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Applying for Airphil Express a.k.a. PAL Express

The 2p Experience (a.k.a PAL express)

(note: as of aug 2013 pal express HR is no longer conducting recruitment. PAL HR is now the recruiting body. Please refer to my PAL experience)

Airphilexpress Ticketing Office, Mactan Cebu International Airport

First Step:

I passed my resume and pictures to the 2p ticketing office. The guards were just the ones who received my application and I was told that they will just give us a call for the interview. After a month I received a text with a schedule for Impact Interview.

Second Step: 

Impact Interview, it was held at the ticketing office of 2p. Sir jojo was the cebu manager then, he measured my height and weight, asked permission to look at my face closely, left and right profile, teeth, arms and legs. Then we had a short Q&A, standard tell me about yourself question. After that we waited outside until everybody was done for the results. After that my name was called and we were the ones who passed for the next step. Sir jojo asked me to take care of my skin breakouts in preparation for the panel interview. The panel interview will be held at cebu. (Good news for me!)

Third Step: 

The Panel Interview. The head of inflight services and sir jojo were the ones who interviewed us. On the day we were again measured height, weight, face scrutiny, teeth check, arms and legs. After that a series of questions regarding myself, things on my resume, my opinion about politics, previous application experience and my salary expectations. Once again, after that we waited outside until everybody was done for the results. After that my name was called and we were the ones who passed for the next step, which is the IQ test. We were given a schedule of the exams.

Fourth step: 

IQ test. It was held in the 2p operations office inside the airport. We used a computer for the test, it was online and time-pressured.Subjects are about english, math and logic. You will have 1.5 minutes for every question and if you dont answer it by that time it will automatically left blank and you will be given the next question. After all of us was done we were told that all of us passed and at this point we are hired and will be endorsed to join the next batch of trainees!


At the 2p application process a lot of details were not divulged until the training proper. Details like the training bond, salary and benefits. All I know is that I would be based in Cebu after the training and it was enough for me at that time. I cant wait for training to start for me to finally have a reason to leave home. =)


I still wonder about my career choices back then. Thinking about it Careerwise, it would have been a lot better to choose PAL. However, Personal Life-wise, it was the best decision to choose Airphilexpress. My support system was here and I just love living in Cebu City.

I guess it all comes down to what is one’s priority in life. And in the end, being happy with whatever choice you make in life.