SAUDIA Cabin Crew Recruitment Experience

SAUDIA Cabin Crew Recruitment Experience

Before I am happily employed with my current airline right now, I tried my luck in getting in the SAUDIA Cabin Crew Recruitment Day. It was of course my goal to get in because I love their destinations, benefits (Maternity Leave) and the compensation of course. However this is another sad story because I just made it until the Final interview. Anywhoooo.. I would like to share my experience here in the blog because maybe my failure of a story be a way to become a success story for some of you.
Here I would just share what happened on the recruitment process.

Initial Interview:

February 14, 2014
Even though its Valentines Day, A lot of pretty ladies lined up in front of IPAMS office instead of going on a date with their boyfriends or the firing squad.
I arrived at around 9am with my resume and pictures and we were instructed to wait outside before we were accepted inside the office.
Once we were allowed in, we waited in the ground floor interview area for a while and then we were called to go to the 2nd floor room which is filled with chairs. We waited in a lined fashion once again. after about 1 hour we were instructed to go to the top level of the building (i think its the 4th floor) where in more chairs are waiting for us!
The room was much bigger, more like a big event place, like a ballroom of a hotel but less fancier but can hold about 200-300 people I guess.
Again we waited in line, sitting in a chair in an orderly manner, there is a point in the chair line where in, one by one we were asked to go to a corner and they would check our height and weight. And after that they will let you know right away of you are qualified or not. Those who are qualified will be going back to the line and others were sent home.
Once you are asked to go back in line you will be waiting to be interviewed by the 3 recruiters in front. They have a line of tables and a recruiter from IPAMS will be on one side and the applicant on the other side of the table. It was a one on one interview. However when it was almost my turn, my name was called together with 10 other applicants. We were asked to go to a room with a recruiter and she explained that she will be doing a group interview. I think this is because they want to save time.
On the group interview, each one of us were asked to stand in front of the group,  introduce ourselves, state our work experience or educational background, what is our edge compared to other candidates and why should saudia airlines hire us.
So each and everyone of us went. and after that we were instructed to wait for the email to let us know if we passed and the schedule of Final Interview with the SAUDIA Recruitment Team.
After about 1 week,  on February 21, 2014 I received the email. Screenshot shown below.
My invitation letter for the final interview on SAUDIA just this year. It was scheduled on my birthday! You would think that is a good sign! 

I was so excited because the date of my interview is on my birthday! Which totally means it is meant to be because my current work at that time gives us Birthday OFF. Which means I can totally make it on the interview. Even if it means I travel from 4am from Cebu to Manila and be back to Cebu by 10pm that same night.

So that is exactly what I did. 🙂

FINAL Interview

I arrived early on IPAMS office.
We were asked to wait in the waiting room which is filled with sofas.
There I met Noelle from *PEX and also a colleague of mine from Manila named Steph.
noelle, me and steph 🙂 selfie time!
photo credits to sis noelle!! 🙂
We were first instructed to meet the SAUDIA Recruiters as a group.There were 4 of them, 1 female 3 males.
We lined up in a half moon fashion all 20 of us. 
They introduced themselves. Gave instructions for the interview. Like we were instructed to walk across the big room forming a square and finally walk across the middle of the room towards them and back.
After the walk we will then be seating in a chair and be interviewed by the panel of judges, este recruiters.
After that we were asked to come forward as they will take our height and weight measurements once again.
Once measurements of all 20 girls are done we were instructed to go back to the waiting room. Then one by one we all went in the room for the interview.
Some interviews were shorter than the others.
For me they asked a bunch of questions.
First of all they asked me how am i doing today? (I said I am doing great! its my birthday today! :))
then they asked me to introduce myself. From what I have said they will then build on to ask other questions.
Example; so you say you are passionate about this career of flying, I just like to ask if we don’t hire you today, what do you think you will be doing with your life?
They also asked me about my current job and why I would like to apply with them.
What is your worst experience in flying?
Why you want to be a flight attendant?
Why did you choose to apply in SAUDIA?
What do you know about our company?
What do you know about Saudi?
What would be my reaction if a passenger was rude to me?
So you are Pisces, you and me are mnot going to get along with each other because I am Virgo? What do you think about that?
It was a combination of random out of the blue questions and the basic big guns type of interview questions that they asked me.
After the interview you are free to go home and wait for the text if you made it. If you don’t receive a text that night, it means the inevitable has happened. LOL
So that is how I spent my 27th birthday this year. I was kind of depressed because of my age adding-up and well you already know I did not get a text that night.However, as I would always do, i picked myself up and prepared for the next challenge life has to offer me.
On hindsight: I think the more you talk the more mistakes you can make, I was just too happy on this day that I think I blabbered a lot on my interview. I was also too casual with them that I think i did not come off as professional to them. 
All in all i think it comes down to the preparation. I truly believe that I was not prepared on this interview, because the stress of travelling from cebu to manila as well as working on my tight schedule in my job at that time is a little bit stressful for me. 
My all time advice to everyone that I know really works is that:
You have to  “Prepare prepare prepare”.
I believe that there are 3 levels of preparation one has to go through so that you can truly get the job on that day! 
No matter how pretty,  experienced,charming or perfect your resume is on that day if you are not prepared; you still will not get the job. 
Bottom line is you are being judged on your performance on that day and on that day only.(period)

