Air Asia Cabin Crew Recruitment Experience

This post is about my experience in applying for Air Asia, way back 2 years ago in 2011. This was the first time Air Asia is hiring in the Philippines. I saw their ad in the newspaper and since I am already planning on going to Manila on the recruitment days I said to myself why not give it a try?

The newspaper ad specifically instructed the following:

  1. bring the original and photocopy of the ff:( TOR diploma nbi clearancepolice clearance 2 valid IDs, 4R and 2×2  pictures.                                                                                               
  2.  wear business attire with the ladies’ hair down. 
  3. height requirement is 160cms for females and 170 cms for males.

Day 1
Location: Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Makati City

I arrived at the location around 9am, there is already a huge crowd at the hotel. The recruiters are mostly Malaysians and some are Filipinos. I lined up for the registration.

The first step is the height and weight check. some who did not reach the height were sent home.

Second step is the document check, you really have to have a complete set of documents or else you will not be allowed to go in. I remember some even went out to get an nbi clearance or police clearance and came back to the hotel. After you are verified with a complete set of documents you are given a number and will be seated in a waiting room. While waiting a slideshow about Air Asia is playing in the big projector in the room. It showed that their uniforms (back then) were pants and polo shirt, the crews have their hair down and some are singing and dancing. The atmosphere is just really fun and upbeat.

Third step is the one on one interview. After a very long wait I was finally up. I was assigned to a Malaysian male recruiter and another female is standing in the room observing. Going in the interview area is a long walk so I walked like I was doing the ramp modelling (that’s what I heard from my fellow candidates so I did) The first thing the recruiter told me is: ” I am very tired right now, can you sing for me?” and I said yes, even though I am not prepared with a song. I did sing a Rhianna song and I even got lost with the lyrics at the last part (so embarrassing!) after that  the female recruiter asked for a tagalog song and suggested I sing bahay kubo, and so I did (with a shaking voice! shucks!) After that I was asked to do a catwalk around the room. Then I was asked questions like tell me about your self and what is my previous work experience. That was it and I was asked to wait for the results in the waiting area.

Waiting for another hour or so my number was then called and the guy holding a clipboard ushered me to the testing area. I heard from a new found friend on the waiting area that the rest of them who were not called were sent home. πŸ™

Fourth Step: Written Exams
We were given a written exam. 25 items english grammar test to be answered in 30 minutes.
Now after this stage, I cant remember  exactly if we were asked to wait and then we were given a piece of paper with instructions to go back to hotel the next day or I was sent a text to inform that I passed and asked to return to the hotel the next day. My memory is quite blurry on this detail but I am sure I made it to the next day and returned back to the hotel. πŸ™‚

Day 2
Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Makati City
I arrived at the hotel and I saw so many other candidates that the hall was almost filled with people. I did not know anybody so I just keep to myself. After waiting for a while the organizers tried to divide the group into 2 batches of (i think) 500 candidates. We are still using the candidate number from the previous day. I do know my number is 4 digits so there must have been thousands of applicants on the previous day. Finally when our group was called we were then seated in the room.

First Stage:
We were given pairs and we were given 2 minutes to get to know our pair and try to introduce our partner in the most creative way possible in a minute. After that we have to wait in the room and wait for the announcement of the results. What the recruiters do is that they will first announce the candidate numbers, ask them to go to the next room with them and then will tell that batch if they made it or not. For those who are left in the room can either be the one who gets in the next stage or the ones who go home. It was excruciating!

Second Stage:
Luckily I made it on the next round of selections, we went out for a quick lunch break and we were asked to come back at a certain time. Once we were back on we were then grouped to a group of 6 and given 15 minutes to prepare a 5-minute presentation for the panel. Some did funny skits, sing and dance, drama presentation and airline scenarios. Our group did a combination of acting singing and dancing.

Unfortunately our group did not make it to the next round, it was heartbreaking but overall a great experience for me.

Third Stage:
For those who made it on the group presentations moved on to the final interview. Here some of my new found friends said that they were asked a lot of questions as if this time they would like to know you as a person. Sample questions were why do you want to be a cabin crew?, what makes you think you are a good fit in this company?,
Results were given 2 weeks after via call or email.


