Buntis Haul: First trimester of Being Pregnant

Hey guys Misskaykrizz here, I am pregnant, so today I’m going to give you a pregnancy Haul or what I bought when I found out that I was pregnant and the things that has been Able to help me out in my first and second trimester of pregnancy.

If you are pregnant and you’re interested in this kind of blog, welcome to this Buntis Haul and let’s get on right into it!

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1st Trimester of being Pregnant

Hey guys, we found out that I was pregnant while we were in Germany. we were on our vacation there and that actually made like 50 percent of the decision why I wanted to quit my job, because I really wanted to be there for the baby. I never had a mother so I always thought to myself if I become a mother I’m gonna be there 100% and that’s what I did so anyways let’s get all the things that I bought the moment that I found out that I was pregnant.

I know I have to get a vitamins, Pre-natal vitamins or something like that or Pregnancy vitamins. It’s kind of hard to find it there but I found this medicine this is a folic acid medicine. It’s a Milligrams Folic Acid with Vitamin B3 and B12 and I don’t know. but this is in German, He actually bought this with me. It is something that you drink once a day. It’s a folic acid It’s really good for the baby the developing fetus. It’s the very first thing that I bought and then I started having this pimples and break ups all over the place I guess that’s just part of the pregnancy. I’m so afraid to use medicines that will affect the baby, so I researched online on what to use on your pimples when you’re pregnant and I learned that I can use a Tea tree cream Because it’s organic. It’s natural, I can use it to dry out my pimples. I’ve been using this ever since. I found this really efficient on removing my pimple or zits, and you can’t really control your hormone.

Another problem i have in my pregnancy is morning sickness. I have morning sickness when ate my food in the morning, Good thing I read somewhere that eating familiar foods will make your morning sickness gone. Another thing, they told me that you should not get hungry, cause it will make you nauseous. They bought me sky flakes crackers because this actually helps out with the morning sickness. I guess I did a lot of research about morning sickness as well It happens a lot when you’re hungry, or you didn’t feed yourself well. Every two hours I kind of like will eat this with a tea or With something hot hot cocoa and it really calms my tummy And it really calms the nausea and the morning sickness in general. I have different variants of the crackers. But I just really like the bread sky flakes. I really made it difficult for John and John’s family because I only eat the ones that I’m familiar with. They really need to look for a Filipino food in a foreign country.

I also learned that dates are very good for you, so I bought some dates while I was there.  These dates are actually food that people in the middle east eat when they are crossing the desert. they can survive on this for days and this is actually very healthy for you and the baby. It is actually natural sugar and you can a smoothies out of it. If you are pregnant You need to eat lots of dates because you need to have a lot of sugar. if you’re craving for sugar instead of going for an ice cream, Go for dates. So I really like these dates that we had and the number one problem that I had was Yeah, like the the nausea the morning sickness in tagalog *Pag susuka, Nahiilo*.

Theres another food that cures my morning sickness, it’s ginger Candies. so john bought a lot of ginger candies, I guess I finished like three packs of this, so whenever I feel queasy or *Nihihilo, Nasusuka* or not feeling well in general, I would snack on this little candies right here. It’s ginger flavored, and it’s sometimes it’s mixed with orange or lemon and it’s really good so this really helped me a lot.

So john’s sister loves tea so do I so she recommended different types of tea for me. She gave me tea that doesn’t have caffeine and so she had picked everything and she brought it back for me. She shipped it to us she she actually have it back for us, so I have lots and lots of tea. So some of this tea are Classic Chai-tea. just make sure that the tea doesn’t have caffeine because it’s not good for you if you’re pregnant. So I have this classic chai-tea, Chamomile tea for you to help you to sleep and organic Red bush. It’s all organic and everything without caffeine. Usually if we talk about tea we talk about black tea the yellow label and that has the most caffeine in all kinds of teas. If you are reading this Janice Thank you so much for your gifts, it really helps me when I am sick. I would sometimes drink tea and sky flakes and have some ginger Candy. That’s my formula to combat morning sickness. My favorite is the peppermint tea, it helps my tummy feel good when i feel so bloated.

Let’s move on to the things that I got as a gift from John’s family. They are so sweet when we were going back to the Philippines, they they gave us things that are hard to find or expensive here in the Philippines. He gave us this baby monitor, this is called Angel care, so this baby monitor It has something that you put on the bed and it monitors the breathing of the baby so you would know that the baby is breathing sometimes when the baby just stopped breathing cause of Apnea or something like that. And also, it monitors the sound and everything else. I’m not really techie, but yeah this is really good and nice and we can’t find the same thing here in the Philippines. If you are reading this daddy Jo thank you for this gift so this is actually a 160 Euros. Just look for the rate of how much it is in peso. it’s really expensive and so I’m hoping that I could use this with This baby and more of your babies that are coming So this is a gift from John’s Dad.

This is a gift from John’s sister, this is a baby carrier cloth. I can’t wait to use this when the baby is out. Thank you Janice! and I really love the color. We have the same color choices. I really like this Neutral and smooth color.

I also want something for the tummy. I started putting oils and creams on a tummy as soon as I know I was pregnant. I don’t want to have stretch marks. So this is what I use the first image is the tummy butter by followers. It’s really nice, it’s really smells good. I realized later on that you only use this after pregnancy. So I switch back to my original plan which is bio oil. Bio oil is actually one of the holy grail products out there. It is used by flight attendants for stretch marks and Scars Acne Scars and they use this as a moisturizer That’s why I’ve been familiar with this before. Bio oil is something that I have hoarded ever since because during winter times. I would use it as a moisturizer at night and it really plumps my skin back because it’s really dry. I got the cheapest one you can buy this from India. I bought lots of bio oil, and yeah, I start on it. I’m so shocked how expensive it is in the Philippines. This is actually $4.99 at Watsons for a small bottle but yeah, I just bought one because I I really felt that my skin is stretching out. So this really helps me feel like I’m prepping my skin for all the work that it’s going to go through. I use it twice a day in the morning and at night. Hopefully that i wont get so many stretch marks.

