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I am really grateful to all of you! As a gift, I would like to share with you the story of my Struggle to be a Flight Attendant and a Bonus Book Cover Reveal of my book! I hope you guys like it!

I want to answer your most commonly asked question. You asked me to tell you the story of my struggle on how I was able to get here in my position and how I was able to overcome the struggles that I have faced when applying for the flight attendant position.

How will I start the story? It’s a very long story so disclaimer guys, I’m not a very good storyteller. I don’t have a script I’m just going to tell the story as I remember it.

Story Time!

My very first airline application, I was 19 I was still in college. I remember a cousin of mine she is a doctor now. she wasn’t a medical student by then. She was someone who I look up to. She’s really pretty. She’s doing modeling and she is a Miss Valentine that time in Cebu Doctors. One day she messaged and told me I should go to Marriott tomorrow coz there is a Qatar Airways hiring for cabin crew/flight attendant. She really thinks that I should go. I went and wasn’t even prepared I didn’t have the right clothes and pictures. All I had was my business attire costume that I used in a play at school. It’s the only collared shirt that I owned. It’s a sleeveless white collared shirt and I paired that up with a second-handed (ukayukay) skirt. It is high-waisted, knee level brown skirt and a pair of black shoes that I used in school also. I put my makeup on, my hair up and I went. I had no idea what I was doing. I was so amazed by the atmosphere of the place and I loved it so much.

I felt like I was lining up for an audition to enter the Pinoy Big Brother house (PBB). That’s how it literally felt. Everyone is so pretty and the guys are so handsome. I was like salivating! ? There are different nationalities. I was likeWhoa! This happens in Cebu?  Really?! I was just so happy to be there and I’m ecstatic. It’s my first time to enter Marriott Hotel and everything was new and everything was fun.

I remember the recruiters spent about five seconds talking to me and as I am looking back now. I’m so embarrassed. I showed her a full body picture of me when I was still doing modeling. The background was trees and I was wearing a miniskirt and a blouse. My hair was down. It’s not really for application purposes. I had it just to have a full body picture and 2×2 picture and my resume. That’s it.


Miracles love miracles. I got called to attend the second day. I was so ecstatic and happy. I attended the second day I tried to fit in more. I changed my clothes, picture, and everything. I passed the exams but on that day I got eliminated after the group discussion. I didn’t know what I was doing at all guys! I’m the kind of person if you talk to me I would generally believe what you’re saying. I was really naive and idealistic.

The speech that the recruiter said You know what out of the six hundred people that we saw yesterday, you guys are here. You guys are part of the 50 candidates that we chose to be part of the second day so that means you have a potential in you. We like you, just now we’re saying no for now. Look into yourself try to find out which areas you need to improve on and maybe next time we will be more than happy to welcome you to our company.”

With a speech like that, how would you feel so bad? I am the kind of person that will always take everything to heart. I took what she said to heart. ❤

I was looking at myself and asked what did I do wrong? Where do I need to improve? But I said life goes on! I finished college and I started working in a call center. One day, one of my gay (beki) friend approached me. Hey girl, do you want to go to the Qatar Airways interview happening this day. I, Richard and Allen will go there”. I was like sure! I’ve been there before and I would love to try why not coconut! Right? All three of us went there and again I was invited for the second day but during those times that I was applying, I wasn’t really decided on wanting to do this. It’s just like I’ll go there and we’ll see what happens. Same thing happened. The next day I got eliminated there. They all kept telling me the same thing. I have the potential. I have what it takes, I just need to work more on myself. What does that mean?! It bothered me that time, what is it? What’s the reason why?

Moving on that time, my family life has become a bit troubled and complicated. We all love our families but sometimes we struggle with our own process. That time I just really thought that I didn’t want to be there (Cebu) anymore. Even though I love Cebu and I love where I am. I left my career. I really want to seek independence. I really wanted to live on my own. Of course, my family won’t allow it. So I made a plan. My plan was to move to Singapore and work there as a call center agent or as a nurse or become a cabin crew.

