5 Tips on Answering Flight Attendant Interview Questions

Flight Attendant Interview Questions
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Tip # 1

Rehearse answers for basic flight attendant interview questions.

This is my number one tip for all of you guys. This trick has long been used by beauty pageant contestants and I am passing it now to you to use it for your next interview. Flight attendant interview questions are pretty much like any ordinary job interview questions. What I notice is after you pass this level of basic questions they will then continue on airline specific kinds of questions. So its best to pass this first obstacle to get to the next level. Here is how:

Step 1: Write down your answers to basic and common questions like:

Tell me about your self.

What is your edge?

Why should we hire you?

Step 2: After you have written it down, memorize it.

Step 3: Rehearse in front of a mirror how to deliver it in a very natural way.

This way it would be like you have a ready answer to every common questions the interviewer would throw at you.

A good resource I found on answering cabin crew interview questions is this book by Kara Grand: 101 Questions and Answers for your Cabin Crew Interview

Tip #2

Body Language is Key.

When on the interview, its not the answer to the questions that the recruiters are only assessing. They are also looking at how you carry yourself. So stand tall, sit straight, head up, smile, hands on the lap or on your back. Avoid ‘declamation hands’ or too much hand movement as it is distracting and an indicative of how nervous you are. You have to show that you can handle pressure because as a Flight Attendant you need to show grace under pressure all the time.


Tip # 3

Keep Eye contact.

Im not saying engage in a staring contest with the recruiter. During your Flight Attendant Interview questions and answer portion, initially look at the recruiter’s eyes and if that is uncomfortable to you you may shift you focus on the area around their forehead  and then back to their eyes. Keeping eye contact is a sign of confidence and a way to really connect to who ever you are talking to whether if its on a job interview or in normal life.


Tip # 4

Research about the company.

In order to stand out among the sea of applicants, one way is to show how invested you are in their airline company. You have to know the airline’s tagline, number of fleet, where are the destinations, who is the CEO, what is the company culture and a brief history of the Airline. If you are applying for a position outside the Philippines it is a must that you also know something about the place. What is the main religion of the country, what is their culture and just a general knowledge about the place.


Tip #5


No matter how nervous you are, keep on smiling!

I don’t care if your jaw is on going to lock soon, or if your lips starts to tremble or your eyes starts to water. This job requires a lot of smiling even if you are not in the mood and definitely one of the factors that the recruiters look at. I mean smile all the time, smile while you are in line, anybody you have eye contact with smile, even if you are waiting for your turn for the interview just keep a small smirk and whenever you have a chance ,smile. I am not saying look like a mental patient that escaped the institution. Just be on the look out for opportunities to smile and take it every time you can. When you enter the room, enter with a smile. When introducing you self smile first then speak. When you meet someone new smile. Remember assessment starts when you entered the room. Not when you are in front of the interviewer. So you must never be caught dead with a frown!

So that’s our top 5 tips for answering your flight attendant interview questions. Should you have any additional tips or comments write in down the comment section below. I would love to hear from you!


Fly with you soon!


Miss Kaykrizz

21 thoughts on “5 Tips on Answering Flight Attendant Interview Questions

  1. Rachel Concepcion says:

    Hi po. I read your blog po. And Dreamjob ko po maging FA. Okay lang po kapag undergrad? Second year college lang kasi un natapos ko. Tourism po un course ko. Qualified pa din po ba ako maging FA? Sana matulungan nio ako na ma achieve yun dream ko. Thank you po.

  2. Miss Kaykrizz says:

    Hi Rachel Concepcion! Thanks for checking my blog. Actually there is a minimum units required for different airlines but I can’t be certain about that. I would suggest check it with the hiring airline. All the best! Good luck!

  3. Mari Abigaille says:

    Hello Miss KayKrizz,

    I am not just hopeful to become an FA, I am eager and motivated to become one. However, I live in Hawaii. The upside about it though is I am still a Filipino Citizen, i am about 5’4″ to 5’5″ , my height is very proportionate to my weight, I am a Travel and Tourism college Grad, Fluent in both English and Tagalog, but my eyesight is not 20/20 anymore but is easily corrected with -1.0 eyeglasses or contacts. I have been wanting to become a Phil Airlines Flight Attendant ever since I was a little kid. I’m just unsure as to how qualified I am to become one. I have read the requirements and such, it seems I have a shot. On the other hand, how possible is it that they would hire someone outside of the country? And I dont know how I should apply if so.

  4. dyanna says:

    Hi po! I’ve watched your videos on youtube sobrang nakakainspire po kayo. Graduate po ako ng Financial management pero gusto ko po talaga maging cabin crew. Mag aapply po sana ako this Monday sa CebPac kaso parang bumaba po yung self confidence ko because may scar po ako sa ilong at sa binti. Help me naman po kung ano gagawin ko. Ttuloy pa po ba ako? Thank you po.

  5. Miss Kaykrizz says:

    Hi Sis! Depends which airline, international airlines need atleast highschool diploma, PH depending on the company but at least 2nd year college. Sana that answered your question :). Fly with you soon!

  6. racquel says:

    Hi miss kay krizz! I just want to ask, saan po na airlines ka ngwwork ngayon?
    I want to say a big THANK YOU to you, I am planning and preparing for OD/AD of big airlines nxt yr, wala akong prior FA experience, and i’m not RN, RMT (medtech) po ako. My self confidence is always low because i let my insecurities and fear of rejection get to me BUT I ALWAYS WATCH YOUR VIDEOS everyday as in EVERYDAY. They give me the push I need and nakaka inspire ka po na never ka nag give up.