So guys thanks for reading this blog, i hope you guys learned something about being pregnant and the stuff that I bought for my pregnancy!

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Qatar Airways Cabin Crew – Make-Up Tutorial

Our Blog for today is all about the make-up tutorial for the Qatar Airways Assessment Days!

If you don’t have any clue on how to make the interviewer appreciate your appearance for the interview, don’t fret! my experience will help you look more appealing to the interviewers! so let’s get going!
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Qatar Airways Make-Up Tutorial!



So we are starting off with this flawless face foundation Primer by Absolute New York.


I like this one because it is paraffin free It’s all organic.

Primer Is very important to make your make-up last very long, that’s why I use a Primer  And next we are gonna use this fit me! concealer by Maybelline.


I’m in the shade 20. I like using this concealer cause the coverage is good and also it is very light and it doesn’t crease that much. I like using a damp sponge to blend it all in and  That is all actually you can also use this for everyday. Since we are going to a recruitment, we’re gonna use another fit me! foundation.



I’m using a foundation brush for this one because of its great finish of the brush if you use a foundation brush, it’s like an airbrush finished Here I’m using the Coty airspun and in the shade Translucent to bake our face so baking is a new technique that is used here in the make-up Community this will give you that “Walang gulas Look” it give you a very flawless look. Also it helps sets in the foundation and the concealer.



It helps sets in in your scheme, so usually people dig under their eyes only  But I like to take my whole face so that my make-up will last longer and now we are going for the eyebrows I’m using this designing eyebrow pencil from face shop.



I’m in the shade great brown and this is a technique I learned from the make-up class that we created so you should start to the side of your nose.


I’m measuring that the highest point that is from the side of your nose to your pupil and then measure as well the ending which is the side of your nose to your side of your eyes and then where the side of pencil should be the ending of this spot  So I’m just drawing my eyes are my eyebrows right now.


I want to fill them up with Anastasia dip brow pomade.


because the finish of Anastasia is so much natural for me. But if you don’t have much budget yet going for a pencil on this step will surely suffice. I just like using this one because I really like the Anastasia dip brow and to finish my eyebrows routine.

I’m using the Gimme brows by Benefit for the Finishing touches.


It’s a gel report and then now we are using a concealer to give our eyebrows a clean look. This is very important this helps your eyebrows stand out on your face. Because the area around it is clean. Now I’m just using this concealer brush to blend all the concealer in my face. It will not be obvious that you put a concealer just blend it all in And now let’s go for


the eye make-up  So I like using this Maybeline blushed nudes eye shadow palette for my base. I like to use the shimmery white one just a basic eye make-up for this because I would like to emphasize this make-up look on the lips.

so I just want to have a basic eyes shadow look and Then on the outer crease I’d like to use this brown eye shadow from Kiko.


I put it this way cause this complements my chinky or chinita eyes So I just like putting it outside there because this make-up is highly pigmented. Then I’ll just blend it all out so I’m gonna use this shimmery white again shadow for the under the eyebrows.


and now to accent on my eye make-up I’d like to use this pink shimmery eye shadow with a wet brush.


This will give my look That very shimmery Look, but not overdone. so on my waterline I’d like to use a smaller brush. Eye brush so that I put a water under my eyes I’m using the pink shimmery shade for this.

Now let’s go on for the eyeliner, so this one is from Lakme.


and I really like to use the black eyeliner especially for Middle Eastern Airlines that I am applying for. Going with a liquid eyeliner as well because this is very important, This is the Arabic style make-up. You have to make sure that you do this on your make-up because it it really defines your eyes. Arabic recruiters really likes this type make-up because this is basically what you’re going to do on your Work as a flight attendant.


Let’s move on to the contour highlight and brush. Right now I’m just taking off our baking and just finishing it.  So I’m using the Douglass contouring palette and I’m using the light brown shade over my hairline.


So that I don’t look like a ghost, so that my make-up blends out. I’d like to use this Contouring shade on the side of my cheeks after I finished my hairline I’m Also using this I’m contouring brush. it’s very effective. I also put the Contour shade on the side of my cheek just to give it a little bit definition And this is what it looks like.


and now we’re using this Mac powder blush in the shade thing Just to cover all of our cheekbones.


To also blend it out to the continuing make-up that we used earlier. So I like to do my face like this, So my cheekbones standout and then when it looks like it standout I will cover that area and also try to smile To put some blush also on the apples of my cheeks.


So this is my ELF baked highlighter I like using this ever since I’ve discovered and then using this highlighter brush pan brush so put it on the apples of my cheeks and  Also on the sides. It’s important to put it on the sides so that your make-up is three-dimensional it’s not just on the front Okay, so this is a really nice technique I learned. and also put a highlight on your nose bridge on your Forehead Chin’s and your Cupid’s bow.


Now let’s do our nose line So nose line is life. Especially if you’re Filipino, and I’m just using the shade naked from the Naked palette Urban Decay Naked palette So I like putting it from the end of my eyebrows the beginning of my girls to the tip of my nose.


About my eye lashes so I’m just curling it with my Shu uemura eyelash curler.


You could definitely use falsies if you want to or false false lashes but I don’t recommend it because it’s not allowed if you are already working as a flight attendant. I just curl my lashes and use this Maybelline falsies mascara.


To hopefully make that falsies its effect. I like using most of the product on the lower part of the Eyelashes so it will not fall down. when it is too heavy it might fall down I’m giving them a charge on her a flip through her lashes more So I also like using the product on my under lashes, so it gives my eyes a very Defined blue or awake look so there’s mascara on top and bottom.


If there are errors i usually use cotton buds to clean i up  For the lips I’d like to start with a lip liner. I’m using kiko comfort lip liner.


