode 3: Flight Attendant Salary in the Middle East


Qatar Airways

So let’s talk about the Qatar Airways. They earn about anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 pesos a month that includes everything, Flying time allowances and what not.



When it comes to Emirates, it’s about the same. the difference with Qatar Airways is that they don’t give you your allowance upfront. You have to pay for your hotel expenses and then you will get your layover Allowances on your paycheck by the end of the month. That’s why your allowance increase gradually Emirates. The average take-home pay is Minimum 50,000 pesos to 100,000 pesos plus depending on the flying time allowances bonuses that you get.


Etihad Airways

With Etihad Airways I think it’s about 60,000 to 100,000. I think with Etihad Airways they have bigger salary but not that much although I am not that sure but that’s what I heard they have bigger Allowance depending on your rank. If you become a Premium galley crew or if you become like a business class crew, it has bigger salary. The pay structure is quite good as well as with Emirates and Qatar. If you become supervisor it has bigger salary than a regular crew it’s bigger than 50,000 to 100,000 pesos.


Oman Air & Gulf Air

With almond air is also the same, usually 50,000 to 80,000 pesos Depending on the factors that I’ve mentioned on the first episode of the series. For Gulf Air, it’s also the same 50,000 to a 100,000 pesos.



That’s the salary range. In the end of the day, Middle eastern airlines differentiates from how they give their allowance to you. The good thing about middle east, is you have no taxes. So you get your full salary then you have lots of allowances, lots of perks. When you work for other airlines for example Korean air or ASEAN or when you are in the United States They have taxes, in the Middle East, no tax baby. Everything is tax-free So that’s why I like working there.

I hope that you don’t quote me on these Flight attendant salary. This is just something that I learned through people that I talk to it’s not from the company itself of course. They could change their salary With their own discretion it’s not like up to me And I do not take any responsibility or liabilities by the information that is found in this video. that’s it.

I hope that you guys learned something from this blog, I hope I it give you some motivation to work harder or to apply to international airlines.

If you guys want to watch the video version of this blog, Click the link below this text.

If you guys want to know more you could book me on Skype for a Skype Coaching. I do all coaching and one-on-one coaching like this but it’s going to be customized to your own needs.
CoachingGet a copy of my book “Ready for Takeoff: 8 Proven Steps to get Your Dream as a Flight Attendant” This is actually my own cheat sheet when I was still trying to get the job as a flight attendant. It took me 8 years to go figure it out and now it’s written here in the book so if you’re interested in that, Order it now!

Ready for Take off-9


Good luck to all of you and Fly with you soon!