Philippine Airlines Recruitment Experience

The PR (pal) Experience
Pal Medical Building, Mactan Cebu International Airport

First Step: Passing of resume, then measuring of height and weight and eyesight test.
Second Step: Impact interview. I entered a small room. One male interviewer asked me to stand straight, walk, look to the left, right and back. Then i was asked one question: tell me about yourself? After that i was asked to leave the room and wait for the result outside.
Then my name was called, I was given a piece of paper saying congratulations you made it to the next step. With the paper was a schedule for the orientation.
Third Step: The Orientation. It was held at the Days Hotel. On that day the hotel was very crowded, there were about 150 to 200 applicants. The Orientation had to be done in 2 batches. On the orientation itself they discussed the company’s mission, vision, salary and benefits and there was a mention of the training bond (50k).
After the discussion we were then asked to introduce ourselves in front of everybody within 30 seconds.
Next, we were asked one by one to go at the back, they will then look at your arms palms up then palms down, the face, teeth, mouth open, then the legs front view and back view.
After the assessment, a group of people were called and they were for ‘conditional’ status. This means they have a condition that they need to meet first before they can continue their application process. It can either be the weight or the eyesight.
For the rest of us we were given papers with either thank you for coming or a schedule for the IQ exam.
Fourth Step: IQ exam, english exams, math and IQ exams. Time pressured and quite difficult.
Fifth Step: Panel Interview. After exam we were asked to call the pal office in 2 weeks time. I was one of the passers, we were then briefed that the Panel Interview will be held in manila. Airfare and hotel will be shouldered by us. (this kind of turned me off for a bit, I can’t afford it at that time) We will then be informed of the schedule of the interview. It took me about 2 months in waiting.
Conclusion: While waiting I was hired by Airphilexpress/ PAL Express and I decided to withdraw my application with PAL.

But my friends who went through the panel interview shared with me their experience.

Airfare was shouldered by PAL, you have a roundtrip ticket to cebu for free on the same day.

The Panel Interview
It was held on PLC (Pal Learning Center)
Upon arrival at the building you will have to register, and wait in line to be called. Once called you will enter a room where in there will be a panel of Company executives, trainers and HR executives to interview you. You will stand in front you will see a line up of tables and chairs, it is exactly like an audition.  Then you will be questioned from simple and easy to unexpected and uncommon questions. And after that the verdict is given right away and some comments on how they find you in the interview.

*note this happened 2 years ago (feb 2010), now the company is owned by another entity and there is an additional step for the new recruitment process:  The Mr. Ramon Ang interview, wherein there is a one on one interview with the President of the company.

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  1. Hi ate. Nakakainggit ka po. Kasi naging FA kana. Dream ko din po maging FA . Nakakainspire po lahat ng blogs nyo binasa ko po lahat πŸ™‚ kakagarduate ko lang po last april, and until now wala pa po ako job, d po dahil sa d ako natatanggap but takot po ako magtry. Feeling ko po kasi d ko kaya at napang hihinaan ako ng loob d ko alam kung bakit πŸ™ mahina po kasi ako sa english πŸ™ ano po maadvice nyo? Matangkad naman po ako. Fair skin, and makinis. Pero mahina po loob ko πŸ™ godbless po sayo ate and sa career mo.

  2. Hi sis, thank you for reading my blog! I understand the pressure of applying for this position. It is very scary and nerve wrecking at the same time. my mentality when applying is: i need to apply to 10 positions for me to get 1 job. Its a numbers game hija. just think of it as a learning experience kahit hindi ka matanggap ok lang yan.

    Remember: you miss 100% of the shots that you dont take.

    re:english my tip: read newspaper out loud everyday. pag may hindi ka maintindihan na word, highlight mo and get the meaning sa dictionary.
    I am not saying it will be easy. you have to work your ass off. but in the end, it will be worth it.

  3. hi po. ano po ba ang difference ng PAL at PAL express?..Ok lng po ba na may pasta yung ngipin sa front?

  4. Hello po sayo, tanong ko lang po pwede pa po bang mag.apply sa PAL express? kahit hindi ako natanggap noon sa PAL ?

  5. hello!! may scar ako sa legs pero medyo obvious siya mga 3.. medyo halata pa rin kahit iconcealer eh πŸ™ pano kaya yon?

  6. hi..ate.. I'm a Masscom student and Its my dream to became an FA and I'm planning to apply for pal soon,but I'm afraid, what if in the fourth step I might fail, I would just like to ask about the IQ test, is it really difficult? what type of test that they actually give to their applicants? heh TBH I'm not good in math actually and my English is not that fluent…. and about the panel? are you given a certain situation and your being asked to demo in front of them? is that how panel works? plss.. I really want to apply as an FA in PAL.. plss help me how…thank you..

  7. hi, pal is the legacy airline… pal express used to be air philippines, acquired by pal and then turned it into a low cost company na pangtapat sa cebu pacific air.

    much as possible try to get in to Pal.. great benefits!

  8. and yes ok lang may white pasta sa ngipin.. some others with black or silver pasta pina-uulit.. just go ahead and apply they will advise you to change things once your accepted.

