Ruth Ramos

Ruth Ramos is Miss Kaykrizz


Ruth Ramos is a Philippine-based YouTuber with a dual passion in filming and career mentoring. She is a licensed nurse by profession. She worked for PAL Express for 3 years and Oman Air for 3 years.


After starting her family and settling down in the Philippines she wrote and published, Ready for Take-Off. A guide book for people who wants to pass the flight attendant interview and based her tips on the steps that she took to get the flight attendant job for herself. Wisdom she learned after 8 years of trying with different airlines recruiting in the Philippines.

Through her YouTube Channel of the same name( Misskaykrizz ), world class online training programs, a book available worldwide, she inspires, informs and helps flight attendant aspirants to pass the flight attendant recruitment process.

All based on her own struggles and triumphs in pursuing her own dream of becoming an international flight attendant.

Her message to the world is:  “Dreams do come true so don’t be afraid to reach for yours.”

When she got pregnant with River, she started a mommy channel called Mommy Ruth to document her pregnancy and motherhood journey. She shares her experience, advice and tips to moms. She also  review products and does mommy vlogs where she shares a sneak peak on her life as a full time mom and business owner.

Nowadays she fills her day with mommy duties and mentoring new flight attendants with her online school, Ready for Take-Off University.

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