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Applying for Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Position – The Process

The 5-star airline.

For as long as I can remenber, Qatar Airways recruitment in the Philippines has been a regular thing, they are always in Manila and in Cebu almost every 3 months and there was even a time that they recruited every month.

What are the processes that one should expect when applying for this prestigious airline?

Let me share to you my personal experience of applying for this airline 7 times in a span of 3 years. The process is pretty much consistent and they rarely change.

DAY 1- Open day

This open day is where one can walk in and pass their CV or curriculum vitae. In the Philippines more known as the resume. The recruiters will normally accept CVs from 9am to 12 nn. In manila where it is usually swarming with applicants, it is advisable to be at the hotel by 7am, or else you would be lining up for hours for your turn.

Before you can even enter the room, the agency representative will measure your reach test. You must reach at least 212cms. without shoes on. there will be a white tape marked on a wall and your fingers must at least touch that tape on your tiptoes for the girls, for males feet flat on the floor.

The passing of the CV will usually take you 2-3 minutes and if your initial interview goes well you will receive a text message or a phone call informing you that you are invited on the Assessment Day or Day 2.

Day 2 – Assessment Day 

If you got the golden text, you must be feeling like you are on cloud 9! Congratulations! out of thousands of applicants you made it! What to expect on this day?
1. You need to register and you will be given a sticker with your first name and candidate number.
2. The Assessment day will commence with a little introduction from the recruiters. This will be about Qatar as a country, the Qatar Airways company, and the salary and benefits of cabin crew. After the presentation there will be an English test while you will be called one by one for a reach test and the recruiters will be looking at your face and will be asking if you have any scars, tatoos or moles.
3. After the exams and the one on one reach test, the first cut will be done. All will be asked to leave the room and once the recruiters are ready all will be back for the announcement of the names and candidate numbers that made it to the next round.
4. If your name and number is called, lucky you! you are in! The next step will be the group discussions.
On the group discussions, it can either be:
A. you will be divided into 2 groups and given 2 minutes to solve a problem or situation.
B. you will be given a partner and you will be given 2minutes to get to know your partner and you have to introduce him or her to the whole group.
5. after the activity, the second cut will be made. Once again the names and candidate numbers of the lucky candidates will be called.
6. If you got in you will be scheduled for a one on one interview the next day. You will be filling up application forms and may also be asked to take another set of photos with a set of guidelines on how to take the photo.

Day 3 – Interview Day

On this day the room will have natural light, and the 2 recruiters will be having a 30-minute one on one interview with the candidate.  After the interview the results will be given 2 weeks after through email.

Now the waiting game begins….
for some it may be a breeze and may only take 2 months or less but for others, it can take as much as 6 months to a year if you have pending results, or documents.

The Golden Email

Ideally after two weeks, if you have done all the novenas and prayers that there is in the book and if your prayers were answered by a big YES. Time to celebrate for a little bit. And its time for your Medical Examinations.

Medical Exams

Depending on what city you are in, manila or cebu, you will be given a clinic where you will have to undergo all the medical exams. You will cover the expenses. Usually the first part of the exams will cost about PHP 3,000.00 – PHP 4,000.00 depending on the clinic. You may incur additional expenses like (wisdom tooth extraction, scar removal, etc.) After the medical exams the ideal waiting time is 2 weeks but for some it may take months. 

Visa Processing

Once cleared with the medicals, you will be then given another Congratulatory email, with instructions to proceed with your VISA processing and your tentative date of joining (or travel date)

Once your visa is processed and all is well, the next email that you will receive will have your VISA number and eTicket!!!

Time to pack your bags and prepare for a brand new life as an international flight attendant!

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