  9. same HR kami sa PAL.. so you will probably see the same people.. pero ok lang apply ulit.. kahit pa sabihin nila na after 6 months or so.. may iba, natatanggap pa rin talaga as long as di mapansin na you have applied before…

  10. the panel interview changes from time to time. sometimes its just you standing in front of 5 people. sometimes its a group of applicants standing in front of 5 people and you are all asked one by one. i guess that really depends on the time left and the volume of applicants

    iq test is a time pressured exam i think 4-5 subjects. english, math, logic, problem solving etc. you should review review review.. because even if you pass the interview during training if you dont pass the exams about the planes you can be terminated.. get your study habits in place..

    no demo in front of panel.. i only tried that in Air niugini..

    just have the right attitude and im sure you will get the dream job stefany! aja!

  11. hello ask ko lang po,. sa cebu po ba kayo nakatira curios lang po tlaga ako.., nga po pala na try ko nga po palang mag apply dati sa airphil express.. after 2weeks nagtxt sila sakin pra daw sa intrvw ang nanatuwa nun first time ko po yun na nasabak sa job intrvw since graduating student pa ako non in short wala pa tlaga akong xp sa intrvw..first step nakapasa naman ako at nag proceed sa second.. so ayun nga unfortunately hndi ako nakasama sa 3rd round (chus round tlaga eh noh parang boxing lang haha).. feel ko dhil nga cguro yun sa wala pa akong mashadong confidence sa sarili ko nun tym na ayun tanggap ko nmn na cguro d tlaga pra sakin yun,., pero lang kase pgkaraan ng ilang linggo ng txt uli sila sakin same sa una nilang txt.,posible po bng pnapablik p nla ako uli for intrvw again.,. pro sa pgkakaalam ko kase 1 time lang po ako nun ngpass ng resume,.

  12. hello miss krizz! I really appreciate ur blog. Salamat po dhil nkkainspire po ung mga posts nyo and tnx for sharing ur exp as FA kc im an aspiring FA in the future din :))
    I just want to ask some questions po and i hope u reply i would really appreciate it.
    Tanong ko lng if busy po b ung sched ng isang FA? Kse i have a strict religion when it comes to going to church. Ksi alam nman po ntin n #1 si God always :))

    Pasensya na po for the question. I just really want to know
    Salamat ng marami and god bless u more ^_^

  13. Hello po Miss Kaykrizz!! I've always wanted to be a flight attendant. Di ko lang po alak pano ko malalaman kailan sila open for application. Pano ko po kaya malalaman kung saang airline at kailan pwede? Tsaka yung sa height requirement strict talaga na kahit saan 5"3'? Thank you po!

  14. hi ask ko lang po about sa medical, what if nag-undergo ng major operation sa breast b4, pro it was 4years ago na po. i mean what if may tahi ung breast matatanggap pa dn kaya or bawal sa medical? reply ka po pls.

  15. Hello. U r very inspiring.. May i ask if a 5'2 1/2 have a chance to become a flight attendant.. I heard some people get hired even they do not meet the height requirements.. And Im a 2year-course graduate (hotel&restaurant services) .. Is a bachelors degree really a factor??

  16. Hello u r very inspiring. May i ask if possible to be a flight attendant ang 5'2 1/2 .. I heard some people get hired even they do not meet the height requirements.. And im a 2year course graduate.. Is a bachelors degree really a factor?? Thanksomuch

  17. Hi ate.I am a 25 year old male who wants to be a flight attendant. I do have clear skin, 5'8 in height and perfect teeth but I have keloids in my right arm, but I am on the process of treating it with a dermatologist. Will I still qualify if ever?

  18. Hi! I applied for pal last october 2013, I was conditional status. I returned this early january 2014 and got accepted for meeting their conditions..

    so my question is, what's next? all they can say is wait for further instructions and of course, I don't want to be so annoying to them asking or updating. how long will it take for them to call me?

  19. yes you can still try as long as you check kung ano requirement ng specific airline at that time. a degree is not a factor, as long as you meet the minimum requirements you are good to go.. its your x factor that matters

  20. as an fa your sched will vary. sometimes you have to work sundays and holidays, you can always find someone to exchange flights with or file a leave on your important church events

  21. Hangang 3rd yr nursing.lang po kse ako eh, in reluctant coz I thought their rewuirement for educ background is college grad. Thanks tho miss kaykrizz

  22. Hi. Can i still be accepted if i have braces? Thank you and san po ba nagpapasa ng resume sa pal?

  23. hi ate. tanong ko lang po kung may nakapasa na ba na FA na bow-legged? may friend kasi ako na gustong gusto magFA kaso pinanghihinaan ng loob kasi nga medyo hindi raw in good shape yung legs niya. pero maganda po siya at matalino. ano po sa tingin niyo? your opinion would be of great help. thanks. =)

  24. hello, what if you failed the Math, iq, english exam? what happens next? can you apply again? :((

  25. Hello po. I am 20 year old male po with a degree in business. Im fluent in English rin ang 6'0 ft. po ako. Kaso may dental braces po ako and may glasses with low grade. Pwede pa po ba ako?

  26. Hi. 5'4 po yung height ko. Pero yung problema ko is, masyado akong payat. Model type yung katawan. Gusto kong mag FA kaso hindi ko alam kung pasok ako. Morena ako, and may sungki akong ngipin sa baba. Paano po yun pag ganon? :

  27. Hi po ask ko lang po kung if nag undergo ka ng isang operation sa spine at matagal na po mga 2 years ago nanaman po. may chance pa po ba na maging flight attendant ako? Please reply πŸ™‚

  28. Hi ate I read Your blog po. Thankyou sa tips. i want to apply in pal pero grabe kaba ko kase dont have any experience pa po to apply. can you give me some suggestions po to enhance my self confidence. Thankyou

  29. super nakakainngit nmn po kau .. dream job ko po tlga ang mging FA, 5'5 in height po ako at super slim , morena .. ngpasa po ako ng resume then, they scheduled me for an impact interview this coming april 21 .. ngrereview na po ako ng mga Q&A .. kso po kinakabahan ako kse i have scars on my legs .. and a several pimple marks .. pnu po ba maalis un kaagad .. please response , thanks

  30. Hi Ms. Kaykrizz. I'm Marck Shinohara. I'm only 5'4. I saw PAL's post that they're hiring as of now. I really want to apply but I'm kinda hesitant bec of the height requirement? are they really strict about height? do u think I can enter aside from that? thank you….

