An afternoon of ‘Goodness’ with Welch’s

Hello guys! As all of you know I recently gave birth to my baby boy River (vlogs here)  and have stopped flying as a flight attendant (I quit my job video here).

However that does not mean I stopped blogging and taking care of my health. So today I would like to share with you an amazing event that I have been lucky enough to be a part of. This event celebrates a healthy lifestyle for families through quality products that are amazing for us and our families. I have always been a juice drinker and I was ecstatic to attend this particular event for Welch’s.
Welch's Share What is Good


The event was held at the beautiful Garden Area at the Ayala 30th mall. I love it because of all the natural light and the closeness to nature feel of the event.

We were given a sample of the newest product of Welch’s. (Picture above) I love the taste! I tastes like gummy bears minus the sugar 😝

When I was still flying as a flight attendant, it was imperative that I drink 8 glasses of water to keep my skin healthy and most of the time I honestly can’t drink that much water. A hack that I use is to stock up on juices to make sure that I still get my fluids in. The tricky part is to make sure that my juice is 100% natural and not the sugary one because those kinds can lead to gaining too much weight, damaging your teeth and so on and so forth. So my number 1 requirement for juice shopping was it has to be a “No Added Sugar” kind of juice. I know it was a bit pricier than the ordinary juices but I stick to it because my health and skin is important for my job.

I just love how Welch’s provide a variety of flavors for us to choose from. The classic Welch’s 100% Grape Juice made from Concord Grapes tastes so good that one can think it is red wine. The apple cranberry flavor on the other hand satisfies my sour loving tastebuds. The Sparkling white grape juice on the other hand was the one I was drinking last Christmas when I was still pregnant with baby River. (Pregnancy doesnt mean mama can’t join the party! 🍾hahaha)

During the event we had guest speakers who are doctors and nutritionists who talked about the benefits of drinking concord grape juice that was the main ingredient of the Welch’s Juices. Number 1 reason that stood out for me during the talk is the anti-oxidant properties that you find in Concord Grapes. Anti-oxidant simply means anti-aging. For women like myself who wants to keep themselves healthy and looking good despite my age leaving the calendar already 😱, creams and beauty products can only go so far. What’s really effective is the quality of the food that you eat. Im pro this movement called eat your medicine, it makes so much more sense!

The Center for Culinary Arts, Manila demonstrated the different ways we can incorporate actual grape fruits and the Welch’s Juice to easy to make snacks and shakes.

welch's share whats goodThese sugar-free muffins balances out the flavorful juices of Welch’s.

welch's share whats good

These baguette with grape salsa and cream cheese are to die for and so easy to make! I probably ate 5 – 10 pieces of these during the event 😂

Photo with Ms. Erica (from Welch’s) and Mommy Omni from Omni&Bryce Family Vlogs on YouTube and precious baby Zed! 

Cuteness overload from baby Zed. 😍

welch's share whats good

The photo booth station was beautifully decorated with grape vines and fruits. It actually feels like a wedding is gonna happen here anytime soon.

Watch the vlog here:

Overall, it was an amazing event and a product that I actually believe in and apply to my life personally. That is why Im so grateful to be a part of it and I happily share about them here on the blog. Let me know on the comments if you are also a juice lover yourself. (the kind that can finish 1 litre per day of juice. 😅) What do you guys do to incorporate healthy eating habits in your life?

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