Flight Attendant Books

Ready For Take Off: 8 Proven Steps to Get your Dream Job as a Flight Attendant

Miss Kaykrizz

This book explores the different ways one should prepare for their interview beyond the obvious things such as the resume and the pictures. The author shares the steps that helped her land her dream job after multiple times of failure. She formulated the 8 Steps that one should take in chronological order so that one’s application for the airlines would be a guaranteed success (if applied correctly). The trials and errors are done by her so that you would learn from her experience and simply apply the proven steps to your own journey. Ready for Take Off is an inspirational as well as practical book that is easy to read and understand. Available in paperback and eBook. Click on the picture to check it out.

101 Questions and Answers for the Cabin Crew Interview

Kara Grand

During the job interview, you will definitely be asked questions and this book is the ‘Bible’ for all interview questions related to the cabin crew job. Kara Grand, the author made it very easy for you to study for the interview by writing down the most common and standard interview questions that most airline company asks their candidates and most importantly how to answer them. As always I personally recommend not memorizing but understanding how to tackle interview questions and them make your own version of the answer, it will be much easier to remember and you wont sound like a first grader reciting a memorized script. A good read and will give you lots of ideas o what questions to expect. This book is available only through eBook format. Click on the picture to check it out.

How to Become a Flight Attendant

Kara Grand

How to be a Flight Attendant by Kara Grand is one of the most practical book to help you with your interview. It focuses on the most technical aspects of the preparation like the CV, How to do Online Interview, Sample Photos, The Interview Process, The English Test, The Group Activity, How to dress and answering your worries and questions about the career. I like that all her readers get a free update whenever a new process is happening with the industry interview style. Check this very helpful book out. Click on the picture.

Online Courses

Ready For Take Off Masterclass

by Miss Kaykrizz

Step by Step guide in passing the Flight Attendant Interview even if you don’t have experience, education or the perfect looks. An 8 week program where in you are prepared in every aspect of the recruitment process. Get a 50% discount if you enroll before July 15, 2018. Class will start on August 1st 2018. Enrollment closes by July 31, 2018

Cabin Crew Interview Mastery

Is an online course from author Kara Grand of FlightAttendantCentral.com

Here she details everything you need to say and do to become a flight attendant in the middle east.

Flight Attendant School

International Cabin Attendant Training School

One of the Pioneering Flight Attendant Schools in Metro Manila. ICATS or International Cabin Attendant Training School have produced a lot of Flight Attendants for International and Local Airlines in the Philippines. Their program includes the full cabin attendant training like the safety drills, aircraft familiarization, service and swimming. Their personality development training has been raved by my personal friends. Most student’s feedback is that they really felt they have become a cabin crew with their training. They pre-select their students using the airline standard requirements.

To schedule a screening interview click here.

Check out my youtube video of my interview with an ICATS alumni here.

Top Air Cabin Crew Training Center

If you are from the Northern part of Metro Manila, I would recommend Top Air Cabin Crew Training Center located in Quezon City. This flight attendant school has the most value for your money. Their course training includes emergency drills, aircraft familiarization,  service, personality development and interview skills. Comprehensively designed so that the training focuses on the most important topics. Their teachers are previous cabin crew with years of flying experience guides and inspires students.

Register to get a slot on their next batch here.

Traverse Flight Aviation Academy

The first Flight Attendant School outside Metro Manila. They do their classes in Davao and soon in Zamboanga. Best value for money if you are from these parts of the Philippines. Their instructors travel from manila to the said cities to teach their students. They hold regular career orientation for free sign up to get on the list here.