This is very nice and very creamy and I use it to line the outer you can go just to put an outline on my lips and as well as Put a lip liner all over the lips as this is a great  Technique to make sure that your lipstick last so much longer Than it would ordinarily will.

And For our lipstick, I’m using Sephora in the shade mu.


This is a really nice color it reminds me of the Qatar Airways Uniform that’s why I like it and that’s why I chose it for this makeup look So I have a 3d effect I’d like to use the white shimmery eyeshadow in the middle part of the lips to make it more defined or 3D. if you have a makeup setting spray you are done. And this is the final look!


One last tip if you are going to apply for the Qatar Airways open the interviews is that  Forget about your competition! You are there on a mission make sure that you focus on yourself. Focus on your preparation be aware and be present.

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Ready for Take off-9


That’s it! hope you guys like this Blog, If you are interested to see the Vlog version of it here it is!


Good luck and Fly with you soon!

Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Final Interview Day 3

If you are going to have your Final interview with Qatar Airways i would Just like to say Congratulations and This blog is for you!

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Final Interview

You made It through The first day and the second day of The Qatar Airways Assessment Days I am so proud of you! You deserve it! Give yourself a Little pat in the back! Just a Few more Steps and you will be on your way to traveling the world with the five star Airline!

So you are probably wondering how do You nail the final interview of the Qatar Airways  Final interview Assessment..

I’m speaking from experience, I tried Applying for this Position  for more Than eight Times. I Actually Just Remember The eight Times but I think I applied more than that. I was Able to get the job at the last time that i applied.

All those learning and and  experiences i was able to take note of my mistakes and what works for me and what didn’t work. Because Qatar Airways is notorious for not telling you What you did wrong for the final interview.


Expect that they will be on time for your schedule because during that, You’ll be able to select your slot on what time you want to be interviewed. Sometimes when the person ahead of you is late or not present, they Will move you up next. You will be earlier than Your schedule. Expect that you might be called earlier than your scheduled time.

Expect that they will probably Spend about 30 minutes talking to you one-on-one. That’s the average time that they take for each and every final interview. After the interview they will tell You that they will contact you by email in around two weeks but that never Really happens. Sometimes it’s earlier sometimes it’s Longer. Indeed it is a waiting game.

Let’s move on to my tips for you!



Make sure that you do your Makeup in broad Daylight. During the one-on-one interview with you, they will open the curtains in the hotel. In all of those times I was given the chance to do the final interview. Sometimes we do our makeup really thick for the yellow lights of the hotel that’s understandable For the first and second day, but during the third day or the Final day, make your makeup  daylight Friendly. Make sure that it is all nice and  pleasant for the daytime or the White lights.


Prepare for behavioral questions. They will not ask you basic questions like why do you want to be a flight attendant or the basic things that you would expect, what is your strength and weaknesses. Qatar Airways are very particular in this one they really try to find good fit for their company because they are a picky company. They will try to find out what your character is.

Example of a behavioral question is like tell the interviewers something that you have overcome in your life so far.

S-T-A-R Method!

I have this STAR method. I use this Star method to structure my answer in a way that interviewers will like my answer.

The “S”stands for Situation.

The”T” stands for the task.

The “A” stands for the actions taken.

The “R” stands for the resolution or the results.

For example the interviewer asks; Tell us of your biggest obstacle that you have overcome in your life.  Start with an overview of a situation perhaps the biggest obstacle that I have to deal within my life is when my parents died. That’s a brief summary of the situation, The task is that I have to be there to be the rock of the family as being the firstborn child and  Also I was Dealing With my own Sadness and Depression, Actions taken, I tried to be strong for my remaining siblings and the rest of my family, but I talked to my friends and I have seek their support in this difficult time. resolution, You can say that in the end everything was okay in the end I was able to pull through the depression I wasn’t that bad I was able to find solace in prayer and find strength and knowing that life will always get better in the end. Or; There is nowhere else to go when you reach the bottom but to the top.In that way, you don’t get lost by how you answer this vague and difficult question.

The tendency when you are answering behavioral questions you might get carried away. You guys may forget to do the basics when doing the behavioral interview. Always keep your answers as well in a nice flow. Apply all the rules of basic “Interview 101” like keep your hands on your lap, Sit properly, wear your smile and lastly eye contact. I really think that the star method is something that you should really work on, because that will be your bread and butter in this final interview.


And that’s it guys! This is the Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Assessment Day 3!
Don’t worry guys, there will be more stuff coming from this series.
To those who didn’t get into the day 3 of the Assessment, no worries! There will be next time, I will help you guys in your application and I know you guys will come back and get your dream job.


If you guys want to know more you could book me on Skype for a Skype Coaching. I do all coaching and one-on-one coaching like this but it’s going to be customized to your own needs.CoachingGet a copy of my book “Ready for Takeoff: 8 Proven Steps to get Your Dream as a Flight Attendant” This is actually my own cheat sheet when I was still trying to get the job as a flight attendant. It took me 8 years to go figure it out and now it’s written here in the book so if you’re interested in that, Order it now!

Good luck and Fly with you soon!

Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Interview: Group Dynamics Day 2

Hey guys, it’s Kaykrizz, and we’re continuing on with our Qatar Airways Cabin Crew application series. today We are going to talk about the group dynamics.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Application: Group Dynamics

So the group dynamics is actually still on the day two of the three-day hiring process of Qatar Airways Cabin Crew application. After the first elimination or the first round which I talked about in my previous Blog check it out. You will be then asked to do a group dynamics activity.

So what is a group dynamics activity?

It is a way For Qatar Airways to recognize if you will be a good part of the team and that’s it.


Okay for the longest time they have been asking like fifteen or sixteen of you who are left  During that first elimination round. they’ll be asking you to do an activity either prepare an itinerary or create something out of sticks. It really depends on the Recruiters and what they are feeling on that day. Sometimes they don’t do group sometimes they do partners,  so you cannot really expect anything but prepare for it. Speaking from experience having applied for Qatar Airways for eight times and being able to go through the whole process. The last time that I applied, all  I can say is most of the time They will ask for a group  Setting or a group activity.