My friend keeps on asking me also to attend cabin crew assessment days with him so somebody will be there for him. I started to seriously look at that as an option because once you get hired you will be based somewhere else. This time, this means business. It’s not just for fun so I started applying for Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, Philippine Airlines and PAL Express. I was getting desperate by the day to leave. I wanted to have my place and I can’t just say I’m leaving bye! No! There has to be a reason (you know how Filipinos are). I was either looking into becoming an OFW for Singapore or whichever ship comes I’m gonna ride it. I applied to all these companies while I’m still working and I got accepted in PAL and PAL Express.

The only difference is, PAL Express’ training happens faster and it was much easier to get in. Coz in PAL, in the final interview, is in Manila and we have to cover our expenses (airfare, accommodation, etc). So I thought that would be expensive and my savings is not enough. PAL Express’ final interview was just in Cebu. I was able to get into PAL Ex.  They told me that I will be assigned in Cebu sometimes in Manila. I was like “Yay! I want to be assigned in Cebu. I want to keep on living here. I love the city.” I started my training for PAL Express. After a month PAL called and asked me You want to go for the final interview this is the schedule? I said no. I don’t want to go anymore I’m already training for PAL. That time, they’re still a different company. I didn’t know that they’re gonna merge. I started working for PAL Express and I loved it. I had to go to Manila for training and we had to stay there for some time to work there.

I loved it. My problem is solved. I have a flight attendant job and I started falling in love with the career. I started falling in love with the way we do our work like how to prepare for the flight. I started loving to make up. Started loving beauty, taking care of myself and dealing with different people at different scenarios at different times. Working in a call center in a cubicle and you stay there forever and ever you work on at the same thing. Though, there’s nothing wrong with that. I loved my training in the call center. It improved my English a lot and as well as my sales skills. I constantly talking to people in English and it really is a training ground for me. But the lifestyle is sitting there for 8 hours a day is not really for me. I really enjoy having a mobile work thing. I like working with my hands, doing this and that and not staying in one place. That’s me, that’s my personality. I found out that the flight attendant career is basically the Hat and I loved it I loved every single part of it. I said to myself I want to be an international flight attendant. I want to be able to go to Paris. I want to be able to explore the world. If other girls can do, it why can’t I. Six months of working for PAL Express I set my sights on trying to get the position as an international flight attendant and everything that is hiring I’m there! Qatar Airways, Etihad, Emirates, Air Niugini, Oman Air. I’m there!

I’m the girl who always makes it a career in Filipino we say “kina-career yung pagaaply” I’m the career girl! I was shy and I was afraid to tell my colleagues then that I’m applying for this (international airline. That because if I don’t get it, my pride is hurting. I’m heartbroken and it hurt! ???

We’re assigned in Cebu. If there is a hiring event, I and my applying buddies would say Hey! Naka hiring ko.” (We have a hiring here in ____) We have to get ready. Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! We will go and take the 4:00 a.m. flight to Manila. We will arrive at 6:00 a.m. and will wait until 8:00 to go to the hiring event location. We will be the first ones there and then we will go through the first-day assessment and by the end of the day if we haven’t heard from the recruiters by 10:00 we will take the 10:00 p.m. flight back to Cebu. That’s how it is, that’s our days off. Just one day off

When we go back to Cebu we have another flight to do like maybe it’s another 6:00 a.m. the next day. It was terrible guys!  You are so tired, you are so stressed and demotivated every time you get rejected because of all the effort that you have to go through to be able to go to that hiring event only to be said NO! I did that for a lot of times. I and my friends and I also remember specifically one of my friends said Maybe it’s not for us. Maybe it’s not for me” she said. I’m so tired of trying to chase this dream and maybe I’m just only supposed to be here (PALEx).”

In Bisaya ” ” in Cebu. That’s what she said. She basically said that she wants to give up her dream of becoming an international flight attendant maybe her destiny is to be a local flight attendant. I was like No, of course not! You’re just heartbroken that’s why you’re saying that. But, whatever I say it wouldn’t change your mind but it all depends on you. You just have to keep on.” I don’t remember what exactly I said. I remembered the following week same friend texted me “Hey! There’s another hiring, let’s go!” It was a little funny for me. Just last week she was so defeated and I kind of felt the same way and just didn’t wanna show her because I wanted to be her strength but I also felt that way. I’ve always felt that way every time I got rejected. We did those trips more than five times. Also, there are hiring events in Cebu that we didn’t have to travel so those times were great. But still very difficult.