  31. tanong ko po kung napasa mo po yung training mo sure na po ba yun na magiging FA ka ng PAL?

  32. Hi po tanong ko lang po kung meron po required na course sa college para po maging flight attendant?? at pano nyo po mag apply para sa PAL??

  33. Hi Ms. Kaykrizz πŸ™‚ i was reading your blog last week about your application in Oman air… and I'm quite following and excited about your medicals ..and now you're in PAL?! πŸ˜€ just wondering..what happened? I also visited STB-DJL last Monday and Ms. Jinkey asked me to follow up on last week of May for employer's interview. πŸ™‚ ** your stories are so inspiring. thanks**

  34. hello po. tumatanggap po ba cla ng applicant pg nkabraces? my tendency kya na mghire cla ng nkabraces?

  35. hi ms.kriz, im mae 22yrs. old college grad.,i really want to be a flight attendant but im only 5 ft. tall,wala po bang nkkapasok n FA with that height?

  36. hi of my dreams is to become a flight attendant, i have a fair skin but i did not meet the height requirements which is 5'3 coz im only 5 ft tall,could there be a possibility that i can become one?? thank you

  37. hi may i ask i was called up sabi ng tao nag call sakin you are for FA screening what does that mean? i finished already the initial interview last august tapos yung impact interview pag october whats FA screening?

  38. HI. im jaypee. gusto ko sana magapply sa pal pero may pimple marks ako sa face.pero yung hindi masyadong nahahalata. do you think ate kaya? im 5'9 in height proportionate nmn sa weight ko. any pointers po?tnx πŸ™‚

  39. Hi po Ms. Kaykrizz. Just found your blog interesting. Do you happen to know if palagi lang pong open for applicants yung online application ng PAL? Thank you po πŸ˜€

  40. Hi Ms. Kaykrizz =) im 15 years old, 4th year student from qc. May tatanong lang po ako, ok lang po ba kung walang ngipin banda dun sa may bagang? Or kailangan po talaga ng complete set of teeth?

    thank you for answering in advance. πŸ™‚ β™‘β™‘

  41. hello po. 5'0" flat po yung height ko. Gusto ko po talaga mag FA kaso hindi ko alam kung pasok ako. Morena po ako, and may sungki akong ngipin sa baba. Paano po pag ganon?

  42. hi po, sa PAL po db kelangan college graduate? tsaka pano po pag may scoliosis, though hndi nmn po sya halata ngwoworry lang ako kasi mkkita sa medical.

  43. hello po. sana po magreply po kayo sa question ko. so here's my question;
    since may k-12 na dito sa Pilipinas, you need to decided what course you want as early as possible. kasi when you reach senior high(gr11&12) pipili ka ng course na gusto, though i think pedeng ang kukunin mo sa college ay di masyadong connected. anw, gr.9 pa ho ako then i choosed Cookery for our specific subject in school, and when i reach senior high i will take HRM. kc naisip.ko na malapit lang ang pagiging FA sa course na yan. kaso im still confused and undecided. i also want to take business or culinary. so the question is; is there a certain course you will take if gus2 mo maging FA? or u can still apply para maging FA kahit ibang course/degree and nakuha at pinagaralan mo?

    hope for your reply. thanks. ^^

  44. hi…pwede magtanong kung pwede ba mag-applay kung may partial denture ka? meaning may marpil ka?

  45. Hello someone texted me from pal that my application is considered. It said will look for ms. Grizzie for more information, but no one answered to my called when i called them back.
    When i read your blog, i feel nervous and i want to know what kind of question are their asking most to the the applicants? Kindly answer me please specifically?

  46. Hi Kaykrizz! Would you know if hiring ang PAL right now? Or is it okay na magwalk in nalang sa office nila anytime?

  47. Hi Kaykrizz! Just wanna ask if palexpress allows applicants with colored contact lenses. Thanks in advance!

  48. Hello ma'am. I find your blog very informational and inspiring. May I just ask, I'm concerned with what they may require about socializing because I'm not introverted or shy but I'm also not the type who leads every conversation in school nor am I the most popular. I don't really have a problem talking with people

  49. hi kaykrizz ! I just wanna ask if how to apply ojt in PAL? and where can we submit our resume? THAKYOUUUU πŸ™‚

  50. hi!A few months ago I had a surgery that left a huge scar on my thigh. Well, it's not visible unless I wear mini skirt or shorts. I recently passed applications to various airline companies because it's really my dream to become a flight attendant. Do you think I still have a chance? Still hoping. πŸ™

  51. hellow po.. Im Mhay Lalucis and i was inspired while reading your blog.. it happens that i want to be a FA and im having difficulty where should i go and submit my CV/resume… Like you im also a dreamer and i wont stop until i have fulfilled my dreams .. thanks po.. ^^

    sana po matulungan nyu ko kung san po pwdng makpagsubmit ng resume. im just 21 years old and i really really want to be an FA hehehe
    . πŸ™‚

  52. as long as you are a good team player / gets along very well with others, can cooperate to achieve a common goal you are in. πŸ™‚ it is very easy actually..:) no need to be ms. popular. πŸ™‚

  53. hi ma'am..i read your blog and sees that its very is my dream to be a flight attendant but after graduating college and earning a degree, i got married right away due to certain reasons..besides these,i have all the qualifications that the airlines line with this,would you know if PAL or PAL express is accepting married female applicants?,or if not, do you know any airlines who would accept?..i would really appreciate your response..thank you..