Follow The Instructions!

Make sure that you follow the instructions very strictly. When they say don’t look at them during the activity don’t look at them at all.  I failed so many times in this round because I can’t help it, I always look at the other people in the room and it really looks like I don’t really care about the application. My mind is somewhere else so they eliminate me almost all the time during this round. NEVER be absent minded during that test, just follow the instructions.

They will give instructions like you only have two minutes to do the task, make sure that you do it in two minutes. Be ALERT, make sure you do the task right away.

Speak Up!

The next tip I have for you is to speak up. I don’t mean be talkative, so during the test they will ask you to tell your opinions about the subject of the group dynamic test. some people fails this test because they speak too much about not related to the test.

How do you speak up the right way? There is no perfect way to do it but here are my opinions.

To speak up during the  group dynamics is wait for your turn of course and When your turn is up acknowledge what the person before you has spoken about or whatever His/her idea is for example: “Thank You Marie, that was a great idea or that’s awesome! Marie Yeah, that is a really nice suggestion” doing something like that before you say your piece. It gives out this impression that you acknowledge other people. You call them by their name that is the reason why you have this stickers with your name on in the registration process.

The next thing is give your suggestion or your contribution to the group. Give a solid one and after you have given your suggestion pass on the mic to the other person.

For example: “That is a great suggestion Marie should really take our Guests to Cebu because it’s a great place to be and in addition to your great suggestion is that we also take them to Boracay it’s one of the best place to go in the Philippines” “aside from the activities you will never get bored,  the beaches are amazing and it is something that will never disappoint anybody’s ever been in Boracay.” “So that’s my suggestion how about you Anna? What do you think?”.

So you see this is the flow of speaking up you make sure that you take note of that. I promise you, you will be able to make it through that group dynamics round. Just be spontaneous about it. Be friendly, have the energy while you’re doing it. Be happy while you’re doing it. I am sure that there’s no reason that they will not make you or invite you for the final interview.

That’s it guys for the continuation of the blog series Qatar Airways Cabin crew application.
I really hope you guys use my techniques and tips and hopefully get you your dream job.
Good luck to all of you who wants to apply in Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways Cabin crew application Day 3 will come up next!

For those who haven’t read the day 1 of this series, Click HERE!

If you guys want to know more you could book me on Skype for a Skype Coaching. I do all coaching and one-on-one coaching like this but it’s going to be customized to your own needs.

Get a copy of my book “Ready for Takeoff: 8 Proven Steps to get Your Dream as a Flight Attendant” This is actually my own cheat sheet when I was still trying to get the job as a flight attendant. It took me 8 years to go figure it out and now it’s written here in the book so if you’re interested in that, pre-order it now!

Good luck and Fly with you soon!

Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Interview Day 2

Hey guys, it’s Kaykrizz and welcome to my blog Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Interview Day 2. We are going to continue our Qatar Airways cabin crew series. This is going to be all about day two  So if you want to know what’s gonna happen on the day two of Qatar Airways cabin crew assessment day, make sure that you keep on reading this blog.

Qatar Airways Cabin Crew


The Qatar Airways Cabin Crew assessment day 2

there will be Full two two eliminations there will be two eliminations, so I’m going to talk about the first half of the day. Expectations: Expect that there will be about 50 to 60 people who are going to be with you on that day. On the registration, they will ask you to fill up the registration form and you will be asked to have a sticker put down on your coat. They have a dress code for the second day, so make sure that you follow the dress code for the second day. they’re going to do a briefing from the recruiters. They will talk in front of you  After that there will be a video that they will show it will be all about Qatar Airways and the Qatar Airways Cabin crew position. They will ask you one by one to go at the back do a reach test. They will ask you about your scars moles and tattoos while everyone else or all of you are taking the English test.

here are my tips for you.

Take care of that sticker

Take care of the sticker that you are going to put on your blazer. Don’t lose it, okay?  it’s very important that they know your names and also, your numbers will be there. They will call you by number and if your number is not called meaning, You are eliminated. So make sure you take note of that

Never look like you are not listening

My next step for you is whenever somebody is talking in front never Never look like you are not listening. Always put all your attention to whoever is taking the floor because it’s very important. It is one of the reasons that they eliminate candidates. so don’t look at your phone  Don’t be yawn don’t look at the room over the room. Pay attention to whoever is speaking. That’s the way that you get through this round.

I know it’s going to be a long video it might be boring for you always sit upright pay attention to the video  Whenever you are caught looking at your phone  slouching  sleeping  yawning talking to other people in the interview room or in the in the assessment room. You will not be carrying on to the next stage of the process believe me, I learned it through my own mistakes. Eight times I tried for this and that is how I know all of this.

Be Confident about your body marks

During the English test, they will be asking you to remove your coat. Go to the back. They will ask you to do a reach test. they will ask you to show them any scars moles and tattoos. When you are doing this make sure that you do not frown or  Show any signs of insecurity. Show them your tattoos and moles with a smile, okay?

Don’t look at it as something that is bad about you or something that is you are ashamed off. Like for example: I have mole on the lower part of my neck, and they always ask me about it, so whenever they ask me. Do you have any tattoos, Moles, or scars, I usually l tell them that I have a beauty mark here, I have a scar here behind my leg it’s from a motorcycle accident. Say it with confidence. so take note of that.

For the exam I don’t have any much problem because I know all Filipinos are good in English. There will be some exams about English vocabulary, Verb, tense, past tense and things like that. things like those comprehension, little bit of math, but it’s easy breezy guys! No worries about the test, you can make it through that.


So good luck on your applications if you made it this far your applications. You are very lucky you made it through the first cut.

If you think that that helps you out Stay tuned for another series of this Qatar Airways Cabin Crew series because there’s more coming up!


