My Advice for the Boys/Male Cabin Crew Applicants | MISSKAYKRIZZ

Advice for Male Cabin Crew Applicants

This is made for those who requested for my advice for male cabin crew applicants. If you're a male cabin crew applicant and you want to know my advice, check it out here! You might have...
How to gain confidence | MISSKAYKRIZZ

How to gain confidence for your flight attendant interview.

Concrete steps on how to improve your confidence Paano maging confident para sa iyong cabin crew/flight attendant interview? Your wait is done! This is all about my tip for gaining self-confidence. For all of you have been...
Can I still be a flight attendant if? [Part2] | misskaykrizz

Can I be a Flight Attendant if? (Part II)

Can I be a Flight Attendant if? You requested it, you get it! Basically, this is the same as I did two years ago... Called “Can I still be a flight Attendant if ______?" Since most of you guys...
Should I get a Flight Attendant Course? | MISSKAYKRIZZ

Should I get a Flight Attendant Course? ICATS FA School Review

  Flight Attendant Course: Do I need the training to get a Flight Attendant Job? What are the advantages and disadvantages of enrolling in a Flight Attendant School? Is it gonna be worth it? Would I recommend it to you?...
Flight Attendant Coach

Win a Free Skype Session with me Contest until August 15, 2017

As a thank you for all of you guys who have been faithfully following and supporting this blog and my Youtube Channel I would like to give a Thanksgiving Gift for the successful release my...
sample flight attendant resume

Protected: Sample Resume Download


Protected: Interview Preparation Checklist

The Flight Attendant Interview Checklist

Story Time: How I struggled to be a Flight Attendant

Let me tell you my story. I was tall but underweight. I don't come from a wealthy family, plane rides are unheard of and we live a simple life in the province. I don't consider my...
Get the Job as a Flight Attendant

How did I Get the job as a Flight Attendant?

    Most people if you ask them How did you get your job as a Flight Attendant? They will tell you, it was luck, the prayed novena for it and all that vague and cliché answers. I...

5 Tips on Answering Flight Attendant Interview Questions

Tip # 1 Rehearse answers for basic flight attendant interview questions. This is my number one tip for all of you guys. This trick has long been used by beauty pageant contestants and I am passing it...