Travel Vlog Switzerland, Swan Lake, lost my phone?

Travel Vlog: Switzerland

Hi guys! On this Travel Vlog: Switzerland..
Come with me and my dream squad/ Asian mafia as we explore Bellevue, bond with some birds and swans by the lake and checked out the love lock bridge.



Travel Vlog: Switzerland
The Squad





The lovelock bridge of Zurich


check out the Vlog video here:

3 thoughts on “Travel Vlog Switzerland, Swan Lake, lost my phone?

  1. princess paredes says:

    hi Misskaykrizz! I was wondering when did you start having european flights? I mean, how long did it took you when you started working on your current airline?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi misskaykrizz! I just want to say that I started looking up to you after having a change of heart and mind in my career. I now want to be a flight attendant like you. 🙂 I was wondering how often you get the chance to go home to the Philippines? Thank you!

  3. ohhhh i would like to visit here with my lover…
    i love the architectures!!

    YouTube: Reina Tsukada

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