If you guys want to know more you could book me on Skype for a Skype Coaching. I do all coaching and one-on-one coaching like this but it’s going to be customized to your own needs. It’s just like me meeting you where you are. I’ll figure out how I could coach you the best or what needs improvement.

Get a copy of my book “Ready for Takeoff: 8 Proven Steps to get Your Dream as a Flight Attendant” This is actually my own cheat sheet when I was still trying to get the job as a flight attendant. It took me 8 years to go figure it out and now it’s written here in the book so if you’re interested in that, pre-order it now!

Good luck and Fly with you soon!

Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Interview Tips Day 1

Qatar Airways cabin crew
Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Interview Tips

Welcome to my blog Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Interview Tips Day 1.

I have been trying to apply for the job of a flight attendant since I was 19 and I finally got my Dream come true as a flight attendant for an international airline when I become 27 the most wanted position in the flight attendant industry Which is the Qatar Airways cabin crew position

If you are applying for that, then this blog is right for you! I will write down my tips or the best practices that I have learned through my experience for the first day of Interview or the assessment day so if you’re interested in that just keep on Reading.


First day of application for Qatar Airways cabin crew


First day of application for Qatar Airways cabin crew expectations. Expect that there will be a lot of people there. Expect that they will not talk to you in a lot or they will not give you much face-to-face time. the most that you can get is a minute or two minutes of their time. After that, you have to wait by the end of the day for a text Message or a call that you made it to the second day.


So how do you make sure that you make it to the second day?

Tip # 1

Be there very very early to beat all those other people who are going to be there as well. You don’t want to meet the interviewers when you are already hungry tired and Stressed out. You want to meet them when you are still fresh. Just do your best to be the first one to arrive. I’m not exaggerating Especially if you are from the Philippines, you know what I’m talking about. The queue extends outside of the hotel, so make sure that you are there very very early so if the call time is 9 be there at 6:00.

Tip # 2

My next tip is make an impact or make an impact even before you are speaking to them. So how do you do this? You will be waiting on a line like a very long line in a very big Conference room, the moment that you are on the first line wherein you are going to be able to submit your CV and then you’ll be able to talk to them in one to two minutes. You should be in the zone. Focus what you should do, when it is your time to stand up you have to focus. Wait for the interviewer to call you up It’s your turn to come here because that means that you are respecting their time. You are respecting that they’re still doing something and they’re not yet ready for you. But when they give you the signal that they’re ready for you Be there. Wait for that signal and when they do, make sure that you give eye contact. You are smiling and you are minding your posture. So these three things will show an impact about you even before you started speaking to the recruiter again. it is eye contact smile and posture

Tip # 3

My next tip is for you to mind your energy during the interview. To mind your energy during the interview, make sure that you are happy. Of course you’re getting nervous but make sure that your happiness and cheerfulness stands out as a person. What do I mean by that the make sure you always smile I think of happy thoughts, as peter pan says right? So think of happy thoughts and then Make it shine through even within all the nervousness that you feel. Because what we tend to do when we’re nervous We tend to have a poker face. That’s not a good first impression. Always be the one who is cheerful and keep your energy up. Just Remember or try to emulate that this is the happiest day of your life, and you will be good to go. Now you are talking to the recruiter And they will be asking you perhaps one or two Questions after the formalities.

Tip #4

My tip for you is don’t Be afraid to be chatty. We Filipinos are very respectable people we try to respect other people we try not to speak first But this is not the time for that make sure that you start talking first like, “how are you?” “How was your flight going here?” “Did you enjoy your stay so far?”. It’s okay to be friendly like that don’t overdo it, Just be friendly. They might ask you a question, never say anything negative about your situation; Negative about your current employer. That’s a no-no you will never get a call for that or the text for the next day. Always say something positive. Okay like for example “I am enjoying my current career But I am looking for a place to grow as an individual”. 

Tip #5

They will definitely just ask two things for the past years. This is what they have been asking they’re asking “What are you doing right now?” or “Have you applied to us before?” Those two are the questions that You have to prepare for. In rare occasions, they will ask who is their CEO. But everyone that I talk to says that’s the kind of question they are asked.


So that’s it! These are my tips for you guys who wanted to apply in Qatar Airways cabin crew position. Hope you guys learn from it and thank you guys for your support! And also, Here is the link for the video version of this blog.



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Good luck and fly with you soon!


Can I still be a Flight Attendant? I have Dentures

Can i still be a flight attendant

Can i still be a flight attendant even if I have…


Can I still be a flight attendant even if you have dentures? Worry not! Because the blog’s topic is all about tooth. We’re going to answer that right now!


It has always been conception or it has always been the idea that if you are a flight attendant, You need to have a good smile.

perfect set of teeth complete set of teeth and whatnot. What if you don’t have the perfect set of teeth and you have dentures? What I can say is that it really depends on the company of how strict they are. the dentures nowadays We can get different kinds of dentures. There is the one which is a fixed denture or the bridge Wherein we don’t have to take it out and then there’s the one that the Classic Pustiso or the classic Dentures wherein you have to take it out and it it comes off. There are also things like implants. what I can tell you guys is this the job of a flight attendant is basically a service job which mainly is related to food.

the reason why dentures or removable dentures are not allowed because there are instances wherein the denture will fall out to the food that you are serving.


This is also the reason why fake lashes eyelids are not allowed. because when they fall off, they will look like a weird insect. That’s why the fake lashes are not allowed. So if you need to put a denture on your tooth I would suggest that put a fixed bridge on it. Make sure you don’t have a dentures that is removable otherwise, airline companies wont hire you. Well, that’s just based on my experience as a flight attendant. that’s what I learned about the industry, but when it comes to the application. they don’t really scrutinize if you have a denture or not.

