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Air Asia Cabin Crew Recruitment Experience

This post is about my experience in applying for Air Asia, way back 2 years ago in 2011. This was the first time Air Asia is hiring in the Philippines. I saw their ad in the newspaper and since I am already planning on going to Manila on the recruitment days I said to myself why not give it a try?

The newspaper ad specifically instructed the following:

  1. bring the original and photocopy of the ff:( TOR diploma nbi clearancepolice clearance 2 valid IDs, 4R and 2×2  pictures.                                                                                               
  2.  wear business attire with the ladies’ hair down. 
  3. height requirement is 160cms for females and 170 cms for males.

Day 1
Location: Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Makati City

I arrived at the location around 9am, there is already a huge crowd at the hotel. The recruiters are mostly Malaysians and some are Filipinos. I lined up for the registration.

The first step is the height and weight check. some who did not reach the height were sent home.

Second step is the document check, you really have to have a complete set of documents or else you will not be allowed to go in. I remember some even went out to get an nbi clearance or police clearance and came back to the hotel. After you are verified with a complete set of documents you are given a number and will be seated in a waiting room. While waiting a slideshow about Air Asia is playing in the big projector in the room. It showed that their uniforms (back then) were pants and polo shirt, the crews have their hair down and some are singing and dancing. The atmosphere is just really fun and upbeat.

Third step is the one on one interview. After a very long wait I was finally up. I was assigned to a Malaysian male recruiter and another female is standing in the room observing. Going in the interview area is a long walk so I walked like I was doing the ramp modelling (that’s what I heard from my fellow candidates so I did) The first thing the recruiter told me is: ” I am very tired right now, can you sing for me?” and I said yes, even though I am not prepared with a song. I did sing a Rhianna song and I even got lost with the lyrics at the last part (so embarrassing!) after that  the female recruiter asked for a tagalog song and suggested I sing bahay kubo, and so I did (with a shaking voice! shucks!) After that I was asked to do a catwalk around the room. Then I was asked questions like tell me about your self and what is my previous work experience. That was it and I was asked to wait for the results in the waiting area.

Waiting for another hour or so my number was then called and the guy holding a clipboard ushered me to the testing area. I heard from a new found friend on the waiting area that the rest of them who were not called were sent home. 🙁

Fourth Step: Written Exams
We were given a written exam. 25 items english grammar test to be answered in 30 minutes.
Now after this stage, I cant remember  exactly if we were asked to wait and then we were given a piece of paper with instructions to go back to hotel the next day or I was sent a text to inform that I passed and asked to return to the hotel the next day. My memory is quite blurry on this detail but I am sure I made it to the next day and returned back to the hotel. 🙂

Day 2
Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Makati City
I arrived at the hotel and I saw so many other candidates that the hall was almost filled with people. I did not know anybody so I just keep to myself. After waiting for a while the organizers tried to divide the group into 2 batches of (i think) 500 candidates. We are still using the candidate number from the previous day. I do know my number is 4 digits so there must have been thousands of applicants on the previous day. Finally when our group was called we were then seated in the room.

First Stage:
We were given pairs and we were given 2 minutes to get to know our pair and try to introduce our partner in the most creative way possible in a minute. After that we have to wait in the room and wait for the announcement of the results. What the recruiters do is that they will first announce the candidate numbers, ask them to go to the next room with them and then will tell that batch if they made it or not. For those who are left in the room can either be the one who gets in the next stage or the ones who go home. It was excruciating!

Second Stage:
Luckily I made it on the next round of selections, we went out for a quick lunch break and we were asked to come back at a certain time. Once we were back on we were then grouped to a group of 6 and given 15 minutes to prepare a 5-minute presentation for the panel. Some did funny skits, sing and dance, drama presentation and airline scenarios. Our group did a combination of acting singing and dancing.

Unfortunately our group did not make it to the next round, it was heartbreaking but overall a great experience for me.

Third Stage:
For those who made it on the group presentations moved on to the final interview. Here some of my new found friends said that they were asked a lot of questions as if this time they would like to know you as a person. Sample questions were why do you want to be a cabin crew?, what makes you think you are a good fit in this company?,
Results were given 2 weeks after via call or email.


Ootd on the day: hair down and business attire