If you are wondering: My colleague Steph made it and is now training with Saudia. She said that it was just a short interview with her and she was asked common questions about her educational background. She graduated BS Nursing.

* —> there is an  FA wannabe thread

Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Open Day Interview Tips (Part 2)

Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Open Day
Finally had this video up and ready for viewing!
whew! I hope I was not too late.. 🙂
This video discusses my advice for the 3 day process of the Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Recruitment.
From the open day, assessment day – that have 2 rounds. and the final interview day.
It was a lot of advice as I have told you and I did my best to cut, summarize to include the most important tips in this video.
I hope you learn something from it! this will be my “pabaon” for your coming interview!
God Bless and I will fly with you soon!!
I also would like to ask a favor from you guys. For those who will attend the interviews let me know in the comments if what I have discussed in the video is what happened in the 27th!
Thanks in advance!
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This is the link:
you may also watch it here below.


Here is the video!


Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Open Day Interview Tips

Hey Guys!

I finally filmed and uploaded this video!

The Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Open Day Interview Tips

I know I am late and I am sorry for that, I have here the first part, I decided to cut it so I can upload it much sooner.

Total of 4 people voted for a talk video and that is exactly what I did. I hope that you see this video on time and I hope that you are able to benefit from it.

Here is the link of the video:

or you can watch it here:

I will now be working on the second part of the video and hopefully I will be able to upload it today.

Stay Tuned!


Can I still be a Flight Attendant if _______?

A video inspired by the questions that you guys have asked me consistently for these couple of years or so.
I hope that this Can I still be a Flight attendant if___? video covers all the most common doubts anyone could have.
This is in addition to the FAQ or frequently asked questions provided on this blog.

Some questions are:

Can I still be a flight attendant if I have scars?


Can I still be a flight attendant if I am missing a tooth?


Should you have any other questions comment on the video or here on the blog.
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I know this video is long so I have the topics directory below so that you can forward to the part you want to watch.

topics covered:
01:40 – eyesight / having 20/20 vision
02:50 – motherhood / single moms/ married
03:40 – missing tooth / jacket/ crown/ dentures/ braces/ retainers
06:27 – height
08:52- weight
09:44 – foreign languages
10:09 – educational background
11:29 – age limit
14:09 – short hair
16:08 – scars
17:00 – concealer recommendation



Qatar Airways Open Day Tips/Advice Dilemma

Should I blabber about it? or make a kick-ass show and tell video? help me decide. 

I do get a lot of questions about my tips for people applying for QR these days.
I guess it is understandable because it is soon coming up on September 27,2014
I hope you guys understand that I get messages and sometimes it is hard to reply because of the tips that I want to share wont even fit in the reply box with allowance 1000 characters in it.
Also to type it again and again every time someone would ask, somewhere along the way some tips I would miss to give or forget something that I told someone else. It can be so unfair, right?