I am just saying that dentures makes your application success chance a bit lower. It’s really up to you. There are a lot of Instances that they will ask you to smile and they will ask you to say ah and they will really look inside and but nowadays since there’s a lot of people trying to apply for the Flight Attendant position, they don’t have the time to do all these things. Basically if you look good when you are talking and smiling and there’s nothing that is obvious out there. You would be able to get the job. That’s all I can say. The Grooming department always checks your tooth report to see if you really need a dentures to make your smile good. So always take care of your beautiful smiles and pearl tooth even after you are hired. Just make sure to follow the department if they suggest you to do something about your tooth.

This blog series called Can i still be a flight attendant?
Alright, so that’s it for this question. I hope you guys learned a thing or two and that’s it, Thank You guys!

If you guys want to watch the video version of this blog titled “I have Dentures, Can I still be a Flight Attendant?” Watch it right here!


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Get a copy of my book “Ready for Takeoff: 8 Proven Steps to get Your Dream as a Flight Attendant” This is actually my own cheat sheet when I was still trying to get the job as a flight attendant. It took me 8 years to go figure it out and now it’s written here in the book so if you’re interested in that, pre-order it now!



Best of luck to you guys who wanted to achieve their dream job! 

Flight Attendant – My Life Beyond Work


Flight Attendant – My Life Beyond Work. This blog is about my life after being a flight attendant. As you guys already know that I already quit being a flight attendant. I will write down my daily routine as a full time YouTuber and a full time author and blogger.


Life of a former Flight attendant turned Blogger

The first thing that I will do is to reheat the food that my husband cooked. Because he usually does the cooking for us and every once in a while I do as well. But he is better cook than I am. Only the two of us lives in this house so the food is not that plenty.

Life after being a Flight AttendantWhile waiting for the food to be hot, I would be usually working in my laptop. I usually do stuff that are related to work even though. I don’t have an official work now. I opted to become my own boss. Being a boss is no easy task, especially if you don’t have any employee. so I do everything for now.

So right now, what I’m doing is I would usually check my email. Check the sales of my book, verify the sales then we replied to reply to all inquiries. And also, send “Thank-you Letters” to those who orders the book, and also do the accounting.

My next project is having the book available worldwide, so I have to have it sent to Amazon. The good thing is that they already replied saying that my book is now approved and now I am trying a way to check how many weeks will the book arrive here in the Philippines because the book will be sent from the United states.

First I published the book in the Philippines and then I have it pre-ordered before it came out. So there will be orders for the book even it’s still not published.

Right now I am checking the digital proof of the book. Once it is approved in amazon, it will be available worldwide, mostly in the us and Canada so you can order it through them and then they will print it in their local printers and have it shipped to you, so the shipping price will be much better because if I ship it from the Philippines and also, it will be much faster.

I still haven’t figure out how to publish it in ebook. I really find it hard to convert the book to ebook. The book will look based on my submissions in create space. That’s really important because once they print it out, there should be no text exceeding the line.

Life after being a Flight Attendant


It really looks just like the real book. I just check the sales and see that there is someone who ordered the book through PayPal. I have stopped working. Now I am a full time coach Youtuber, blogger and House Wife.

If I have no coaching job I would be filming videos, and I need to edit them and have it available on the YouTube channel. Then I will reply to your comments and also I will think of an articles that I need to do in for a Fly High Manilas blogs and also I am contributor there and also another of my friends just invited me to contribute in their blog. So yeah, I have lots of things going on.

If you are content creator,  you take your time. You really want to think it through and think of another way to express yourself. That’s how I do it. The articles takes too much time to create like in my own blog. Well, I haven’t really updated my blogs yet.

And so this is where I have my books available for sale through PayPal or credit cards

this is where i put my coaching schedules.

Life after being a Flight Attendant

Today we don’t have a schedule that’s great. I’m going out today to do some errands. yesterday we had two coaching and tomorrow we have two. We are going to be super busy with the coaching.

So here you can see we have 46 responses. That was 43 yesterday.

More orders, so this is where you order the book if you wanna pay through BDO or LBC pera padala or Gcash. I don’t really have an employee at the moment that’s I am doing all of the task.

John just arrived it’s our lunch time. We will eat the food that i reheated earlier.

So that’s it eating time! Desert time! I am eating ice cream. I have a small tub of ice cream cause i easily get sated from the flavors.
Life after being a Flight Attendant

After eating, it started raining outside. It’s good for my plants but I wont able to go out of the day. John usually stays for an hour for his lunch break and get back to work. What we’re gonna do now is for the rest of the afternoon we’re going to edit videos for YouTube.

I shoot some videos yesterday. I have with three videos here and and edit it.

We have finished a video and this video is gonna be called how to have Impact on your Impact interview and that is the thumbnail I have worked on today. And now the video editing is done and we’re just uploading it right now we are just gonna leave it here and I’m gonna go and run some errand.

Life after being a Flight Attendant

Hey guys we are here at KFC with John. I took him out of his office. He took his break I actually claimed your payment for the book from LBC so I claimed it today and stop by here to grab some food for a bit then back to the house after eating and will do editing.

I uploaded the first video already How to make an impact on your impact interview. Make sure to check that out if you haven’t watched that video yet.

Life after being a Flight Attendant


We are back at home. I just uploaded a video in youtube and it’s been two hours since I uploaded it before I went out to go to LBC and so far it has two hundred forty eight views. Yay! Thank you guys! You guys are so supportive, and I also just finished uploading the same video on Facebook and it’s just been ten minutes since I uploaded it.

So it’s now available on both Facebook and YouTube so check that out guys if you want to know anything about Impact interviews and also make sure to order my book. So this is how my life is now. I would wake up and I will prepare for either coaching on skype or a video that I want to film or I’ll be editing the video and go out for errands. You guys can also ask me anything about being a flight attendant although I am not a flight attendant at the moment but my experience from it will help you guys understand how it is to be a flight attendant.

And then after that upload the video and things like that, so this is just a day in my life now. This is really different from being a flight attendant, it is more on clerical task than customer service.

So that’s it guys, I hope you like it and I hope you learn a thing from this blog.