  54. Good day Ms. Kaykrizz. Graduating student po ako taking up Bs in Travel Management. I have been looking for a blog like this and thank you very much for the important infos. that we should know when applying to PAL. I have just one concern about the trainings. Hindi po kasi ako marunong magswim. But I'm trying to take swimming lessons. Do I really have to be that great when it comes to swimming? Thank you and I'm hoping for your answer. Please continue writing blog like this. God bless!

  55. i find your blog informative and at the same time inspiring. i and my friend hope we can be part of the growing family of Philippine Airlines. kaso, 5'5 lang ako. may chance pa ba ako?

  56. hai po ate kaykrizz i found your blog a very useful and helpful tool in becoming a flight attendant ever since po kasi i was a child dream kong makasakay ng eroplano. and now that am in college dream ko pong maging flight attendant. . .pwede po ba magpatuong hehe, kaso lang po pustiso po ung apat na teeth ko sa harap hindi naman po sya masyado halata unless I'll show it up. . . yan po accoutn ko sa fb. . .pls reply po:)

  57. Its really inspiring! From then on, its my dream to be a Flight Attendant But I am a graduate of MGT ACCOUNTING. Actually I tried at Cebu Pacific last August sad to say I failed on the first stage, maybe because of my pimple marks on my forehead and my height. I was just wondering I know that my height is 5'3 1/2 but when they measure it the HR said that my height is almost 5'3 meaning, it did not meet their height requirement. Regarding with the pimple marks, she asked is there any chance of treatment, I said Yes, then I explained that these pimples outburst since I started working. Maybe because of the adjustments. I am just so frustrated and sad.

    May I ask? In PAL, is it allowed if you have birth marks in your face. Because I do have 3 near my nose, left side of my chin and another on the other side of the cheeks It is not so big, but I am just so scared to try at PAL because of these.

    Another, do you have recommendations on how I can treat my pimple marks? I mean the faster way. Compared with the time that I tried at Cebu Pac it is more lighter now, But I really want to treat it faster.

    I hope Ms. Krizzy you can give me some thoughts, tips and reminders regarding when applying in Airlines. It would really help me a lot. See you soon at the Sky! :))))

    Thank you!

  58. Hi ate πŸ™‚ dream ko rin mag fa pero nawawalan ako ng pagasa. Mahiyain po kasi ako, i dont even have confidence with myself. Mahina din po ako sa english. Nakakaiyak nga pag naiisip ko pong di ko maabot yung dream ko :"( and may maliliit din po akong warts sa face and may kulang akong ngipin pero tago pwede po kaya yun? Pero maayos po yung ngipin ko. Thanks ate πŸ™‚

  59. I really wanted to try at PAL :(but I have a doubt regarding with my 4 moles at the face, it is not that big actually. But I heard they were strict and particular with that. πŸ™


  60. Pwede ba mag walk in sa PAL/PALEX anytime? πŸ™‚ Can somebody answer my question? Thank you. πŸ™‚

  61. Yup they can still consider as long as hindi mataas ang grado or if pag malabo talaga they will ask you to undergo lasik surgery

  62. Hello kaykrizz! πŸ™‚ I am from Cebu also. Is there any updates about recruitment of PAL for this year? or perhaps next year 2015? πŸ™‚ I'm so eager about pursuing this dream! Your answer would definitely be a great help.

  63. Nagpass ako last week ng resume but until now wala pang text or call. I know 3-4 weeks daw, pero depende pa rin. Cause I know someone, 1 week after PAL texted her for Impact Interview.

    Hoping PAL will soon call me..

  64. Hi po, ahm ibig nyo po bang sabihin wala po bang pag asa ang 5" height sa FA? Bkt hndi po cla tumatanggap na 5"?

  65. Hi! Im a male. I know that good set of teeth is one of the requirements. what if may pangil? pero di nmn sya pangit tingnan. is that okay?

  66. good evening ate πŸ™‚ i just wanna ask how is it possible that a (soon to be teacher) like me can be a flight attendant?
    i have a plan that after I've graduated on my bachelor's decree I will pursue my chosen career which is to become a flight attendant. But how is it possible? what should I do? Is there a chance for me to become a flight attendant?

    tnx in advance πŸ™‚

  67. Goodevening po!
    1st year tourism management student po ako. gusto ko po sana maging flight attendant, pwede po kaya 5'1 lang po height ko? πŸ™ πŸ™‚

  68. Hello po. Graduating student po ako this year, AB Major in Foreign Service po ang tinake ko. Interesado po ako mag apply sa PAL to become a FA , tanung ko lang po kung pwede po ako kahit may scar po at some keloids sa arm ko, and may konting space po ung ipin ko sa bandang ibaba sa harap po, tinatanggap parin po ba nila un? thank u po.