Ootd on the day: hair down and business attire

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  1. Hi sis! For the nbi and police clearance all of these should be for travel? I have nbi na but its not for travel purposes and for the police clearance I dont know what to get if the local employment or the abroad use. Hope you can help me πŸ™‚

    Btw, I really love your blog. You really inspire a lot of people especially like me ^^

  2. Hi sis, first ofall thanks for visiting my blog. And about your concern i can only answer it wih my experience. Thinking about it, the ideal is to have valid fir travel abroad requirements. Howevermduring my time, i remember what i had is the for employment purposes nbi and police clearance, they let me in, i guess if i ever get through they will just ask us to get the travel for abroad one.. so i suggest get the travel for abroad nbi and police clearance.

  3. Hi sis, according sa isang pexer na nakareceive na ng invitation letter, diploma along with other requirements:

    Application details:

    *Original & copies of certificates of Higher Education or its equivalent
    *At least college level (2nd year), should be fluent in English and Filipino
    *Graduates from any disciplines are encourage to apply.
    *Latest CV
    *Original and copies of ID & Passport
    *Original and copies of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and police clearance letters
    *1 copy of latest passport size photograph (head & shoulder)
    *1 copy of latest full body photograph (postcard size)
    *Experienced crews are encouraged to apply
    -info courtesy of pexer: nilalvin

    you better apply online to get an email invitation sis!

  4. Hey sis thanks for ur detailed post about the whole interview thingy. Im thinking about applying this months airasia interview in manila. But since im korean i dont know if i can get nba and police clearance documents as well…and also wondering if i need to apply first online before hand. U can msg me in fb ( or here. Thanks again :)β™₯

  5. Hi Daffy! this recruitment way back 2 years ago did not require us to apply online first. The current recruitment did not specifically instructed to apply online first but people are doing so just to make sure.

  6. Hi Claire! You may use your nbi clearance from your country or try to get one in the philippines, (they may require you to have lived in the phil for at least one year). Yes do apply online first, just to make sure.

  7. Hey do you have anyidea why theres no post anymore in airasia website about this months walk in interview in manila? its gone all of a sudden. is it canceled? πŸ™

  8. Hi Kay Krizz, this is my first time to apply for cabin crew position., I'm confused since it was posted there that it was for Walk- in Interview and then nawala ung post, den me nakalagay na shortlisted candidates lang, pede pa kaya mg walk in, pde po na wala pang passport.. Help!!!

  9. Hi melinda, goodluck on your first time! Make sure you have all the requirements because air asia is strict when it comes to this, i believe you cant enter the hall if your requirements is not complete.. apply online to make sure..

  10. Just try it out.. minsan kasi iba ung measurement pag andun nq. Like yung iba ex. 160cm sa bahay pagdating dun di pala aabot sa 160. She might just get in..

  11. Hi Kaykrizz! Thanks for the info. I just found out that there will be a walk in interview for airasia this november here in Manila. Unfortunately, I don't have NBI Clearance yet. The last time na kumuha ko which was last year, after two weeks pa makukuha. Is it ok to present the receipt nalang muna?? Thank you! -Kat

  12. Waaaaa. Bakit ganon sa airasia malaysia d mahirap makapsok bilang cabin crew. Ininterview lang sla then may pinabasa lang at pinaglakad. ayun na medical if tanggap ka. Wala na arte arte pa, like groupings, hanap partner, introduce etc sing and dance πŸ™ gusto ko sana mag walk in interview. Kaso wala ako police clerance and d pa nabbgay diploma sa skul namin. Kahapon lang snbe sakin ng friend ko na hiring ang air asia this coming tuesday πŸ™ not prepared πŸ™ and eto pa mababasa koo na sobra sla strict omg πŸ™

  13. Hi I have two questions:

    My passport will be delivered on the day of my walk-in interview at AirAsia. I don't think I could able to present the copy of my passport since it will be sent the same day of the interview. Any thoughts? πŸ™

    I had my Oman application at STDJKL agency last October but I was told that even though my BMI is normal I still look kinda fat. Since you've been through massive application with different airlines do you think they really preferred the skinny type one? I was an athlete that's why I think they have this misconception thing that I'm kinda fat.