If you guys want to watch the Vlog version of this Blog, you guys can watch it here.



If you guys want to know more you could book me on Skype for a Skype Coaching. I do all coaching and one-on-one coaching like this but it’s going to be customized to your own needs. It’s just like me meeting you where you are. I’ll figure out how I could coach you the best or what needs improvement.

Get a copy of my book “Ready for Takeoff: 8 Proven Steps to get Your Dream as a Flight Attendant” This is actually my own cheat sheet when I was still trying to get the job as a flight attendant. It took me 8 years to go figure it out and now it’s written here in the book so if you’re interested in that, pre-order it now!


Fly with you soon!

My Best and Worst Day as a Flight Attendant

 My best and worst day as a flight attendant



My best and worst day as a Flight Attendant


A lot of you guys wants to ask what’s my best and worst day as a flight attendant. Disclaimer, This is purely my opinion and experience, how i felt when I was a Flight attendant, some of you guys haven’t experience it yet. I’m not gonna drop names, name of airlines in where my experience happened.

So let’s jump right into the WORST DAY.

The worst day!

Being included in an Airline company makes you feel awesome but there is a catch, you cannot choose who to work with. This person is in the company for a long time. So i was paired with person who is infamously known for being difficult to work with, the person is like “i will test you in every way i know just to belittle you” kind of person. Also this person is my Boss. The beginning of the story. we are briefing and then i feel like my boss is bullying me by trying to get me off that plane. Because the boss doesn’t like the answers i am giving him/her. But you know, you have to act professional otherwise you can’t be called a cabin crew if you falter from that kind of things. There is a cross check process to test if I really know what I am doing as a flight attendant.

I was able to pass it. Fast forward things, i was able to get into the flight. But that’s not the end of it. During the flight My boss keeps on bullying me to the point that i want to breakdown.
I keep on telling myself that this is just another Monday for me. But i kept my composure, I still act professional, I want to finish this flight as peaceful as possible. To my boss, everything that i did during that flight is wrong. My boss is like “I am always right, everything that you do is wrong.” So I am not going to make this flight as worst. I did the best thing, ignore all the negative vibes that my boss gave me. I will always remember this flight because, this is the first time I felt I was being abused by my boss. It was unfair.
I tried my best to prove to my boss that I am not wrong, “you are wrong about me”. I kept my cool, I just focus on my task. I was just thinking this is only a job, and I am here to do my job. So that is the worst day. After that experience, I still befriend my boss. well, i am really friendly, I don’t really hold any grudges against my boss, that’s why i befriended him.

Another bad experience that could happen to you is if you are going through Anything personal if like something happen at home and something happens with your relationship But you have to work. you can’t call and say I don’t want to work today I’m not feeling well, I broke up with my boyfriend or something like that. So that is the worst possible thing that could happen when you are working. The saddest part of it is to Show up and do your job even if you are so sad and worried about that bad experience. Sometimes I just Wanna Lie down eat ice cream and cry a lot. The good thing about this job, is that you never know who you’re going to work with. Sometimes they will ask if there something wrong and sometimes they try to help you out throughout the flight and Sometimes they don’t so you never know what you get. Those are the worst days of my flying experience.


Best Days Of my Life as a Flight Attendant

let’s go through the best days Best days of my life as a working flight attendant. Okay the first one. I’m gonna describe is This is with my best of friends We have a flight together with my two best friends So there are four of us actually but so this is the best flight when you are flying with your friends, so everything is is Light everything is happy everything is nice. So what I loved about the flight is that our team work. We move like a well-oiled machine that really made that flight a success. We earned a lot in commission and it was an international flag and we are just so happy to be working together.

We know each other’s attitude, so we are able to really like help each other out and There is no complaints, and we were just laughing the whole flight. We had a tour of the new country that we had visited and it’s like it’s just like everything is just fun and happy. That is one of the best flight ever! Flying with your best friend is great and also whenever I get to fly with a great team.

A team that really worked together I think has no issues has no drama No hangups. These are the kind of people that I love to fly with. these people does the job there are no issue Everybody is working. Everybody is just happy and everybody’s just excited and we are happy to be there. You can see it in their eyes. They love what they’re doing and you also kind of like can feel the vibe of the group and especially if you’re going to a new destination. I really love it when the whole crew goes out and explore the new city. I had a couple of pictures on my Instagram and on my blog showing that there are a lot of us going out in the new city and exploring, shopping and eating together.


t’s just amazing those are the best flights that I could ever Remember happening to me. those flights does happen a lot. In Filipino, we call this “magaan kalipad” or easy to be with. Those people that don’t have any issue, nothing they’re just happy to be there. So those are the flights that I love the most. And also I have one particular flight where Customer is very happy with my service and how I assisted them. By the end of the flight. i will get a letter telling me that just saying that hey Airline company, I would like to thank you for the service. Bye Misskaykrizz, She has been a pleasant flight attendant for us. So I have those letters.

I collect them. I have a picture of them, I have to send the letters to the company. Those days those are extra special. when you get Recognized for what you’re doing and the service that you give them of course those are one of the best days that have happened to me as well. Also every flight that has a kid, Oh my God I’m just all over a kid. specially if it’s a cute kid i don’t know it just everything fades out. And I just played with the kid whenever we have free time and Give it back to the mom once it starts crying But those are fun as well, you know flying with happy kids not the crying once but the happy once.

And again, this is just purely my opinion and based on and it does not mean it will happen to you as well. To wrap up, these are the things that being a flight attendant amazing, be it a bad experience or the good once. It will surely make you learn new in every experience.



So that’s it guys, those are my unforgettable experience during my time as a flight attendant, hope you guys learn a thing from it.

If you guys want to suggest a topic for a new blog, you can message me directly at my Facebook page or message me in my website www.misskaykrizz.com and tell me what do you want see in the next blog.

If you guys want to see the video version of this blog here it is!