I mean, where do I even start?
For someone who have tried applying for this company for so many times I lost count, I guess I have tried every trick and tips in the book. (yes you could say it, I was kind of obsessed) and when I finally made it through the whole process and got the job, that was the time they decided to freeze hire and let go of all the people who are in the waiting list. (and I was one of them).
Yes I am crushed, but I have gathered so many info! I have so many things to tell! From the right mindset, the preparation, the day itself, the expectations one should have, how to dress, how to smile, how to answer the interview, etc. etc.

 I would like to give a complete and detailed answer to this question and I already did. I also immortalized it so that anyone in any given time can have access to it.
This is for anyone asking for tips from me ,these articles are my way of passing my full knowledge and experience to you. Hopefully it can prepare you to what is about to come.

In each article I have thought of it a thousand times and try to present the ideas the easiest way to understand as possible. Thinking of my readers as myself when I was in the exact same situation that you are. Feeling lost, left in the dark not knowing what I was doing, I really did wish somebody had given me any advice on what to do on the interviews, someone who has already been there and experienced all the anxiousness, nerves and at the same time excitement of it all. I wish someone can coach me, tell what I was doing wrong, someone who knows if  I even have what it takes and give me a morale boost and believe in me. That is what I hoped to achieve in my writings.

But it seems like these tips are not enough for you. (I know I should write more articles on the series T^T) Maybe you need a more info than what I have already written, or a tailored-fit advice  specific for Qatar Airways Interview, or you just like to talk to me, help you boost your morale and so on.

So here is my dilemma:

Now that I am into making videos, This topic is definitely on the list of the so many things that I want to cover in my videos. (i love making videos now! #newhobby)
 But I want to present it in a video that is fun to watch and interesting and awesome! (Because you guys deserve that—awww cheezeballs / cornyyy)

But I guess that will take too much time and might not reach you in time. Do you guys think I should create an emergency video and just talk for a good 30 minutes on the topic?
Because you know what, if that was me, I dont think I can sit to watching that kind of video… Just talking and talking and no editing/fun things added  whatsoever.

The artist in me is saying, no way can I make a video that is just plain talking and talking, I have to do something to it at least, music, slide shows, something!
but the practical person in me is also saying, I do take a whole lot of time in my artistic projects and it may not even get to you (my readers / subscribers) in time…

So what to do?

Help me decide… should I make an emergency talking advice video on the whole subject? or should I stick to my original plan, create an awesome worthwhile video that would fully express what I want to tell you guys about the topic?
I would have a deadline for myself on this one, if I get any votes for the emergency video by the end of this week, September 19,2014  I would be making it on the weekend and have it uploaded by the 22nd of september. Monday.

Let me know what you guys think by commenting down below or tweeting to me on twitter @kaykrizz hashtag #kaykrizzdilemma with your answers so I can also find it..

Hope to hear from you guys soon!

Love you guys!!
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How to be a flight attendant? (The Process)

how to be a flight attendant?
What are the processes or the things that one has to go through when becoming a flight attendant?
I know you already know that it takes guts, patience, passion, tears and blood (kidding! no murder needed here).. then the waiting, waiting, more waiting to finally becoming one.
how to be a flight attendant exactly?
How about the things you have to prepare for? who do you have to be? can you even be one in the first place?
What are the technical side of things, processes involved and steps to take?
That is exactly what I am talking about on my YouTube debut video.
I finally am able to get over my self-consciousness and despite the fact that I am not at all telegenic and photogenic (all genics inserted here) I got over myself and filmed this video. 
and I thought what other topic to cover than that question. That question that is the title of this blog.
Please forgive the amateurishness of this video!
I know I am still new and still trying to learn more..
So let me know what you think! 
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Love you all!


Kaykrizz Interview Tips Series Part 3: Cabin Crew Interview Questions and How to answer it.