    I’m from Cebu miss 🙂 I hope to meet you one day and give u a big hug for my thanks.

    I may not get accepted but I will still keep trying 🙂 I hope I can get to see you soon! You really are my role model 🙂

    Balitaan po kita miss kay krizz if mkk pasa ako sa mga OD/AD 🙂 Kaya po ngtanong ako ano airlines ka is i hope to work with you soon 🙂

  7. Miss Kaykrizz says:

    Hi there Racquel! Awww.. thank you sa support. I’m really happy to know that somehow I have inspired you to become an FA someday. I Hope you understand, pero hndi pwede idisclose kung saan ako nagwowork due to contract :). Who knows, bka work mates na tayo someday :). Goodluck sa imo journey. Keep me posted. All the best!♥♥♥

  8. Chloe says:

    Thank you so much for creating this blog Ms. KayKrizz!! Sobrang helpful po ito for people who wanted to become flight attendants. I am a graduating student, and I’ll make sure to follow all your advises and tips when applying for the job. Thank you so much!!

    I just want to ask po. Possible po ba ma-hire sa Qatar Airways kahit fresh graduate or wala pang FA experience?

  9. Elizabeth says:

    hi miss krizz ,is my ambition to be a flight attendant but when I look at all flight attendants it seems they are all slim and am not that slim do I have a chance.

  10. Miss Kaykrizz says:

    I’m really happy to read you comment Chloe! I am hoping na magsucceed ka as an FA someday. Yes you can be hired kahit wala pang experience as an FA. Goodluck and I’ll fly with you soon ?

  11. Miss Kaykrizz says:

    Hi Elizabeth! It’s not a requirement to be slim but you have to maintain a healthy BMI. I hope you make it and become an FA someday. Goodluck! ?

  12. Margarita says:

    Hi Miss. Thank you for your tips! I assure to use your tips when I apply. I am still a student but I’m all done with my subjects and I am only waiting for my grade for my OJT which means tambay nalang ako ngayon and waiting for my Graduation day this coming May. I really wanted to find a job as soon as possible these days. Instead of being a tambay mga mag 1 moth na I guess :D, I wanted to start already but I am hesitant if If I could make it. Di pa kasi ako graduate.This Saturday Pal Express will be having an interview somewhere in Sucat and it is open for all applicants. Nag aalangan parin ako, is it okay kaya to apply kahit na di ka pa graduate?

  13. Miss Kaykrizz says:

    It is fine to apply even you’re not yet a graduate dear. Try to apply, who knows, you might get through it dba? Goodluck! ?

  14. Kyla says:

    Hello Miss K !! Love your blog po, I already bookmarked it for tips for when I apply this May sa PAL 🙂 My question po is alam niyo po ba ang schedule ng trainings ng cabin crew? Or if may schedule at all? May nabasa po akong comment na may training daw this March to April 2017, and I was wondering kelan ang susunod.. Ayaw ko po kasing maghintay ng, say, 6 months to hear back from PAL after I submit my resume (kasi as far as I know ina-accumulate muna nila yung resumes before magpo-proceed sa application, kaya yung iba 1 week lang naghintay, yung iba 6 months, tsamba-tsamba lang daw po kasi ang waiting time.. though I’m not sure, sa internet ko lang kasi to nabasa lahat hehe)

    I’m estimating po kung kelangan bang mag-apply muna sa ibang jobs habang naghihintay sa reply ng PAL ?

    (I hope this made sense po!! I tend to blabber when I’m excited about something ?)

  15. Miss Kaykrizz says:

    Hi Kyla! Thanks for getting into my blogs ?. To answer your question, it actually depends. So yeah, tama ka, it may be a week or it may take months. Me, I actually waited for 7 months! So it’s what we call “the waiting game”. So keep your cool, if you are planning to work muna while waiting for PAl, then that might be a good idea. All the best! ???

  16. jovan says:

    Hi ! I’ve been watching your videos about tips on how to become a Flight Attendant and i am so thankful that you are really a big help for us who are aiming to be one of the FAs. i just wanna ask if i will still have the chance to get hired if was terminated from the training. And if so, will i still have to take the recruitment process again. i mean do i have to go back to very beginning of the whole process? Thank you..


  17. Miss Kaykrizz says:

    Hi there Jovan! Yes, you still have the chance to get hired and you are correct, you have to go back to the very beginning of the process. Goodluck! All the best ???

  18. Kareen Dizon says:

    hi miss kaykrizz

    i was starting to watch all your videos and blogs. It was so helpful.
    Can i ask regarding the nail polish. ? does it really need to have a nail polish or manicure? because im not really used to this

  19. Miss Kaykrizz says:

    Hi kareen, if you are not used to it it’s fine actually. 🙂

  20. Clarice palomo says:

    Hi miss kaykrizz. I love your blogs. Its really helpful for aspiring f.a like me. Just a quick question, how will u answer if the employer ask you if you are currently employed. I always tell them yes im currently employed. Tama ba sagot ko o kulang.. Feeling ko they dont want someone who is currently employed. How will u defend it. O sabihin ko nalang n kakaresign ko lang. Also, okay lang bang maging honest n u have applied a lot in them pag tinanong kung ilan beses kna nagapply…

    Pls reply. Thank you clarice

  21. Miss Kaykrizz says:

    Hi Clarice palomo! Thanks for checking out my blogs:), it’s always good to be honest, as long as you can defend it in the right way :D, but really depends on where you are confident and comfortable with ;).

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