  69. Hi Ate Kaykrizz πŸ™‚ I'm so much inspired to this post kaya i still keep with my dreams to be a part of Airline Industry. Graduating po ako in AB Communication Degree and want to pursue my chosen career to become a flight attendant. I'm loosing my hope po na baka hindi nila ako tanggapin because of my face figure and minimal scar in my leg, these are my problems po, what should i do? Salamat po and God Bless!

  70. hi! my daughter had her medical exams na and gave her all the requirements for pre-employment. after this ba training na sa pal? thanks

  71. Hello po ate.. pwede po ba akong mang hingi ng tulong po sana… im a tourism student po at mayroon po kaming course req. na we need to interview a person that work as a flight attendant po.. kaso ang prolema po wala po akong kilala kahit isa… nakakahiya man po… pero kailangan ko po kac ate..ats ok lang naman po daw via chat po..napakali pong tulong ito po para sakin….sana po pag may extra time po kayo πŸ™‚

  72. Hello. Thank you for posting this very informative article. Anyway, I've been wanting to work as a flight attendant for the longest time now, but there's one thing stopping me from pushing through with my application: I have a receding hairline. I'm not really kalbo naman, but my hair in the front is thinning a bit. Do you think this will be an issue? Thanks a lot for your response.

  73. Hi kaykrizz. I'm Gerald Cabrejas and I would like you to know that i was really inspired and more motivated with your blog, It helps me a lot. πŸ™‚ I already applied with PAL but only in their website. do you think they will recognize my resume and call or text me? I hope they will.. because i really dreamed of to become a f.a someday just like you! πŸ™‚ I hope you'll see this comment. Thank you and gobless. Aim High! πŸ™‚

  74. Hi Miss Kaykrizz. I'm Dawn and I've always been dreaming of being an FA. Hiring po ba sila always sa Cebu? Graduating na kasi ako ngayong April, and I do hope I can apply talaga. Please reply. Thank you so much! πŸ™‚

  75. Hi ate kaykrizz! I always wanted to be a flight attendant pero the problem is my eyesight. I am near sighted unfortunately and my grade is 200. Is it okay to wear that high with contact lenses?


    Youre an inspiration!! I fancy all your posts and you are such a cutie ate! Im so inggit youre living the life! Hope I can do it aswell! XD

  76. Hi ate Kaykrizz, I am Ferdi, just like Mr. Gerald Cabrejas, I also applied on PAL's website but up until now, no txt/call or notification on my mail, but it doesn't stop me from waiting, I mean isang beses lang yung interview, so kelangan ibigay lahat, I am also a graduating student, Tourism, 5'6 1/2 or 5'7 na maybe, anyways continue inspiring younger generations to never stop chasing their dreams until they achieve and hold on to it, specially for the ones who wants to be in to flying. Thank you Ate and God Bless…

    Hope to Fly with you Soon…

  77. yo dude. i applied both website (feb 2) and walk in (feb 28 just passed a resume). i got a call april 30 for interview scheduled may 6. i think they called because of my resume in hand.
    -bonn leonard belandres

  78. you can be an FA regardless of what course you have. There are a lot of nursing graduates (even board passers) but still chooses to be a cabin crew. I suggest Hospitality industry related course would be a great help to gain skills and confidence.

  79. Saudia is hiring married applicants, some have children though not yet married. as for PAL, I think they don't hire married applicants for Cabin crew position.

  80. unfortunately yes, because airlines requires their crew to reach the over head bins and other safety features of their aircraft. try to reach 212 cms that's the minimum arm reach they do.

  81. You can be a flight attendant, though you need to meet the minimum requirements they need. good communication skills, clear skin, Height etc. you can visit airline sites to know if they're hiring. best of luck!

  82. Have you tried to attend in Cabin crew interviews? because you will never know unless you try. Best of luck!

  83. Hello Ms.Kaykrizz Your such an inspiration to us <3. San ka po nag tapos ng college? Pwede po bang mag apply kahit kulang ngipin sa bangang? Thanks much Ate πŸ™‚ :* <3

  84. Hi ate Kaykrizz, your such inspiration to us , can i ask you a question lang po . Nag walk inn na po ako sa PAL neto lang May . and also apply on their online website . but still no calls and no response in email . anu po kayang magandang gawin po ?

    Thanks for sharing your experience πŸ™‚

  85. Such an inspiring blog, Ms. Kaykrizz!

    I am 19 and I've been thinking about applying as a FA. I have a few questions and I hope you'd help me by answering them and by giving me some tips. πŸ™‚

    1) Is there any chance that you'll still get accepted having only an inch shorter than the required height? I am encouraging myself here by thinking that my confidence is enough and that I have the brains and the attitude and all that, but it's about my height. I am only 5'2.

    2) The part on your blog where there's this"legs front view and back view".. I have thick thighs, and I have been working out to tone its shape. Should I be worried that this might be just the reason why I won't get hired?

    3) I have a total of three piercings on my left ear. Should I close my extra piercings? Or do they allow it, but with the use of concealers?

    4) Besides having thick thighs.. Sadly and unfortunately, I don't have flawless legs. Are they against applicants who wax off the hairs on their legs for their chance to be hired?