So you passed the first stage of the selection, first of all, Congratulations! Now onto the nitty-gritty part to lock this deal down. J We have to understand that there are different types of questions.  The following are the ones I have encountered most of the time. For this post I have identified 3 types, which are: Personality, Technical and Behavioral.
Personality – designed to find out more about your personality and suitability for the job.
Ex:          Tell me more about yourself?
                Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
                What is your edge among other applicants?
                What is your greatest weakness?
                Why are you applying for this position?
 Technical– designed to find out if you are serious about applying for the job, by asking seemingly innocent questions that if answered correctly will show that you have done your homework- that is if you have researched the company and the role you are applying for.
Ex:          Why are you applying in our company?
                Why do you want to be a flight attendant?         
What are the future challenges that you see our airline will be facing and how can you as a part of the company be an asset to the company?
Behavioral– designed to find out more about you by letting you narrate a story that has happened in the past. Also another way of catching the applicant off-guard and further assesses the candidate.
Ex:          Can you tell us the worst situation you have been in while on the job?
                Can you tell us a time where you have had a conflict with someone?
                Tell us of the time where you have become a leader and lead your team to success?
For this blog post, I will be giving a few answer samples of each type of the questions in the interview. because this post may become too long. I hope you understand. Now here we go.
Personality type – questions
Sample #1  Tell me about yourself?
Such a simple question, Right?
Wrong! Many failed to answer this right. Please do not include sad family stories, your favorite movies or colors. Bear in mind this is not about what you are saying but this is about how you will present yourself or sell yourself to the interviewers.
-Name, age, short work / school background
– 3 qualities about you that is related to the job as a flight attendant.
-Evidence or proof, (if available)
My personal sample:
“Hi my name is Kaykrizz, I am 26 years old, I am a licensed nurse and now a flight attendant for PAL Express.
I can say that I have a passion for customer service, I have been exposed to this industry for 5 years now. Started as a part time service crew for KFC fastfood restaurant for two years and now I am on my 3rdyear as an FA. I love working in a team, I can be a leader also a good follower.  And finally I am committed to excellence. I strongly believe that if anything is worth doing, its worth giving your 100%. And this belief governed all aspects of my life and has ultimately helped me to graduate as an honor student, pass the nurse licensing exam on the first try and I have received so many commendations from my passengers who have flown with me.
You can see my grades and copies of my commendations and awards received on my file.”
Sample#2  Why do you want to be a cabin crew member?
I am a travel bug and I would love to travel for free,  cute uniforms, being glamorous, looking pretty, easy job, I like the benefits from your company,  are all the wrong answers sisters.
The trick is don’t be tempted to focus on the benefits that you will get from the company.
State your ambition, qualities that make you a perfect fit for the job, part of the job that you like, and focus on customer service.
“This is something that I always wanted to do. Ever since I rode an airplane as a child, I have aspired to be a member of a cabin crew team. It seemed like a distant dream for me before but now I am ready to actively pursue it as a career.      
Although I enjoy my current job, I like a career that is more spontaneous, exciting and challenging.
I believe my own personal qualities would be a perfect fit for a role of a cabin crew member and I get great satisfaction from working in a team where everybody is participating and doing their best to achieve the same goal.
I understand that delivering a high level of service to the customer is a priority in this industry and that is something that I would love to do.”
Technical-type Questions
Sample #1 Why do you want to apply to our airline?
This is a trick question, designed to weed out the quality applicants.
  • Show your focus is on customer service
  • Show that you have done research by:
  • Mentioning the airline reputation, their product and what they stand for, their achievements and ambition.