If you guys want to know more you could book me on Skype for a Skype Coaching. I do all coaching and one-on-one coaching like this but it’s going to be customized to your own needs. It’s just like me meeting you where you are. I’ll figure out how I could coach you the best or what needs improvement.

Get a copy of my book “Ready for Takeoff: 8 Proven Steps to get Your Dream as a Flight Attendant” This is actually my own cheat sheet when I was still trying to get the job as a flight attendant. It took me 8 years to go figure it out and now it’s written here in the book so if you’re interested in that, pre-order it now!


Fly with you soon!

Travel #OOTDs on fleek – without breaking the bank or your feet.

Looking good is of course a natural inclination that people want to strive for. Not just for the sake of vanity but I believe it also determines how you feel about yourself. Personally, looking my best self helps me gain confidence. With that confidence I feel ready to face whatever comes my way. Be it a job interview or meet my Mr. Right! *wink *wink

For me, looking my best self means good hygiene, a healthy dose of self love and expressing myself through my style and fashion for that alone has the ability to speak volumes about you without you even saying a word. And for me that is very powerful.  With that I gain the confidence to stand up for my self, face daily challenges and even dare to reach for the stars.

But I also believe that I don’t have to sacrifice my whole month’s salary or my feet just to achieve that.

Sharing with you today my favorite #ootds which I have collected through my travels and some tips and tricks I learned the hard way. READ! So that you don’t make the same mistakes that I did!

1.You don’t need to have branded clothes. Invest in quality classic pieces instead. The classic pieces usually comes in black or nudes. Go for solid colors and avoid tacky prints and patterns. This gives me that polished look even if I am not wearing Prada or Chanel.

Get the Job as a Flight Attendant
2. Choose comfort over fashion. The first time I tried traveling I was crazy about boots with heels . Biggest mistake of my wallet and feet! I now exclusively travel with sneakers most especially in Europe (where taxi fares are gold!). You will be much more confident and happier with a pair of intact foot rather than looking cute in heels but limping because your feet wants to give up walking already. Tiis ganda has its place, pick your battles carefully.

a classic white sneakers is very versatile and can be worn with jeans, shorts and even dresses.
a classic white sneakers is very versatile and can be worn with jeans, shorts and even dresses.
Yes i actually look like im limping on this photo because my feet are killing me!! venice +cobblestones + no transportation on the island. I have no choice but to walk, this has been my worst tiis ganda moment!
Yes I actually look like I’m limping on this photo because my feet are killing me!! venice +cobblestones + no transportation on the island. I have no choice but to walk, this has been my worst tiis ganda moment!


Standing with the Pyramids of Louvre Museum in Paris
3. Make sure your clothes don’t only look cute but they are functional as well. Wear waterproof jackets if its rainy or snowing. With the matching weather appropriate shoes.

4. Bright accessories like hats or bags makes it easier for your travel buddy to spot you in the middle of the crowd of grays and blacks. And it also adds personality to an otherwise plain outfit.


5. Don’t be afraid to re use the same clothing, be creative in styling the outfit instead. Maybe use a different accessory or hairstyle. No one is gonna comment that you wore the same dress on your other travels. Make the best use of your outfits its ur money not theirs.


6. Look at your closet and see what kinds of clothes you are naturally inclined to. Chances are these are the styles that you best wear. Start building on that style when buying new clothes rather than experimenting with other style items
Buntis Haul and try on
7. No matter how cheap, on sale, cute, branded or a rare find the clothing item is, if it doesn’t fit you, DONT BUY IT. It will just end up taking storage space on your closet believe me!


Just like this Brown jacket I have on here. It was on SALE and I liked the brand. But it did not fit me well. Now its taking up so much space in my closet!

8. Care for your special garments the right way to keep them for the next generation.


Dresses and coats used to be exclusively dry cleaned before. Good news is now you can wash them at home with the RIGHT washing machine.

I like the Electrolux UltimateCare Washing Machine because of the way it cares for my fashion pieces and the best value that it offers.

The Right Fabric Care

– Electrolux Washing machine has special technology called Ultramix technology that  takes care of the fabric in a way that it retains its softness, shape and color. The result is that your clothes stays looking brand new for longer.

– For my winter coats that need special attention, the Woolmark Apparel Care technology of Electrolux Washing Machine allows me to skip the dry cleaning and save thousands of pesos by doing the laundry at home.

-They also have a unique Electrolux Vapour Refresh program, I like that this does not use detergent but still cleans your clothes. The result is amazing and less wrinkles on your clothes! You can wear it straight from the wash no need for ironing. So convenient for frequent travelers and lazy people like me. 🙂

Money Saver

– its a money saver because instead of Dry Cleaning, which costs on average P1,000 per item of clothing,  I get to wash them at home. Thanks to the help of Electrolux technology that makes it possible to wash so many variety of clothes from delicate fabrics to my special dresses to my bulky coats without destroying them.

-In addition to saving money from dry cleaning Electrolux also have the inverter function. This particular brand of washing machine has the  Electrolux EcoInverter which means I get to save on my electricity bill as much as 75%. This is the first time I heard of an inverter function in a washing machine. Such a great hack! imagine the thousands of pesos that you and I get to save on the electric bill specially because washing our clothes is something that we Have to do whether we like it or not.

-Since your Clothes have staying power, you don’t have to buy new clothes as much. Your clothes stays looking brand new for longer. You will have less faded shirts and destroyed garments. In result you get to use your money on more important things or investments.


Check out FashionCare to know more about the benefits of Electrolux Technologies.

Im not the only one who thinks this way, Fashion Designer Rajo Laurel talks about what is fashion for him and how he uses Electrolux washing machines for his design pieces in this video. Fun video and a must-watch!

Its a challenge to travel and look good on the pictures at the same time.

There is always that time old debate called comfort vs fashion.

But with proper planning and a little creativity I have proven that it’s possible to have the best of both worlds.

Thanks for reading and always remember you are never fully dressed without a smile!

To more travel #ootds!!