Another heartbreak from Qatar Airways

This post is to give an update on what happened in my last Qatar Airways Application.

I have personally applied about 7 times to this company already. The first couple of times I got far enough in the process that it made me want to go all the way and I just did not stop (stubborn me!). Finally all my efforts and research had paid off.  The last time I applied November 2012, I successfully have passed the grueling selection process and was all set for the medicals when suddenly all of my batch mates who had pending documents (including me) were all sent regret emails. The next thing we knew they are freeze hiring, giving their current cabin crews forced leave ( no flights for 7-10 days) and finding fault in their crews to send them home(fire them).

The most logical explanation would be the 787 incident, wherein supposedly these aircraft can go straight 8 hours flying without the need of stopovers. Qatar had made an order of these aircraft and planned numerous destinations and had anticipated for need of cabin crews to run these destinations. However, due to the 787 incident in JAL, (see this the Boeing company (makers of the aircraft) had to make an investigation (lasted about 5 months, so as our waiting time) and ultimately have come to a conclusion that these aircraft are now only to fly 3 hours instead of the original 8hour straight flight.

This had affected many airlines that have made orders of this kind of aircraft and Qatar airways was one of them. Sadly, we have become a part of the casualties.. many hearts were broken and knowing that we on our part have not done anything to influence that decision is just very frustrating. I am lucky that I had not gone through the medicals yet or I could have spent money and still get the regret email from Qatar. I know some people have spent as much as Php20,000.00 just on the medicals alone and still got the regret email.

Some of my batch mates did get in, and now done with the training and flying to our dream destinations.  If it really is for you, I guess the universe will make a way. For me, I guess God is still saying Not yet.. However, I am now getting ready for the next opportunity, and I will surely have another go at it if that door opens once again!

How did I get through all the stages of the selection process? I am giving out all the details that had worked for me and have not worked for me through all my 7 application attempts in Qatar Airways and other airlines as well!

Here on my multiple post about the topic. I decided to make a series out of it to fully explain everything because one article is just not enough.

The kaykrizz Interview Tips series

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