Before applying for this opening I have researched other airlines before I decided to go for this company. I am impressed by the consistent track record of service excellence this company offers and the great reputation that your name entails. The customer service culture is high and the cabin crew training program is exceptional.
I have also talked to friends who are currently working for you. They told me that they are very happy in their careers and informed me that you are a very good employer. You are an exciting airline and I hold high respect for the achievements that your company has collected throughout the years, such as (insert awards of the airline received and year award was received here).
I would like to work for an airline that cares a lot for their customers because I know that if one is happy with their flying experience, they are more likely to come back again and become a loyal customer.
I would be honored to be a part of this team and I believe I have the qualities that will help this team move forward and excel in the industry.
Behavioral Questions
What is the worst conflict with a passenger you have encountered on board?
Breakdown your answer to the following:
What is the situation? – explain briefly
Steps taken by you- in bullet form
The conclusion – everything was solved in the end
The worst conflict I have encountered is a scandalous, very demanding passenger.
Passenger was asking to be given a wheelchair first and leave before everyone else. Where in the standard procedure is that all other passengers should deplane first before wheelchair passengers are assisted and escorted out. She asked for it and was declined she started to make a scene on board.
At first I was shocked because I was being shouted at and feeling humiliated by the words she threw at me. I kept my cool, took a deep breath, let her finish talking and said, “Madam I cannot promise anything, but I assure you I will do the best I can to help you.” I called the captain and explained the situation then requested that they radio on ground that we need the wheelchair prior to landing for this passenger.”  Thankfully the captain was kind enough to radio ground personnel.
In the end, the passenger was able to deplane first and was very happy. I got other passengers also complimenting me on the way I handled the situation and all was great.
  • Make your own version of these sample answers so that when you deliver it, it will have an impact, interviewers are usually graduates of A.B. Psychology and can determine if you are truthful in your answers.
  • Memorize the personal version of your answers and the trick it practice in front of the mirror so that you deliver it spontaneously.
  • Pause when talking to give an emphasis or sell your point. Don’t talk too fast, breathe pause and talk in a paced speed. Beauty queens uses this trick a lot during the Q and As
  • Practice practice practice, not just the answers but your body language. That is 80% of what the interviewer will assess. Sit straight, hands rested in front of you, relax your shoulders, smile and breathe.


Kaykrizz’s Interview Tips Series Part 2: How to prepare for a Flight Attendant Interview?

Qatar Airways OD: My good friend Brent Gifford (the good old days)

Preparation is the key to success. Indeed! this is true to a lot of things and especially when it comes to getting your dream job. You have to be prepared physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. 

Preparing physically

Here are the necessary preparations one must do before the big day! These are classified as physical preparation because these involve your physical body and things that you need to have on the day of the interview.

·         Prepare your outfit
Prepare 1-2 sets of corporate attire (for day 1 and day 2)
Secure your closed shoes
Prepare a spare pair of flat shoes for you to wear before and after the interview
Make sure you have a hair net and hair products that can give you a neat hairstyle
Get a bag big enough to fit your documents, make-up, extra shoes, and food
Your accessories must include 1 watch and a pair of pearl or stud earrings. Avoid flashy and extravagant accessories.
·         For your Body
Check if you are on your ideal weight and start doing something about it if you are not.
Start getting enough sleep (this is the number 1 cause of pimples!)
Follow a religious facial regimen to take care of your skin
The day before the interview, make sure you have a fresh coat of nail polish on your fingers and toes (if you lack time, a manicure will suffice)
If possible, every night put on a cucumber slice or teabags (cold) on your eyes before you sleep to erase dark circles.
Start eating healthy and do some exercise to cope up with the stress (aerobics for 30 mins a day is good enough)
Practice what make-up style looks good on you
·         Prepare your Documents and pictures
a.       Resume
b.      Pictures 2×2 and a whole body picture (use an FA package if available, some places to get great pictures are: Great Image & Picture City while in cebu city: studio 125, Kolorhaus)
Other airline might require you to have the following as well:
a.       NBI (if your name is hit this will take 3 weeks to claim)
b.      TOR
c.       Diploma
d.      Passport
e.      Police Clearance
f.        Other significant certificates

Preparing Emotionally

To prepare emotionally for an interview means channeling out all the negative energy from your system and focus on being positive. Remember! During the interviews you will be judged on how you are on the day of the interview, not on your credentials, achievements, previous experience etc. So make sure that you are at a great emotional state as possible.

To prepare emotionally I also mean that months before you even applied for the job, you must have decided that you are ready for the change it will bring to your life if ever you did get in. Like for example; relocating in a different country, giving up your “normal” schedule that means you will be working on weekends, holidays, dawn, midnight and on your birthday! Believe me it may sound like a no big deal right now but once you are in that position it is difficult for some people to accept, some people also find it difficult to maintain a relationship because of the wacky schedule, so asses yourself now if this is the life for you think about it 100 times over, and if you decide you are ready to face the consequences.. then go ahead! Take the plunge and embrace the change in your lifestyle!