    I really hope that you would update your blog and answer the questions (not only my questions). Answers will be much appreciated!! πŸ™‚ I also hope that you'll continue to inspire, motivate and encourage people, though it may be just a simple blog like this! πŸ™‚

  86. nagapply ako kanina. . kulang ako sa height ng konting konting konti. . antagal ko naghintay. .mga almost 40 mins. .bgla ako tinwag sa conference room. .and pinastand ako sa white board. .then she asked me tell me about yourself. .after nun sabi nya ung nga deficit ko sa height. .tapos sabi nya magchange na daw naman kesa daw height req arm reach na daw. .and sabi nya itetxt daw ako. .what do u think? magaapply ulit ako after 2 wks. .pra makalimutan lng ako. .unless itext ako. .

  87. Hello! πŸ™‚ thank you so much for making this blog. Malaking tulong to sa mga kagaya ko πŸ™‚ anyway, nagemail sakin ang PAL For an interview. Kaso may braces ako. Okay naman lahat sakin except yun lang. 1st interview pa lang naman yun. Tatanggapin pa din ba nila ako sa next steps? Then isama na lang ako sa "conditional" status. Or right away, 1st step pa lang, bagsak na ako? Thank you so much πŸ™‚ sana magreply ka ΓΌ

  88. Hi! thanks for making this blog. I am scheduled for an interview tomorrow at PAL but I am undecided to come because I am wearing contact lenses due to poor eyesight. My question is, do they accept person with poor eyesight? thanks for replying πŸ™‚

  89. Hi just want to know what type of exam will be given. Is it multiple choice nmn? Hehe im just worried sa math part kung mahihirap ba ang questions at d ako kagalingan sa math … would really appreciate ur reply

  90. Hello ate . May mga flight Attendant po ba jan sa philippine express lower sa 5''3 ang height na nkapasa? And totoo po bang pag yung exact height measurement mo, pagdating sa Pal exp nababawasan ng half an inch? Gusto ko po kasi talgang mag apply kaso worried ako 5'2 and half lng kasi height ko

  91. Hi, are they accepting applicants with poor eyesight? Although, I'm wearing my contact lenses. Please reply Ma'am. Thanks πŸ™‚

  92. Hi po ate ky
    Nawalan po kasi ako ng hope to achieve my dream to become a cabin crew kasi po last Friday nag tour familiarization po kami about travel agencies and yung ibang agents dun nag apply to become FA sa pal
    They say kailangan daw complete set of teeth eh Meron po akong empty teeth sa may harap pero may nakalagay naman pong Root canal po dun pero sabi Nila ORIGINAL TEETH daw po so I loose hope and it's been 3 days na akong nalulungkot Dahil po dun kasi po ang weak po talaga ng mga teeth ko
    Pero pag nagbabasa po ako ng blogs niyo nagkakaroon ako ng hope can you give me advices about my problem ? Pwede po Kaya yun ? thank you po πŸ™‚

  93. Hi everyone. I have an interview request from pal express. Im just worried about because im still wearing my braces. But i think i pass from the height req. Do i still have a chance to interview me still wearing my braces? But im willing to removed one's im hired. Mahigpit poba sila sa mga underweight? Thank you.

  94. Hi Ms. Kaykrizz,

    Thanks so much for such an inspiring blogs. Since when I was a kid, it was my dream to become a Flight Attend. I would to ask some few question.

    ● What are the common job interview do they ask aside from, Tell me about yourself?

    ● I'm an undergrad, but I was able to complete my 4 years course. Would it be OK if I don't have my TOR with me on the first day of screening?

    ● How long the process take from the first day of the screening until you signed a contract?

    Hope to hear from you soon οΏ½οΏ½

    DK οΏ½οΏ½

  95. Hola! Ms. Kaykrizz,

    Thanks so much for such an inspiring blogs. Since when I was a kid, it was my dream to become a Flight Attend. I would to ask some few question.

    ● What are the common job interview do they ask aside from, Tell me about yourself?

    ● I'm an undergrad, but I was able to complete my 4 years course. Would it be OK if I don't have my TOR with me on the first day of screening?

    ● How long the process take from the first day of the screening until you signed a contract?

    Hope to hear from you soon


  96. Hi ate. Ask ko lang, sa January kasi ojt ko na. Isa ang PAL ang asa mga listahan ko na gusto ko pag-ojt-han. Mahirap ba pumasok sa PAL para sa ojt ate? Thank you.

  97. Hi ate. Ask ko lang, sa January kasi ojt ko na. Isa ang PAL ang asa mga listahan ko na gusto ko pag-ojt-han. Mahirap ba pumasok sa PAL para sa ojt ate? Thank you.

  98. hi. ate im baby joy . i was inspired when i read your blogs. im the one of people losing hopes to bacame what you are right now .. I dreamed to be as FA soon. but when i saw those reqiurements to became as FA. I lose hopes. First, my teeth is not completed like not on the requirements said. Second, Im a two years graduated, i have many scars that causes of my embarrassed moments that will happen in life.I have keloids. and most of all im not actually fluent to speak in english. do you think those things can hired me as a FA?? I have a height and fitted in my weight. thats only the one i can handled that on a requirements said. i hope you reply it on my comment. thanks po. πŸ™‚ Im deciding to try to apply now. but when i think of this bad. i lose hope.

  99. hi. ate im baby joy . i was inspired when i read your blogs. im the one of people losing hopes to bacame what you are right now .. I dreamed to be as FA soon. but when i saw those reqiurements to became as FA. I lose hopes. First, my teeth is not completed like not on the requirements said. Second, Im a two years graduated, i have many scars that causes of my embarrassed moments that will happen in life.I have keloids. and most of all im not actually fluent to speak in english. do you think those things can hired me as a FA?? I have a height and fitted in my weight. thats only the one i can handled that on a requirements said. i hope you reply it on my comment. thanks po. πŸ™‚ Im deciding to try to apply now. but when i think of this bad. i lose hope.

