Top 5 tips for Fresh Graduates who wants to be a Flight Attendant

misskaykrizzHere are my top 5 tips for Fresh Graduates who wants to be a flight attendant.

Let’s get started!

#1 Change your mindset

You have to change your thinking it is not because you don’t have experience that they will not hire you anymore.

so for you to understand this, all you have to think about is the recruitment is actually based on the day itself, on what you did and how you answer the questions on the day of recruitment.

your past is something that the recruiter talk about during the interview, but it’s not really the beat all end all of everything.

that is why you are inside the interview room because they let you in because you pass the requirements, because you pass the height requirement, the weight requirement and the minimum educational background they need.

When you are inside the room with all the other applicants just think that you all have the same equal opportunity to prove yourself to the recruiters even if you a Fresh Graduates.


#2 Enhance your youth

Use your Youth, if you are a fresh graduate you’re probably very young no experience at working. you can bank on that you can use this as an information or a leverage that you can sell yourself to the recruiters.

When it comes to the appearance,  make sure that your make up and the way you dress yourself really highlights your youth.

this is one of the most famous things that the PAL recruiters use to say to their applicants those applicants that made it to the second day.

PAL recruiters actually asked us to use makeup that will make us look young, asked us to use clothes in pastel colors because they want a young cabin crew.

The recruiters wants you to represent the airlines so you have to be young dynamic and fresh so that is the image you have to go for.

And secondly when you start selling yourself, emphasize that you have a long career years ahead of you. You are not planning to get married soon, have kids soon or you are not planning to retire anytime soon. So if the company invest in you the company will be investing to someone who gonna be there for the long run, someone where they can get their money back their investment back, use that to your advantage.


#3 Use the experience you have

Use the experience that you already have. for example, if you are part of any extra curricular activities in school you can use that as a Job experience.

You can say like for example there is a question tell me about yourself, you can say that i was very active in extracurricular activities in school so i have a very good time management skills or something like that.

If you don’t have any extracurricular activities in school, you could say things about you or qualities about you that is related to the job of a flight attendant. So for example you’re a very enthusiastic person, you can say my friends always look up to me for jokes whenever we’re together.

I know that’s sounds a bit silly or doesn’t sound a bit official for you, but the important thing is that you focus on the qualities that a flight attendant must have and don’t dwell on the fact that you are a Fresh Graduate.

Show to the recruiters that you have that quality whether It is because of a previous job experience or it’s just because of your life experience.


#4 Compensate with research

If you don’t know what the customer service job is about, you have to research all about it you have to know the answers to the questions related to that topic.

Even though you don’t have the experience as Fresh Graduates about things like: handling angry passengers or handling difficult situations, at least you have to do your research on how to handle them.

Because, that is gonna be a point for you and a plus even if you haven’t really experience it yourself, but you are able to explain it thoroughly to the recruiters, that is how the recruiters judge you.

The way you answer question related to your job, so a person with experience can easily answer those with their experience, but you are a fresh graduate and you have no experience at all, you have to plan to that kind of question, you have to really dig into what kind of job are you applying for.

Don’t go to their recruitment like i have a dream and i just want my dream to come true no, do your research what is the job about and how do you handle situation involving the job, so if you research that and you’re able to answer that during your interview, you’ll have the same score as somebody who has experience for that. Just do your research.


#5 Focus on what you have

Just focus on what you have on that day, make sure that you know who you are, you know what you have to offer and sell yourself like you are a door to door salesman.

So if you know what you have and you know the strengths that you can offer you know the advantages that you could offer the company focus on that.

Don’t say things like “i don’t have experience here, but I am very enthusiastic” or “I’m very hardworking”, just don’t mention the things that you don’t have only mention the things that you have.

This way you are not only showing that you are a positive thinker kind of person, you’re also showing that you know how to sell yourself.

Most of us do the mistakes of telling this long story of who we are why we are not as successful or why things are not going so well in our current position or something like that.

the negative stories gave the interviewers a “nega vibes”, stay away from that.

What I’m trying to say is just focus on the positive things that you could offer to the table, if you are directly asked a question about something that you don’t have, still answer the question in a positive way.

for example, why don’t you have a job right now? I was researching and reviewing topics that are related to the job Flight attendant, or i had made a lot of applications and i am very enthusiastic on the result but i am most specially interested in this job application that is happening right now or something like that.


To all fresh graduates who are using these tips , I really wish you all the best and good luck! if you want to watch the video version of the article here is the Link:

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Fly with you soon, Fresh Graduates!

vlog paris layover

VLOG: Paris Layover, Notre Dame, I bought a branded bag ? -Flight Attendant



On this VLOG: Paris Layover, my Pinay mafia and I went out to see the Notre Dame Church and went shopping at Champs Elysees.

It was not my first time in Paris. However, it seems that I have deleted my vlog files the first time I went here. I am so sad about that. T^T

The first time in any dream place is always magical. I lost my friends but I still marched on to exploring the city even if I am alone. True Story! Scary a little bit but when I get to see the Eifel tower the first time, I almost cried. But that is a whole other blogpost.


Now lets focus on our trip to the Notre Dame church and flying with batch mates.

batch flight layover paris

A Batch flight is a flight where most member of the crew is your batch mate. Meaning you went to the training together. This is one of those amazing flights where everybody gets along, great teamwork and you feel like you are not working at all and you are going on a vacation with your friends. Only this time, the ticket, hotel accommodation and the pocket money is for FREE. Its the best feeling in the world!


It was the Holy week so it is only fitting that we first visit the church that day.


There was not much tourists and queue for the church maybe because it was not a peak season at that time.

The entrance to the church is free and we can take pictures inside the church.

My first impression of the church. “Why is it so dark here?”

I guess that is part of its aesthetics.

Lots of statues of different saints and gargoyles can be found all over the pillars and the walls of the church.

It is just surreal to be in the place where you only seen in cartoons as a kid. Seeing that places like these really do exists is a mind expanding experience. You get to realize the world is so much more than what you have imagined it to be. (Mainly because I didn’t see any hunchback there, it was pretty much a tourist spot with all the touristy stuff. But that is not the point )


Now shopping in this city is a whole lot of different kind of adventure.

Their stores are HUGE and has almost all the stocks that you can think of.

The shops offer you drinks while you are trying to decide which item would you like to buy.


Shopping in Paris is also very practical because items are priced way lower than you would get these items from other parts of the world. Mainly because these products are made locally. Getting the hefty Tax Refund is also one big factor why people love to shop here.

Some Flight Attendants actually makes it a side business to buy and sell bags from here.

Which is what I am doing before I lost my Paris flights to another fleet (meaning I don’t get to fly to Paris at the moment since it need another training for the airplane that flies there.)

However, If anyone of you are interested in ordering branded bags from MILAN, I’m your girl. You can send me an email at if you want me to shop for you. 😉 #shamelessplug

vlog: paris layover


Now without further ado, here is the video of my Vlog: Paris Layover