Preparing Mentally

This is the most important part of your preparation. I suggest you should start preparing mentally 1 month before the interview if possible. Write down possible questions and practice answering them in front of a mirror. What you should practice is how to say your answers in a spontaneous, sincere manner. (just like what they do in the beauty pageant trainings J ) avoid sounding rehearsed or robotic.

Topics to cover:
Basic Questions – tell me about yourself, why do you want to be a flight attendant?
Company Research – Why did you choose to apply with us?, what are our destinations?
 More sample questions on my next post. There is just too many and they deserve another article just for them!

Preparing Financially

You have to prepare yourself with the reality that you may have to shell out some money in pursuing this dream. Consider this an investment on yourself.  Examples of miscellaneous expenses that you may incur are the ff:
  • Transportation – gas or fare, some even travel from the provinces and will have to book a room near the recruitment site for the event. These expenses will not be shouldered by the airline.
  •    Food – applying for this job involves a lot of waiting and you better be prepared with a pack lunch or pocket money to buy lunch if you are still waiting in line to be interviewed. It is advisable to carry candies and sandwiches in your corporate bag too, usually water is available if the event is held in a hotel.
  • Wardrobe – you will need corporate attire for this event. If you can borrow clothes and shoes  much better but if you can afford it go ahead and invest in a 2 piece suit! A blazer with a matching skirt that touches the knees will be a great investment. Shoes must be 1-2 inches and closed.
  •  Medical exam – Once you pass all the interviews, the next step is the medical exams. The standard medical exams will cost about 3k – 4k and depending on the results some may require you to do more tests or have some work done like: scars whitening, warts removal, dental works like extraction of wisdom tooth, changing of pasta color from black to white and so on and so forth.
  •  Placement fee – For international hiring, some agencies will charge placement fee for the successful candidates. This shall be paid upon your departure from the Philippines. I know one agency will cost you total of 55k (45k p. fee + 10k taxes, etc.). Of Course, this goes without saying that you will just have to worry about this once you already got the job. Like they say, Let’s cross the bridge when we get there!


Kaykrizz’s Interview Tips Series Part 1: What does it really take to Be a Flight Attendant?

 What does it really take to Be a Flight Attendant?

The million dollar question, what does it really take to get the job? Whenever there is recruitment for the position of flight attendant, people line up to get the job, literally! I have personally witnessed applicants amounting to 1000 plus and people who get the job will only be 50-60! I am not exaggerating this really happened on the first air asia interview in mandarin oriental 2 years ago. PAL recruitment in manila I even seen people line up from the hotel to the streets of Ermita on their open day in Diamond hotel about a year ago or so. On top of lining up, these applicants are wearing full corporate attire (skirt and coat or slacks, long sleeves and coat) under the scorching summer heat. Can you imagine that? It really is not easy. So here is my take on why those people who get the job, get the job?


Patience really is a virtue. For me this is number 1. You will need this to get through the interview day, the waiting period after the interview day, the medicals, the waiting again and on the job itself this is definitely a must-have! Even more important than your MAC red lipstick.   
On the day of the interview, be prepared by bringing candies and biscuits in your cute corporate bag, gone are the days when airlines provided meals for their applicants. To give you a picture of how it is: On my last interview, I arrived at the hotel at 7am and I left at 9pm. This does not happen on all interviews but more often than not applying involves a lot of waiting. Patience is really required if you want to get your foot in the door (you know what I mean right?) and that is just the first step.
After the interview, and let’s say you got in. First of all congratulations! However, don’t quit your day job yet! Some are very lucky if the airline is in urgent need, their process is sped up 100x! I am saying if you were interviewed today, you might be leaving the country by next month! And that is if you are very very lucky. However, more often than not, it takes months to years after one passed the interview to get to the training class. That is why people say things like: “If it is for you, it really is for you”. Because you just don’t know how these things happen, there is no consistent pattern.  Sometimes it is super fast, sometimes it is slow, and other times it is super slow. Be prepared to wait, we even call it the “waiting game” and when you get a text or email saying you passed or you are ready to go for the next step we call that “golden text” or “golden email” because it is so precious and the waiting to get that news is torture.