  100. Hi Ms. May scoliosis kasi ako eh. pwede pa din ba ako mag FA? please answer me =( thank you and more power!

  101. Hi. I just took the exam at PAL but unfortunately i failed. They said that i should re-apply again after a year. Is that true?

  102. Hi Ate just wanna ask lang po. If crooked teeth is accepted. I have a complete set of teeth kaso lang po I have a crooked one. Can I still get accepted? Thank you po and Mabuhay! πŸ™‚

  103. hello miss kaykrizz, i have a question regarding sa type of suit, kasi may suit po ako kaso hindi xa typically black. black and white po siya and hindi po plain yung design, excecutive type na suit naman xa. is it ok to wear this on the processing day?thank you and have a great day.

  104. Hi po. I' m a Development Communication Student po and I want to be a FA pag naka graduate na po ako. Pwede po ba ako mag FA kahit DEVCOM ang natapos ko??

  105. Hi πŸ™‚ Does it really matter yung teeth po? What if hindi na complete? (yung isang molar teeth ko kasi wala na)

  106. Hi ate! Your blog made me more determined in pursuing my dreams πŸ™‚ Super thank you for sharing your experiences. Basta ang importante,magtry wala naman mawawala kung mgttry atleast may ginawa kang first step towards your dream. I will become FA also just like you, one day, someday, no matter how discouraging the process will be, I will still go for it πŸ™‚ 5'2" in height, I dont have that fair complexion skin but I'm still working on it hehe, it's not just about the looks, it's also about your personality πŸ™‚

  107. Hello po ate! Reading your blog wants me to persue my dreams. Since I was a kid Gusto ko na talagang mag FA. Okay lang ba if may dentures ka? At may scar sa tuhod? I really wanted to be a flight attendant but with dentures and some scars napipilitan akong wag nalang i tuloy ang pag kuha ko ng tourism.

  108. Hi ma'am! How long should I wait for their (PAL Express) response after taking HR exams? Thank you for your response

  109. hi, are they strict on their requirements for the height? no possibility ba na makuha, kahit fluent ka sa english and passable ka for the other requirements?

  110. Hi Mary, are you referring for PAL international or PAL Express. I think PAL Express are still accepting walk_in applicants. Just go to their office every Tuesday, preferrably morning.

  111. As much as possible only single ladies lang ang tinatanggap ng PAL but try other airlines. Broaden your horizons ma'am. Research, research, research!! ❀

  112. hello po. ask ko lang kung may chance pa ba mkapasa khit incomplete teeth. pero ung harap ko po complete pa naman po sa may bagang lang 2 po?

  113. Hi MissKayKrizz,
    I have an impact interview this coming July 20. And I’m so afraid that I can make it to passed the impact interview. I’ve read so many blogs including yours and by reading them I lost my confidence that I could’nt pass the interview because of my face because I have a litte acne below the side of my chin and also I am worried about my BMI. I checked my BMI and the result is overweight. My height 5’6 and my weighf is 164 lbs. I don’t think that is proportionate with my height. Should I attend the impact interview or not. I hope you can help me with this concern. Thank you and God bless. #FlyHigh #MissKayKrizz ?

  114. Hi Wilzen Paul Parco,
    That’s great to know that you’ve came across my blogs and I hope they were helpful to you. My suggestion is, you should still attend to the interview. Don’t let your worries lead you. Focus on the interview process and let them decide if they will require you to do changes with your physical appearance.

  115. Hi MissKayKhrizz,
    Thank you for responding. Yes, I will attend the interview just for to have an experience so when I have what I takes to be a FA. I know what to do. I follow you in instagram and also in facebook. Your such an inspiration to everyone who wanting to be a flight attendant someday. I hope you could do some vlogs for male cabin crew. What to prepare, the things to do or not. Thank you again. God bless and always take care. #FlyHigh #DreamHigh ?

  116. Hi MissKayKhrizz,
    I would like to ask if its okay to apply in PAL as FA if you have scar in your arms its not really visible though? I’m a male.

  117. Thank Wilzen! I hope you succeed to become an FA. Thanks for the feedback too, well I’m actually working on that πŸ™‚ so stay tuned! Fly with you soon.

  118. thank you so much for the feedback Kaykrizz your so nice your one of my motivation now. hope to fly with you soon.

  119. I will going to past my Resume on 2nd week of August Kaykrizz is it okay if i will ware casual attire only and how long it will take me to wait for me to be call/text from them or it depends.?

  120. I’m going to past my Resume on 2nd week of August Kaykrizz is it okay if i will ware casual attire only and how long it will take me to wait for me to be call/text from them or it depends.?

  121. Hello po ate! Tanong ko lang yung eyesight requirement nila, mahigpit ba sila? malabo kasi mata ko, nasa 500 ang grade ko…. hays πŸ™ at ano yung training bond? bayad para sa training? salamat po!

  122. Annyeong~! Itatanung ko lang po sana kung possible bang maging Flight attendant ang isang Near Sighted? Near sighted po kasi ako eh. Aigoo. Nakakainis po ate. Pangarap ko kasi talaga ang maging FA ng PAL.