This story is written on one of the chapters of the book. It’s one of the most inspiring stories that I remember with fondness because those were the days that we’re so down, tired and beaten up. We’re really ready to give up. We’re having a reputation that we are the girls who always try but never get in. It’s not good to have that kind of reputation. The silver lining is, that friend, she actually was able to get out of the country she was actually able to reach her dream eight months earlier than me. Actually, I got into Qatar Airways, I was waiting for the final stop. I was waiting for about eight months. She said “Oh my God! Ruth already got in so there’s a chance for us!”

Then she applied for whatever was hiring. This time she got in and I was so happy for her. At the end, Qatar Airways canceled our application. The whole batch of those who passed that time. I was just like Oh my God! I’m back to square one and she was already leaving that time and she said: “You know what you should be hired on this company so we will be together.” I applied for that company because after her batch was hired, they had another recruitment the next year. I applied and I got in!

Now we are flying together at the same company. Sometimes things happen for a reason. We just laugh at those times that we were so depressed and heartbroken and now we were like Look at us now I’m so proud of us and I was like Yes I am so proud of us too.” That’s how it is!

That’s how the story of my struggle is. I’m just laughing and smiling while telling you the story but guys when you are in this situation it’s not a laughing matter. It is really difficult especially if you got rejected more than one company. You start to doubt yourself. You start to ask maybe there’s something wrong with me.  But guys sometimes just timing. Sometimes there’s a reason. God answers your prayers by saying “No child I want something better for you.” This is better for you sometimes you just have to listen to God.

That ends my story.


Also, the reason that I wrote the book, is actually my “Kodigo” (cheat-sheets) because applying for the international flight attendant position had a lot of effort on my end. I didn’t want to keep on repeating the same mistakes. I took notes of the things that worked during the interview and the things that don’t. Those questions that I need to memorize. I needed to have the answer for it. I have the answers in my notebook, I actually have my handwriting and how I will formulate those answers. After, I will say it to myself every before an interview. I must have all of those reviewed because I didn’t want to repeat my mistakes. It’s so expensive going to the event (fare, food, effort, and time.) I sacrificed my rest days. I really can’t afford to make the same mistake again. I’m a bit of a slow learner so I need to really write it down and repeat over and over. Especially when I answer the questions. This is how I do it. I’m a bit slow. I’m not really fast and I’m not spontaneous when it comes to it. So I would practice in front of the mirror and I will repeat my answer over and over again until I memorize it and I deliver it in a spontaneous way. I don’t want to talk like a robot. Not just that, also the other things that I have observed that makes it effective for me during the interview. That’s why on the last Qatar Airways interview I was really studying everything and I was really formulating the steps that I need to take to make it effective for me because I didn’t want to hear that rejection speech anymore.

I’m so tired of it. The first time, it’s inspiring but if you’re hearing it more than 8 times already! Oh, my God, I don’t want to hear it anymore!

That is the reason why I formulated my  “8 Proven Steps to Get Your Dream Job as a Flight Attendant.”

There will be stories of how I struggled also. There would be like many stories of other flight attendants that have come to work with me and also most importantly the steps.

Those are the ones that I found really effective so I used that in my last Qatar Airways application and after that when they canceled my application, I used the same techniques to apply for the Middle Eastern Airline that we are working on now. It worked guys! it really worked! The combination of timing, preparation, and just prayers guys and I guess the things that I talk about in the book like believing in yourself, deciding, desire.

There you have it my story of my struggles.
One of you guys asked “Pwede po bang gumawang video kung paano kayo ngpakahirap para sa dream nyo, para maging FA” Oh my gosh! This is so deep Tagalog Nose bleed already! This is how I got “Nagpakahirap” (struggled) to get to my dream as a flight attendant.

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  1. Hi Ms. Ruth! I was just wondering, would you be able to share how you got in as an international cabin crew, too? Thank you in advance!

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