  14. Yes! present the receipt ok na yun. also you can bring your expired nbi clearance as well. minsan sa dami di na nila nachecheck and if you get in they will just inform you to renew

  15. pag open day, since marami silang applicants they will try to cut down the number by these standards that they think a cabin crew must have. This way they can select better who is a good fit for them. its like supply and demand. Since they are in demand (thousands of applicants) they can up the price.

  16. i was underweight when i applied. They advised me to gain more. I think if you are close to normal limits you can get in. as long as hindi naman sobrang malayo sa bmi. (emirates and saudia though, very stict)

  17. Hi Cess,

    Do you have a receipt to prove that you have applied for a passport already? just bring the receipt or wait for your passport on the day.

    I can tell you from my experience in oman, they dont like the skinny ones. I really put on weight for that application. Saudia also love chubby and big – boned females. Qatar has no specifics when it comes to that they accept skinny and voluptous all the same. For PAL, they are more lenient to the skinny ones, strict with the overweight issues. but if you are in your bmi no problem.

    About your body, I suggest you have to pick the right outfit. Study your body type and learn how to play it up. If you are athletic I would assume you have broad shoulders? Search the net for what style would compliment that. Highlight you features and distract attention from flaws.

    What I know to look slimmer is use black, or striped clothing, stripes must be downwards. You accessories must be dainty and small and not the bulky ones. example: for you watch choose a slim watch instead of a MK (michael kor's) rosegold bulky watch. same goes for your earrings.

    This can be done cess, if you are willing to work for it.

    Best of luck!


  18. Hi Kay, read all your blogs and it really encourages me more to become a flight attendant. I would just like to ask if you have any idea ba about the final phase of the interview in Air Asia Zest? I went for their open day last November 19, 2013 and now I received an email from them that I am qualified and scheduled for their final interview this Thursday. Mostly kasi ng friends ko na nagwork na sa Air Asia Zest is from Zest Air pa, so iba na daw ang process nila for the final interview. Sana you could help me πŸ™‚ Tips lang on what will happen and luckily if you know some questions to be asked din. Thanks a lot Kay! Hope to hear from you soon πŸ™‚

  19. Hi Kay, read all your blogs and it is indeed very informative. Kuddos! πŸ™‚ I would just like to ask lang sana if you have any idea on the Final Phase of Interview sa Air Asia Zest? I attended their Recruitment Day last November 19, 2013 and luckily I qualified to take their written exam. I received an email today saying that I am scheduled for the Final Phase of Interview this coming Thursday. Sana you could give me some tips sa process nila and luckily if you know some questions that they could possibly ask me πŸ™‚ some of my friends kasi are hired pa from Zest Air and sabi nila iba na daw ang process ngayon. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance!

  20. Hi Kay, read all your blogs and it is indeed very informative. Kuddos! πŸ™‚ I would just like to ask lang sana if you have any idea on the Final Phase of Interview sa Air Asia Zest? I attended their Recruitment Day last November 19, 2013 and luckily I qualified to take their written exam. I received an email today saying that I am scheduled for the Final Phase of Interview this coming Thursday. Sana you could give me some tips sa process nila and luckily if you know some questions that they could possibly ask me πŸ™‚ some of my friends kasi are hired pa from Zest Air and sabi nila iba na daw ang process ngayon. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance!

  21. Hi sis, good evening. I just want to ask if Air Asia is very strict regading the skin complexion or should I say the overall physical attributes? Thanks!

  22. Hey i would really like to work for Air Asia X and have the right skills and attitude for it… I am male, Australian and white….

    do they hire whites and do i need a work vissa before or after applying or if successful???

  23. hi sis! very inspiring ung blog muh.!love it!
    uhm,tanung q lang kung kelan ulit ang walk-in interview?
    kung wla pa, next tym pag meron, pakibalita nlang. Thank you zzo much! :]

  24. Hi Ms. KayKrizz,

    I would like to ask if where I can send my online application in airasia I want to try walkin but I don't know where they are accepting walkin applicants. I tried applying in PAL unfortunately I didn't get in, but I'll still try my luck this feb, I'm not skinny does that really matters? I almost tried 3 airlines .. Hoping for the miracle soon. haha οΏ½οΏ½

  25. Hi sis! Thanks so much for the info just wanna ask, is it okay if I just prepare a copy of my TOR? Or should I still bring the original one??? And is it really necessary for applying a cabin crew position to know how to sing or dance? Coz am a bit worried, God didn't blessed such talent :p

  26. Hey Kay very insightful interview, i have few question … my boyfriend really want work Air Asia but he Australian .. they hire white boi? Also Malaysia work visa…he need before or after interview? what question ask one on one interview… you are so beautiful, i wish you get job soon πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xox

  27. Hi Liana!!
    I am so sorry for not being able to help you on this matter on time.. I have been off the grid for more than a month and was not able to visit this blog due to various reasons..