Humility vs. Confidence

There is no question, confidence is required to get the job. Flight attendants must be confident enough to be in front of a lot of people who are watching their every move. You have to be assertive in certain situations and you must be able to stand your ground. No doormats allowed when it comes to safety issues. But recruiters do not like applicants that are arrogant and bordering cocky. The nature of the job is a humble job and requires a person that will have no problem with being in a service industry. In short, in-flight more often than not we do service, we serve people food and make sure our passengers are comfortable in the flight. That is part of the job, of course our priority is the safety of the flight but unless there is an emergency, we do the routine of serving the passengers. The recruiters are looking for someone who can be assertive or can carry herself or himself well and in case of an emergency can command authority but can also play the part of providing excellent service to the passengers as well. Balance is the word for it. 


The plane waits for no one. The airline industry is very particular when it comes to punctuality. I can honestly say that after I have become a flight attendant I have become more punctual in other areas of my life. All throughout high school and college I have always been late and all of a sudden I have to be punctual in my line of work! It was hard but it was doable.
The reason I am emphasizing this trait is because once you get the job it is not a guarantee that you will keep it. During trainings you are not allowed to be late, and it can be grounds for termination. In my batch alone some people was sent home because of this. Even if you are late for just a minute!  Once you get the job, and you are already working as a flight attendant, you will only be allowed to be late a few times after that you are given the red slip. Its nice to know you, goodbye! 


During interview, you have to show your great communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal.  This is an important part of the job, you communicate to the flight deck, ground staff, your co-crew and the passengers on board. Most conflicts happen due to miscommunication and no company wants a person who causes conflicts. Aside from conflicts miscommunication can lead to accidents, in worst case scenario a plane crash. That is why it is vital to have a great communication skill not just for the people a flight attendant is working with but also for the safety of the flight.  Just what do I mean? I mean, no ‘loading moments’, ‘angatch’, ‘tatanga-tanga’ is allowed if the interviewer get wind of this you will automatically be out, no matter how good your credentials are or how good looking you might be. So when on the interview, be alert, be conscious of non-verbal communication skills like listening, body language, sit straight, smile whenever you get the chance, build rapport and communicate well that means no “dead air” when you are talking, be spontaneous on your answers to questions.


By passion, I mean you should really want to become a flight attendant. Decide if this is really what you want for your life. This is not all glamour and looking good, this career entails a whole lot more than that and is a unique kind of lifestyle. You first need to know if that is the life that you want for yourself first before you waste your time and the recruiter’s time. Because if you are just going with the flow, wanting to “see” if you get it, leave it to faith, or try your luck and not really intending to get the job with a raw hunger, passion and determination in your eyes, I can tell you now it is so easy for your face to drown in your other 1000+  competition. To be able to get the contract and more importantly keep the contract you have to really really want it. You don’t want to end up unhappy in a career that you don’t really want to be in, right? Make sure you know exactly what you are getting yourself into before you dive in with all your heart and soul. Once you have the passion, all the other tips that I may write on this blog, you can easily do naturally and for sure you will pass with flying colors!

Kaykrizz’s Interview Tips Series

Waiting in line

Have you ever tried applying for the job and you are waiting in line with other applicants. In your mind you create a scenario, pretending you are the interviewer and one by one you judge your co-applicants. You may say, “this girl is totally in” or “she’s totally not getting it” or  “Oh she’s so pretty I’m definitely sure she can get in” .. etc., etc., 
And when the real interview took place and you see the people who get in and did not, you get the shock of your life! “How come she did not make it?!” “I can’t believe this girl passed!”  Well, you are not the only one! I have been in this exact situation countless of times before.
 Now, I have applied for the job 15- 20 times since then (i have lost count already), I have experimented with different approach to applying for the Flight Attendant position and my brain is bursting with different ideas and tips on the topic. 
Since I have started this blog, I have intended to write about the tips I can give other dreamers like me to land the job as a flight attendant. However, this topic is very broad and proved to be quite a challenge for me to write
So I have decided to break down all the ideas I have in a series of articles that I will be posting on this blog. My series will be broken down to different parts.
Part 4: How to pass the Cabin Crew Group Discussion?
just allow me time to work on these articles and I will be sure to make your wait worth it!