  123. Hi Skylla! Oo nman. You just have to wear the correct glasses or contacts’ grade so you get 20/20 on the vision test. Hope that helps. Fly with you soon! πŸ™‚

  124. omygosh sizzy!
    I finally passed the impact interview! going for the exams next week! :* just letting you know. ur blog is an inspiration πŸ™‚

  125. Wow! That’s nice to know Leah. I hope you make it through. Give your best shot and I hope you all the best. Goodluck!I will fly with you soon!

  126. Hi ms kaykrizz. Ever since bata pa ko dream ko na magFA, pero dahil di afford ng budget ang tuition iba yung nakuha kong course. Is it possible na maghire sla kahit wala kang background? Or not related yung tinapos sa inaapplyan? Haha please give me some advice, big dream ko kasi talaga magFA at 5’2 lang ako ? Looking forward to your response. Thanks a lot! ?

  127. Hi Mae, Oo nman, you can be an FA w/o experience or any related course to it. I took up Nursing but here I am :D. I suppose you meet nman the min. height requirement to some airlines. All the best!

  128. hi mis kaykrizz just want to ask if ok lang ba ung my crown sa front teeth hndi nman sya obvious and my pimple scar sa face..tnx for the reply

  129. Hello, Kayrizz,

    Is it okay to apply kahit na working student ako as of now? I’m in a bpo industry right now almost 2 years na and my account is in a field of airlines. Kakastart ko lang ulit mag aral 1st sem. Online schooling naman sya so kontrolado ang oras ko. Is there a possibility na pwede ako matanggap ng PAL? 5’7 and a 1/2. Moreno, with nice teeth.

    May na meet kasi ako na friend ng friend ko na HR sa PAL e and he asked me to apply. Kaso wala lang akong lakas ng loob regarding sa studies ko baka kasi bawal pala at di ako matanggap.

    I’m hoping for your response po
    Sana you can help me.

  130. Hi Neil! As long as you meet other requirements then go ahead and try it ;). It’s great that you are continuing your studies, but you have to have a strong commitment between work and studies :). All the best! Fly with you soon✈️✈️✈️

  131. Hi Miss Kaykrizz. strict po ba nag Pal and Pal express regarding scoliosis? Up to what degree po ba yung acceptable sa kanila? Thank you πŸ™‚

  132. Hi Ms. Kaykrizz, before i failed the 1 day recruitment road trip of pal express i already sent an application to them thru facebook and now i just recieved a text inviting me for an impact interview. But it stated i should disregard their message if ive been interview for the said position within the past 6 montihs. I would like to ask if the interviewed done with me on their 1 day recruitment road trip is considered for me to disregard the message? I really want to be a cabin crew but im afraid that my application maybe affected if i still go on with the impact interview knowing i just failed with their 1 day recruitment road trip last month?

  133. Hi po miss Kaykrizz!just wanna know if strict po ba ang pal na dapat 5’3″ sa height req.?Kasi I saw it sa isang online site not sure what job portal it is pero sabi dun min daw is 5’2″. It was my dream to be an FA tho sometimes napanghihinaaan ako ng loob kasi nga 5’2″ lang ako them I had astigmatism pa during college plus I still have to do some dental fixes pa. I dreamed of being one of those FAs soaring high not because of their priviledges but I wanted to be one of them who serve for the filipinos plus I do love their tagline.Kaya lang yun nga problema ko. Sometimes may mga nagsasabi saken na magtry ako so I still don’t know kung pwede nga. I’ll just wait for your reply so that I can decide if I should give up nalang hehe anyways, I admire you po πŸ™‚

  134. Hi miss Kaykrizz! I applied for PAL FA last week. Unfortunately I didnt make it. I guess its because im overweight for my height hhehehe. im 5’6 and my weight is 168 so im working on it pa. ill go to the gym to lose weight and be back after 6mos:). sayang bago ko lang nakita yung blog mo, it would have been a BIG help, but ill take note of your tips:). thank you :).. and miss kaykrizz, im also wondering, because i have this scar from clothes iron in my left hand, its not that visible because i had it since i was 4-5yrs old, but the recruiter saw it and asked about it, should i conceal it the next time i try to apply for PAL? and just inform them that i concealed my scar? :).. and is true misskaykrizz that if you became an FA you will lose your job/ you have to resign when you get pregnant in the future? i heard rumors about that from my other friends thats why they dont want to apply as an FA:) hehehe. THANK YOU:) will be waiting for your response:)

  135. Good day Miss! I just want to ask if okay lng na may tooth bridges and pasta sa pag apply for FA? Thank you πŸ™‚

  136. Hello Miss! Good day! Gusto ko lng malaman kung ano ang coverage ng exams for FA? πŸ™‚ Salamat! God bless!

  137. mam ask ko po kung ang course na hrm po ay para lang sa matatangkad na pwede kumuha ng course na yan d po kaya mahirapan pag plat 5 pag kumuha ng korso na yan sa pag aaply d kya sila mahrapan

  138. Hi po pwedi pong mag tanong kung anong kukunin ko sa Senior Highschool para maging FA and tama po bang kunin kong course sa college is BS tourism Management ? after i graduate college balak ko pong pumason sa ICATS School ? sa tingin niyo po ok yung plano ko answerr it asap po misskaykrizz ☺️

  139. Hi po. I read your blog and nakakainspire. When I travelled alone back in Manila as a minir traveller I found out na gusto ko na maging F.A and Philippine Airlines is my dream Airlines na magwork. Ask ko lang po. Can a flight attendant have 2 studs of piercing pero while working, not wearing it? Because I have 2 in both ears. I wish I can make this through 😭❀️

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