    I do hope your interview went well!!!

  28. yes over all appearance is a factor + personality and the way you carry yourself.. sometimes it gets confusing talaga what they are looking for so just make sure that you be your best self on that day

  29. I truly dont know the details about this but just try your luck and if they like you im sure they will make a way to get you on board. I do apologize for this delayed reply, and i know the recruitment is over.. I hope that despite of lack of info you went in and tried your luck!

  30. Hi sis, you should bring the original copy. Singing and dancing is a must for air asia because that is their culture…. which is FUN.. all you have to do is prove that you can fit in with their culture.. even if your not talented as long as you are game and enthusiastic i am sure you'll get in!

    for more conservative airlines like qatar and pal.. not necessary.

  31. Hi sis!
    Yes you can send in an email but i the next round of recruitment is not yet set. Why not try applying for Oman air in STB Agency. They are pooling applicants as of the moment… ok lang yan 3 applications! ako nga. di na mabilang!! hahha

  32. hi ms kriz! tanong ko lng sana kung pede b mag-apply ang lalake for this job? I'm a 3rd yr college student, 18, 5'6 in height at tingin ko naman tama ang weight sa height ko.
    Pls reply. I want an enjoyable job in the future! :))
    Thnaks.. and god bless πŸ™‚

  33. Hi sis. I am a Malaysian boy. Im really excited to be a flight attandant. But,i failed in English and Math at my examination. Do i still have the chances to be a flight attandant ?

  34. Hi Kaykrizz,
    I am Carl Andres, a graduating tourism student. Well as I've read your blog sounds so interesting. To be a flight attendant is really my dream. I will try my luck a year from now because I have braces. Thanks for the information. πŸ™‚

  35. I already have an nbi and police clearance when I applied for my current job. Do I need to get new ones because AirAsia will have interviews on March 25 2014.

  36. Hi. It would be greatly appreciated if you could reply since im a bit lost with regards to applying. I am not quite sure where and when to apply. I am a fresh grad and would like to apply to emirates airline. It would be greatly appreciated if you could enlighten me with such a matter. thank you and more power! πŸ™‚

  37. hi Kriz πŸ™‚ Can i ask if where can i apply here in philippines as walk in? please im so desperate to be a flight attendant πŸ™ thanks

  38. Hi Kriz, are there any companies not requiring height? I really want to be a cabin crew but it's just so frustrating. I'm only 5 flat. I hope I'd get a good news somehow πŸ™‚

  39. hi there! i would want to know hows the swimming experience during your it required you know how to do threading and is there an exercise that involves doing one physical test like backstroke back and forth etc for each trainee.because this frightens me a lot so i couldnt decide if i want to be an FA or not.i hope you could tell me more and share us your experience.thank you.hope to hear from you soon.

  40. Thank kaykrizz for ur blog. I am ros from indo.This is soo helping me & another fa wanna be to prepare them self to attending walk in on this weekend.

  41. This was nice recruitment and by enabling with this lot of people can get profit towards the employment. Well and i am expecting more news from you.

  42. Hi,Sis Kaykrizz!..?..Sarah here from Malaysia!..? My height is 160 cm..My Weight is around 46 kg..Did they really care about the BMI?..Thats the big problem for me now.. ?..It was my dream to be part of the Air Asia Cabin Crew..Im 18 right now..Aiming for that,Im now studying to communicate in english..And in a confident way..

  43. Hi Sarah! Yes BMI is important too, You’re still young and have time to manage that. All the best! ???ο»Ώ

  44. Hi, I want to know when can I reapply in AirAsia?? Is there a 6 months policy like in Etihad airways???

  45. Hi! KayKriz, it is okay to apply in any airlines without training or non knowledgeable about how to do work as a flight attendant position? Can’t they rejected us ? or if u get it any stage of screening but, you do not have training or experience it is okay for us the recruitment? thank you!

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